Chapter Two: Pool Party/Birthday Announcement

Part One: Pool Party

Miyu Namura was just closing up shop and was heading to the back when she heard the front door open slightly from the sound of the tinkling bell.

"Oh well" she sighed turning around, "I guess I have one more customer. Hi" she began with a smile, "What can I do for HUH!!" she gasped when she saw her best friend standing there looking all disheveled, "Suzuna?"

"Hi Miyu" Suzuna replied warily and downcast, "I didn't know where else to go."

About twenty minutes later the shop had been closed and the two of them were sitting in Miyu's bedroom in her family's two bedroom apartment. She handed her best friend a cup of tea as she sat on her bed dressed in one of Miyu's tee-shirts and a pair of her pajama pants.

"There now" she said softly sitting on the bed next to her, "That should help."

"Thank you Miyu, for everything. I couldn't possibly go home looking like that."

"Its okay" she nodded with a gentle smile, "I also called your mom and told her that you were spending the night here."

"Thanks" she repeated nodding back as she took another sip of tea.

"Suzuna, you have to tell me, what happened to you?"

"Is anyone here?" Suzuna asked cautiously.

"No. Both of my parents are still at work."

"Can you close the door, and then I'll tell you?"

"Sure" Miyu nodded standing up from the bed, walking over to the door to close it, and then returning with a flop back onto her mattress, "Now tell me, how did you end up like this?"

"It's sort of a long and confusing story" Suzuna began, "But I'll tell you."

Then she proceeded to tell Miyu everything that had occurred with Tsukasa that afternoon. When she was done she lowered her head while her friend's eyes became wider with each detail.

"And, you have no idea why?"

"No" Suzuna shook her head, "I really don't. I mean he seemed fine this morning, making jokes and picking on me like always. It's just the Tsukasa I saw this afternoon wasn't the same one I have seen all this time. He was different this time, scary and not in good way. I have never seen his face so frightening like that before."

"Oh you poor dear" Miyu cried, "You must have been terrified."

"I was" she nodded, "But more confused than anything. He kept going on and on about him being stupid and me thinking that he is, or something like that. He didn't make any sense. And the weirdest part about it is afterwards."


"After he attacked me, you know forced himself on me, he just stopped. He became suddenly so gentle and remorseful even. He sat with me for at least an hour as I cried, because I couldn't stop crying. And he kept saying over and over, I'm sorry, I won't hurt you anymore. Eventually he left because I wasn't saying anything."

"Wow. I wonder what made him so upset?"

"I have no idea. But there was no way I could have gone home looking like I did."

"What are you going to do Suzuna? You still have school the rest of the week."

"I can avoid him but there is one place I won't be able to now that I think about it" she realized.


"I forgot" Suzuna replied pulling out the invite she had received from Yukito earlier, "The invite to Shiori's party, it's this weekend."

"Party? You were invited to a party?"

"Yea. It's from Tsukasa's older sister and she really wants me to be there. But I can't go" she shook her head, "Not after this. Unless, I don't go alone" she looked at her friend directly.

"What?" Miyu looked at her quizzically.

"Would you go with me Miyu?"

"What?" she repeated surprised.

"Please I can invite one guest and Keiichi already has an invite. I'd feel more comfortable if you go with me."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I have to make an appearance for Shiori's sake and if you go with me I will feel much more secure."

"Never knew that a day would come when you would need me by your side as secure as you already are. What kind of party is it?"

"Well according to the invite it's a pool party."

"A pool party this time of year?" Miyu said surprised.

"It is the latter part of the summer I know, but from what I remember, Tsukasa's family also has an indoor pool. I guess the party will be in there."

"But what would we wear? We don't exactly have designer swimsuits."

"And we don't have the money or the time to buy new ones either" Suzuna agreed, "I guess we're just gonna have to grit our teeth and wear our school swimsuits. I don't have much of a choice. I just won't swim."

"Well me neither if that's the case. All right Suzuna" Miyu nodded enthusiastically, "I will go with you to this upper class party. I will be your support for a change."

"Thank you Miyu" Suzuna smiled appreciatively, "I don't know what I would do without you."

(Next Scene)

Meanwhile across town Tsukasa was sitting in the living room sitting forlornly in his favorite chair. Earlier he had one of the staff bandage up his injured hand and as he stared at it he became even more somber. His sister Shiori walked in, him barely noticing.

"There you are" she replied cheerfully, "I've been looking everywhere for you" she added but frowned when she saw his hand.

"What's up sis?" he said drolly.

"Tsukasa what happened to your hand? Don't tell me you were in another fight?"

"It's nothing" he waved her off as she stood in front of him with a bunch of papers in her hand, "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to you about this weekend. It's my birthday."

