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Chapter 1- "Official Tour" Of East High

Gabbi's P.O.V.-

I was walking to my new locker at my new school when I bumped into someone. I looked up to see a guy standing above me holding his hand down. I gratefully took it and he helped me up.

"Uh..sorry…I wasn't watching where I was going." I said quickly turned back to my locker.

"Are you new here?" the guy asked me.

"Yeah, I'm Gabriella Montez."

"Nice, another hottie to hit on." The guy thought.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Steve Bower, captain of the football team." Steve said leaning up against the locker beside hers.

"Perfect, another stuck up jock who is full of himself." I thought.

"That's nice." I said. I really hated it when guys hit on me. Ever since what happened back at my old school, I was very….well…alert when it comes to guys.

"If you like, I can teach you some things sometime." He said taking a step closer to me. I backed up a step.

"That would be nice……" I said. He seemed pleased with himself.

"…..but I don't date outside my species." I said as I walked off, leaving him there, trying to find my homeroom.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around.

"Hi, I'm Taylor McKessie, and I just wanted to say that you're my hero for telling Steve off." She said.

"Uh..your welcome?" I said very confused.

"He tries to hit on every girl who walks through those doors. He's an imbecile." She said.

"Thanks for the warning." I said. "I'm Gabriella by the way. Call me Gabbi." I said.

"Nice to meet you Gabbi. Now where do you go for home room?" she asked.

"Mrs. Darbus' class."

"That's my homeroom! Come on, I'll show you!" Taylor said as she led Gabbi down the hall and to the classroom. I gave my papers to Mrs. Darbus.

"Ah..Miss Montez, you may choose a seat." Mrs. Darbus said.

"Thank you." I said. I looked around and saw an empty sat next to Taylor. I was walking over when my bag knocked some guy's books off his desk.

"I'm so sorry!" I said as I picked them up. I saw another pair of hand picking my book up that I dropped as well.

"No problem." I heard him say. He stood up and offered his hand. I took it and he helped me up. I looked up and I saw the most mesmerizing blue eyes in my entire life.

"Troy." He said as he held his hand out.

"Gabriella." I answered and shook his hand.

"Ok, everyone sit so we can hear the announcements!" Mrs. Darbus called. I thanked Troy one last time and made my way to my new homeroom seat next to Taylor.

"Mr. Bolton….." Mrs. Darbus called. "Would you mind showing Gabriella around the school?" she asked him.

"Uh, sure." He said. As if he really had a choice.

Troy's P.O.V.-

I turned around and saw Gabriella whispering to Taylor. I turned back around and listened to announcements.

The bell went off signaling first period.

"Have fun with the new girl dude." My best friend Chad said in a sarcastic way.

"She seems nice." I said defending her.

"Whatever, see you at practice later." He said before he walked away. I went outside and waited for her.

I saw her come out and look around I tapped her shoulder.

"Oh, hi." She said.

"Hi, so where is your first class?" I asked her.

"Uhhh…" she said looking at her schedule.

"Gym." She said and looked up at me.

"She has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen." I thought.

"Troy…Troy…Troy!" she snapped me back to reality.

"Sorry, just tired." I said mentally kicking myself.

"So, where's the gym?" I asked him.

"Right this way, I have it next." I said.

"So, meet anybody yet?" I asked her.

"Well, I met Taylor McKessie than I ran into Steve Bower, which I'm guessing is a bad thing." She said.

I nodded. "Then Taylor told me he tries to hit on every girl that walks through the door." She added.

I nodded. "He's not….well…the good guy that he tries to act like he is." I said.

"Thanks for the warning." She said.

"Here's the girl's gym." I said. She walked in and I walked off to the guy's locker room, changed and met up with Chad in the gym. It was an open basketball shoot and Chad was getting a team together.

Gabbi's P.O.V.-

I got a uniform from my gym teacher and figured out that Taylor wa sin my class and she was talking to some girl I didn't meet yet.

I changed and walked into the gym. I saw Troy playing basketball with a bunch of, what looked to be like, his friends. "Just like my brother." I thought.

"GABBI!" I heard my name being called and turned around and it was Taylor.

"Gabbi, I'd like you to meet Kelsi, my best friend." Taylor said introducing us.

