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Chapter 74


Somewhere just outside the window a cheerful little bird was singing his heart out as the sun began to rise.

God damn bird. What the hell is he so friggin' happy about at this time of day anyway!?!

House opened one eye and raised an eyebrow as the bird started chirping louder as if he had heard the man's silent rant. It was only then that House realized that he, himself had a reason to be happy this morning. That reason was Allison Cameron and her glorious, naked body that was currently lying next to him in his bed.

All of the memories of the night before came flooding back to House as he tightened his hold on Cameron,…spooning her even closer than before. He buried his nose in her hair and neck, nuzzling her as his right hand gently traveled over her bare hip and thigh.

Even though asleep, Cameron's body reacted. House smiled when she pushed her little bottom back into him with a little sigh and rubbed up against his semi-hard cock.

"Ally, sweetheart….it's time to get up," House whispered into her ear as he nibbled on her lobe. Still not receiving the level of reaction he wanted, House broke out the heavy artillery and headed straight for her breasts!

BINGO! Just a little teasing of the nipples and she was stretching and waking up in no time. And not only was she waking up, but she was waking up very, very horny.

"Well good morning Sleeping Beauty."

"Morning, Greg."

The two leaned in and kissed, which turned deep very quickly. After their "good mornings" their conversation pretty much came to a halt. After having made love several times throughout the night, they were both more than anxious to continue their little lovefest.

As he devoured every inch of her porcelain white skin, House's mind kept drifting back to the evening before when they had made love for the very first time. She had been self-conscious and so worried about her leg, and yet she had gone to so much trouble to put on a night of "seduction" for him. Even so far as to get Jimmy involved for Christ's sake! House had wanted nothing more in this world than to please her, and based on the multiple orgasms she had had and the number of bloody scratch lines he now had running down his back,….he was fairly sure he had accomplished that goal!

House was pleasantly brought back to the present when Cameron wrapped her good leg around his waist and pulled his pelvis down to meet hers.

"Greg! Please!"

"God, Ally. Tell me what you want," House ordered, as his left hand slid between her thighs and slowly started exploring and circling Ally's hot center.

"MMgh. I,…I..want you to Fuck me."

Giving his attention to her breasts and abdomen, House asked in a husky voice, "How (kiss) baby? (suckle) How (lick) do you (nibble) want me (kiss) to Fuck (long slow lick) You (bite)?

Suddenly House felt Cameron place her hands on both sides of his face, pulling him up the length of her body until his head hovered above hers. They gazed into each other's eyes; mesmerized by seeing the profound vulnerability and complete trust in the other. She looked with desire first into his eyes then at his lips. Cameron licked her lips without realizing it, and then looked back into his eyes.

She whispered her answer, "Fuck me with your mouth."

House leaned down and kissed the teardrop that was slowly cascading down her ivory cheek. He then covered her lips in a kiss that was so breathtaking and so intense, they both moaned out loud.

After breaking the kiss for much needed oxygen, House began to kiss his way down her body, taking delight in how every kiss of his lips or touch of his hand had her arching off the bed in pleasure.

As he continued his journey south, his lips found her inner thighs and her sweet, hot scent penetrated his senses. House cupped his hands under her ass and pulled her toward him, spreading her legs in the process.

He felt her quiver in anticipation and for a moment he let his ego swell in the knowledge that HE was doing this to her body. HE was making her react this way. HE had made her scream out his name the night before while having orgasm after orgasm!

"Greg! I'm right here. Come back to me!"

House shook himself out of his trance and growled, "I didn't go anywhere, baby. I'm right here!"

And with those words he lowered his head and took just one light swipe with his tongue….just enough to tease the hell out of her. She groaned her frustration and he chuckled as he used the tip of his tongue to flick the folds of her lips back and forth.

"Jesus Fuck Greg!"

The desperation and overwhelming desire in Cameron's voice went straight to House's cock, making it stand at attention like a soldier on sentry duty. He had set out to tease her at first but he had quickly lost control himself. He took a breath and dived in, feasting on her flesh and juices.

As he deliciously thrust into her with his tongue, he pulled her even closer to him so he could wrap his lips around her swollen clit to suck on it. Cameron was at the edge and barely hanging on. Her legs were thrown over Greg's shoulders. Her head was arched back and her hands were both holding fists full of the blanket.

"Yes! Fuck! ALL ---MOST---THERE!!!" Cameron screamed.

House kissed her inner thigh as he grinned. He knew there wasn't a neighbor in his building that didn't know for certain that he had been 0-0getting his brains fucked out for the last two days.

His name being screamed penetrated his thoughts and refocused them on the gyrating woman in front of him. She was ready to jump off the proverbial cliff and he was more than happy to be the one to 'give her a shove'.

"Hold on, Ally."

House leaned down and sensually assaulted Cameron using only his lips, tongue and fingers.

He could feel the orgasm building in Cameron until it exploded with a power that even shocked him momentarily. One minute her legs were starting to tremble and the next thing he knows her whole body was is an almost seizure-like state. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the name 'Greg' died on her lips….right before she slipped away.

"Ally!" House quickly checked for a pulse and respiration and realized that she had not had an aneurism, a stroke, or anything nearly as terrifying. Differential diagnosis seemed to be that Gregory House had caused Allison Cameron to lose consciousness due to O.S.O.O. (Over-Stimulation by Oral Orgasm)!

"Ally, honey?" House asked. "Can you hear me?"

He tenderly swept the damp hair off her face and gently patted her cheeks as he called out her name once again.


Slowly her eyes began to flutter open and both he and she greeted the other with a great big smile.

"Welcome back," House said. He looked at her intently without smiling and said, "I thought you really left me there for a second."

Cameron cupped her palm around House's cheek and whispered, "I'm sorry. I've never-ever passed out from an orgasm before."

"That makes two of us. I've never had a woman pass out on me before either!"

Cameron smiled and ran her finger over his bottom lip as she said in a husky voice, "I'm surprised. What is it that you're always saying?....'You're Just That Good'!"

House and Cameron both broke out into huge grins and pulled each other close once more. The bond between the two lovers now stronger than ever.