She stared disgustedly at the building as she walked up to it with a bit of a roll of her eyes. She couldn't believe that she was actually standing there when only weeks ago she had graduated from middle school with a piano scholarship. She brushed a strand of her long brown hair from her face and focused her hazel eyes on the sign that adorned the arch at the top of the stairs. It said Aoinaki Academy in big gold letters.

"As if the large building wasn't impressive enough," she thought sarcastically as she climbed the long stone steps to the top, "They just have to have gold lettering."

As she moved past a group of students hurried by her obviously distracted by something but she paid no mind. The fact of the matter was it was not her idea to begin with that she was now entering this particular school to take an entrance exam. A school mind you that she had no desire to be associated with. She sighed heavily as she entered the large double doors once again barely noticing that behind another group of students had arrived dressed in everyday clothing. A group of students she would come to know very well.

(To be continued..)

Authors Note: Welcome fans of Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden. This is my spin off of the beloved series and is set ten years later. The story is actually going to be told through the eyes of one of the original characters from the original story and it will be up to you guys to figure out whom. As it says on my account page there will be a lot of similarities in this story but there will also be a lot of differences. Differences that will definitely surprise you. See you all later!!!

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