"Oh yea right" he nodded, "The party. So sit down, let's talk" he replied straightening his back as she sat down.

"Tsukasa what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?" he replied back keeping his eyes shut.

"You seem upset."

"I'm fine. Now tell me what you want to do about the party."

"All right" she conceded with a nod, "Well we're going to have it in the newly designed indoor pool area."

"Naturally since it's brand new and we need to show it off to the public. What else?"

"I've invited several people from school, The Wolf Pack, oh and mom and dad aren't going to make it."

"Huh?" he said surprised as he sat up, "But they never miss birthdays. I mean he does but mother never does."

"Well they are both going to miss it this time, they're very busy" she replied nonchalantly, "They're sending aunt and uncle instead."

"Figures they got to send somebody. All right" he nodded taking some of the paper from her gently, "Give me the guest list, I'll check it out."

She nodded as she stood up and walked over to the bar area to make herself a club soda.

"I didn't put those girls on there; you know the ones from your yacht group last time. I really didn't care for their attitude."

"I don't really like them either" he said a bit distracted as he flipped through the list, "So it's okay. Huh?"

"What is it?" she looked up.

"You've got Suzuna Kamiya on here."

"Well of course" Shiori smiled, "She's my friend. I want all my friends to be there."

"Yes but."

"What's the matter Tsukasa, I thought you liked Suzuna. I thought the two of you were getting along a lot better now."

"Yea but that was before."

"What? Did something happen between you two?"

He hesitated as he looked down slightly at his bandaged hand and then turned back to her flinging the list onto the coffee table.

"Of course not" he said in a hurry as he walked swiftly to the door, "invite whoever you want" he finished exiting the room.

"Huh?" she thought out loud, "I wonder what is up with him? All the better" she added quietly looking down, "As long as he doesn't suspect anything yet."

(Next Scene)

The remainder of the week flew by like a flash and thanks to Suzuna's relief Tsukasa was avoiding her as much as she was him. The day of the party arrived and Miyu was over at Suzuna's home getting ready. As you can imagine Suzuna's mother was quite thrilled that her daughter was being invited to another rich society party. She hummed happily in the kitchen as the girls put on their school swimsuits.

"I guess this is as good as it's gonna get huh?" Miyu said sadly looking at the mirror at her plain reflection.

"I'm so sorry Miyu" Suzuna shook her head, "I'm the one who asked you to go to this party."

"It's okay. We won't swim like you said. We'll just talk to people. By the way" she stared at her friend as she placed on her sandals, "Did he talk to you yet?"

"No. I haven't seen him all week. Look's like he's trying to avoid me too. Weird though" she frowned, "I don't know what he has to be so upset about."

"Maybe he isn't upset about that. Maybe he feels guilty."

"Do you think so?" Suzuna asked as she stood up and Miyu slipped on her flip flops.

"It's possible. After all he did stop."

"That's true" Suzuna nodded, "He did seem remorseful."

"Suzuna! Your ride is here!" her mother called.

"Okay!" she responded back, "That will be Keiichi. He offered to give us a ride there."

"Great. Riding in style" Miyu teased.

Suzuna chuckled and then followed her friend out of the bedroom. Standing outside Keiichi led them to the family car, a stretch limo that was completely black.

"I don't get my license for another couple of weeks" Keiichi explained as they walked down in awe, "So I guess we'll have to settle for this."

"Sounds good to me" Miyu grinned, "Style indeed" she added climbing in.

"How do you get used to riding in a thing like this Keiichi?" Suzuna asked.

"I don't know" he smiled scratching the back of his head, "You just do. Watch your head" he replied as she climbed in and he followed, "Next stop" he said as he sat down on the comfortable leather seat, "Tsukasa Sakamoto's residence."

"Great" she nodded but with foreboding in her heart, "I wonder" she thought as the car drove, "What kind of greeting is he going to give me?"

(Next Scene)

Since Suzuna had been to the large mansion before she did the honors of ringing the decorative doorbell. The door was surprisingly open by none other then the birthday girl herself.

"Suzuna" she replied with a grin as she stood there in her purple bathing suit ensemble, "I am so glad that you could make it."

"Shiori" Suzuna said back, "What are you doing answering the door?"

"Oh I do that every birthday. I see you brought someone" she replied indicating Miyu.

"Oh yes, this is the friend I told you about" Suzuna said with a smile, "This is my best friend Miyu Namura. Miyu this is Shiori Sakamoto."

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Miyu bowed her head politely, "And thank you for having me."

"My pleasure Miyu and welcome. Oh and Keiichi you're here too."

"Yes. Thank you for inviting me Shiori" he bowed his head with a slight blush.

"No problem. Well I hope you guy's have brought your bathing suits, everyone is swimming today."

"Oh um" Suzuna lowered her head which Shiori didn't fail to notice.

