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Chapter Dedication: This chapter is dedicated to Paulene (Hoshi-Ryuu)! Hope you're ok, onee-sama!


Voice: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars! Riza Hawkeye…Her favorite Halloween costume was a 'The Fairy Princess of the Candy River'.

Riza: -eye twitches- You may have gotten on the nerves of the others, but I was trained well. Part of that training was never to let the enemy intimidate you. I'm sure you'll come to your senses and say something truthful soon.

Voice: Suuuuure. Riza Hawkeye…She actually gave Roy the idea of the miniskirts! I can prove it. –somehow shows pictures of Riza topless and wearing miniskirts.-


Voice: -smoldering- Roy Mustang…


Riza: SIR! What do you think you're doing here?! You had your own chapter! Now get out!

Roy; But… Lieutenant! He was…I…HUH?

Riza: GO!

Voice: At least the pictures are okay!


Voice: -sobbing because the obviously photoshopped pictures have bullet holes through them-

Roy: -walks out while crying-

Riza: You may continue.

Voice: -glares at Riza through tears- Riza Hawkeye…Is a He-Man escaped convict from Alcatraz who can make countless men cry all at the same time!

Riza: I believe I am a woman, thank you, and I have never head of such a place as 'Alcatraz'. Nor have I heard of San Francisco Bay.

Voice: I never said anything about San Francisco Bay. And how could you know where Alcatraz is! You just said you had no clue of it! So how would you know of San Francisco Bay? He-Man!

Riza: I know many things. Now, can we hurry this up? I want to make sure Roy is ok and doing his paperwork! Then I must get back to Alcatraz.

Voice: Ok then… Riza Hawkeye…she enjoys quoting Monty Python! (Shut up. Monty Python pwns your ass)

Riza: I do not! But I do believe this bird is dead!

Voice: No, I assure you, he's just sleeping! Riza Hawkeye…has a collection of Polly Pocket® dolls.

Riza: I have no suck thing! Military officers do not have time to play with childish dolls!

Voice: WELL, OTHER PEOPLE WITH IMPORTANT JOBS DO! –plays with a Polly Pocket®-

Riza: Your job is NOT important! Making up lies about people can't pay that well!

Voice: So YOU say…Riza hawkeye…¥¨˜∫˙∂ß©√ç≈˚¬©∫˜¨∂©˚µ∫ç∂å∂≈ƒ¨˚∆˙æ˚∆˙æ!

Riza: Excuse me?

Voice: YOU HEARD ME! I said ∆˚∂…å∑®¨´ˆƒ√˚ß∂¬å…ß∑ƒ!

Riza: What does that mean?!



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