Disclaimer thingy: You know the drill. I do not own Twilight or New Moon or in the future Eclipse or Breaking Dawn

10 Signs That You Are Obsessed With the Twilight Series

1. You can pretty much recite all of either or both books in the series

2. Every song you listen to reminds you of Bella and Edward, from Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" to Rihanna's "Umbrella"

3. You bring the books everywhere you go but when you forget, you start panicking and demand to go back home to get it

4. You always get the sudden urge to listen Linkin Park

5. You like/love Linkin Park

6. Whenever you hear "vegetarian" you automatically think of the Cullens

7. You got emotional after you read that Edward left Bella in the beginning of New Moon

8. You're already excited for Midnight Sun to come out, but if it doesn't, you're going to strangle someone (just as long as it's not me, I'm fine with it)

9. You rate any book from the series a 10/10 and rate any other book a 1

10. For girls: You boyfriend standards are set according to Edward

Bonus: You read and/or write Twilight fanfiction!!! (duh)

A/N: I apply to all 10!!!! Plus the Bonus!!!!!!! So clearly I am totally obsessed with Twilight. Please please PLEASE review! But be nice. If you've read my profile you know to be nice it's my very first fanfic and I'm just totally bored so anyway please review NICELY!!!