"Hi Kelsi." I said shaking her hand.

"Do you guys play basketball?" I asked them. They shook their heads.

"We don't stink but we are not as good as them." Taylor said as she pointed over to the game Troy and his friends were playing.

"That's ok, anyone want to play some one on one?" I asked.

"I will." Kelsi volunteered.

"Great! Come on!" I said. I ran over to where the basketballs were and grabbed one. We started our game. I didn't tell anyone that I was the basketball star at my old school yet. I checked the ball to her ad she checked it back. I ran down the court and did a perfect layup. (A/N: Ok, I know absolutely about basketball…only horseback riding…lol..so feel free to correct me on anything I get wrong…)

Kelsi and Taylor just stared at me. Along with some guy with fluffy hair who Troy was playing with.

"What?" I asked Taylor and Kelsi.

"You're as good as them!" Kelsi said pointing over to the guys' game.

"Well, I was kind of a star basketball player at my old school." I said.

"Well that explains it." I hear a voice behind me call. I turn around and see all the guys from the game across the gym walking over.

"Uh…hi?" I said. It made me nervous seeing all those guys come at me at once.

"This fluffy guy here would be Chad." Troy said.

"Hi, Chad." I said.

"do you want to play with my team? We are short one person-" he was interrupted by Troy.

"..And losing terribly." He said. I laughed.

"Um..I don't know." I said.

I felt a push from Taylor. I turned around and glared at her.

"Ok, fine." I said. Taylor and Kelsi followed over an sat on the bleachers and watched the game unfold before them.

I was making baskets left and right. Stealing balls from everyone, except Troy that is. He was the only one I couldn't touch. He was in a different league.

The game ended and Chad's team still lost but by one point. Gabbi obviously made an improvement.

Chad walked over to Troy. "DAMN!" he said. "She's cute and good at playing hoops!" he said. Troy just rolled his eyes and continued taking shots while I sat down and watched with Taylor and Kelsi.

They both had their mouths open. "What never saw a girl play basketball?" I asked.

"Not like that!" They said.

"I'm guessing that means I'm pretty good?" I asked walking over to the water fountain. "Duh!" Kelsi called after me. I giggled as I bent down and took a long drink. I turned around and ran straight into Steve again.

"Hey." He said taking a step towards me.

"Hi." I said not looking at him. He took another step closer.

"I really have to go now." I said trying to step to the side and get back to Taylor and Kelsi.

"No you don't." he said. He leaned down and started kissing me.

"Get away you creep!" I yelled.

He leaned down and kissed me again. "Get away!" I yelled.

"Why should I? You know you want me!" he said. He kissed me yet again.

"GOD DAMNIT GET OFF!" I screamed. Everyone was already out of the gym but some guys from the basketball team must have heard me because they walked in.

"Get off of her!" I heard someone yell.

Steve turned around. "If you know what's good for you, you'll leave now and not tell anyone…got it?" he said. But before Steve knew it Chad was on top of him. Someone must have gotten the guys' gym teacher because he came running in and Troy after him.

"Mr. Bower! Come with me!" he yelled.

I slid don the wall and started tearing up. This had happened to me before. I just kept it a secret. I felt warm hands on my arms and those blue eyes looking at me again.

"You alright?" Troy asked worriedly I nodded and he helped me up. I wiped some tears away.

"Are you sure you're ok? Because if he hurt you I need to know." He said. I shook my head.

"No, I just….it's not the….I'm fine." I said debating whether or not to tell him.

"Not yet, I barely know him." I thought.

"Go get changed and I'll show you around the school some more, ok?" he asked.

I nodded and ran to the locker room. I changed quickly and ran back to the gym.

"Thanks guys." I said to Chad and Troy.

"No problem, but you sure you're alright?" Chad asked. I nodded.

"Ok, I guess I'll see you later than Gabi." He said.

"Bye Chad." I called after him.

"So, what's your next class?" Troy asked.

"Free period." I said.

"Me too, so where do you want to start the 'Troy Bolton Official Tour of East High'?" he asked. I giggled.

"We can start down at the first floor if you want." I said.

"Sounds like a plan to me." He said. We walked out of the gym and made our way to the first floor.