Shoushin: HELLO! And welcome to "Know Your Stars, FMA Style!" I'm Aryn and have been a muse for…a long time!

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P.McTully: This is also my birthday present chapter! Even though my birthday was a long time ago. So everything here will go my way! Sooo…I want all yaoi lovers to be dangling by a thin rope 5 meters above a pit of dry ice!

Ayumi Elric: Hey, where is Samantha?

Over a pit of dry ice…

Mesame: OVER HERE! Can someone get me down please? –sweatdrop-

P.McTully: NOPE! Hehehe. I'm having fun!

Mesame: This is no fun for my first day…

Give Us Peace: Haha. Where is Mar? She's supposed to be the author! And we kinda have to end the authors note soon…

AnimeAddict333: I'M RIGHT HERE! And Samantha, your elbow is poking in my side.

Mesame: Well, okay, I'll just loosen this rope and we'll die in a pit of DRY ICE.

AnimeAddict333: Well…guh!

AnimeAddict333&Mesame: -bicker bicker squabble-

Shoushin: Well, onto the story!


Mysterious Voice: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars! Edward Elric…He likes to dress in drag and dance the hula!

Ed: Um, no, I don't. I don't do either of those, moron!

Voice: Then why did you do it at Al's birthday? Hmmm?

Ed: I DIDN'T DO THE HULA AT AL'S BIRTHDAY! And who the hell are you, anyways?!

Voice: Edward Elric…He has a homunculus half brother…

Ed: Well, I guess that much is true.

Voice: …Named Rachael.

Ed: What the hell?! I do NOT have a half-brother named Rachael! That's not even a boy's name! I'm gonna beat you to a pulp if you keep making up lies!

Voice: Come on, would I lie?

Ed: YES!

Voice: Edward Elric…He murdered Adam Sandler

Ed: HEY! That's in a different story! I DID NOT murder Adam Sandler! And Who is Adam Sandler anyways?! If he isn't any importance in our mission, I don't care!

Voice: Sure…Rachael Might believe you…

Ed: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU, BASTARD?! I don't have a half brother named Rachael! How were you hired, anyways?!

Voice: Edward Elric…He won the national championships for meatball planting.

Ed: What?! You don't plant meatballs moron! You eat them! And there is no contest for meatball planting! Get your facts straight! You know what? I'm just gonna get up and leave right now!

Voice: Edward Elric…Is tied to that chair.

Ed: Arghh! Just wait 'til I get my hands on you! Gahhh!

Voice: Edward Elric…Cries every night for his goldfish that died when he was seven…that inspired him to live life to the fullest!

Ed: What?! I do not! I never even had a goldfish! And it sure as hell didn't inspire me to live life to the fullest! Get your facts straight, Bub!

Voice: Well…you're head's not on straight!

Ed: Worst comeback ever…

Voice: Edward Elric…Has a picture of Care Bears in his pocketwatch…the REAL reason he didn't want anyone to open it…

Ed: CARE BEARS?! WHAT THE HELL ARE 'CARE BEARS!?' Sounds like some retarded baby thing to me! I didn't want them to open the watch because of the writing!

Voice: Sure you didn't…Rachael…

Ed: My name is Edward, genius! E-D-W-A-R-D! And You said my half brother was Rachael!...WHICH IS ISN'T!

Voice: Now you know…Edward Elric!

Ed: Excuse me?! They don't know anything! I never had a goldfish! HEY! Where do you think you're going!? I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU YET!


Ayumi Elric: ..okaaaayyy…

Hoshi-Ryuu: That was short.

AnimeAddict333: Well, that just means I'll update more! HAHA. …someone please get me down…

Give Us Peace: Well, that's all for now! See you next chapter. Which won't be long! We promise!


Shoushin: YEEAHHH!



-rope starts to snap-

AnimeAddict333&Mesame: Oh…crap…

-both of us fall into the dry ice-

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