"Hmm?" she smiled to herself and then turned to the eager teenage boy, "Keiichi why don't you go into the party? I would like to speak to Suzuna and her friend for a moment."

"Sure not a problem" he nodded, "See you guys in there" he added before departing.

"Um Shiori" Suzuna replied awkwardly as the older girl winked at her.

"Follow me" she said walking towards the large staircase and ascending the steps.

"Huh?" Miyu looked at her friend quizzically.

"Let's do as she says" Suzuna suggested leading the way up the staircase with Miyu close behind.

Shiori led them to a large spacious bedroom that was pale green in color. The drapes on the windows were exquisite but nothing could compare to the huge canopy bed located in the center wall. As Miyu gaped at the fireplace as well Suzuna walked over to the older girl as she began to pull out several different styles of bathing suits from her drawers.

"Shiori what are you doing?" Suzuna asked.

"You need bathing suits right?" Shiori said simply.


"I could tell by your pause downstairs. You two don't have a bathing suit to wear right?"

"Well we do" Miyu spoke up as she came over and placed the lavish suits on a nearby ottoman, "But they are our school swimsuits" she lowered her head.

"Oh I see. Of course it would be an absolute embarrassment to show up in those things with everyone else wearing something more fashionable. Mhm" she nodded to herself, "Well we can't let that happen now can we? My guests should look their best at a party. Therefore I insist that you wear one of these."

"But Shiori" Suzuna protested, "We can't do that."

"I won't take no for an answer" Shiori insisted, "You two must choose one of these suits. And do hurry choosing, the party's already underway, you don't want to miss out. Besides" she added as she held onto the doorknob briefly as she was departing, " I have a few surprises for everyone. I don't want my friends most of all to miss that. Hurry you two" she finished with a grin.

"Wow" Miyu replied, "She really is nice like you said. But are you sure we can really wear one of these?" she looked down at the enormous selection.

"Like she said she insists. And when Shiori insists on something she doesn't really hold back. Besides it's her birthday, let's humor her."

"Great!" Miyu squealed, "In that case, I'll wear this one" she said holding up a two piece suit.

"That's a good idea Miyu. Yellow is a great color on you."

"What about you Suzuna? Which one will you pick?"

"For me I think I am going to go with the light blue one piece. It's more my style."

"Good idea!"

Seconds later they were dressed in the fashionable suits and sandals to match. Suzuna turned to her friend.

"Okay then. Let's go party."


Part Two: Birthday Announcement

When they arrived down at the large spacious indoor pool area they were not at all surprised to see that Shiori had been right about the party being underway. There were several guests already milling around the pool and more even arriving. From what Suzuna could see, the Wolf Pack were all scattered, including Tsukasa who was standing by the bar in a black bathing suit surrounded by three girls in skimpy little two pieces. She frowned a little as Keiichi walked over.

"Hey guys" he grinned excitedly, "Boy you won't believe how many celebrities are around here. I've already gotten four autographs. Wow! Great suits!" he grinned even more at what they were wearing.

"Thanks Keiichi" she nodded.

"Well, well, well the gang's all here" Sanosuke appeared clad in a navy blue swimsuit his built chest exposed, "Suzuna you didn't tell me that your lovely friend was going to be here at the party" he grinned as Miyu blushed slightly.

"Hello Sanosuke" she said back drolly.

"You look nice too. I hope you don't mind if I show your friend around."

"Well" she began but she saw her friend pleading secretly, "Just be careful with her Sanosuke" she added.

"Don't worry I'll treat her like a precious little flower" he nodded taking her arm, "Shall we Miss Namura."

"Mhm" she nodded back, "Thanks Suzuna" she whispered before she was led away and Keiichi ran off to get more autographs.

"Sure" she smiled and then began to walk around the pool.

She was happy to see that the terrible three were nowhere to be seen. Kenji was in the pool playing with some of the other boys while Akihito she could see was standing behind the bar serving drinks. She wandered over and stopped at the bar.

"Hey there Suzuna Kamiya" he replied with a wink, "Didn't know that you were going to be here?"

"Seems like everyone is surprised by that fact" she rolled her eyes, "What are you doing back there?"

"What does it look like? I'm serving drinks."

"Well that's obvious but what are you doing serving drinks."

"I felt like it, I volunteered. Besides it's a good way to talk to people. Can I get you something?"

"That's not only alcohol back there is it?" she frowned as she pointed.

"Relax I'll make you something non-alcoholic. How about a strawberry daiquiri?"


"I'll make you one. How about you get something to eat until then while I whip it up for you?"


"Food's right over there" he pointed to a large table covered with several dishes.

"Okay" she nodded as she stepped away from the bar.

She walked slowly over not noticing the male guests who were eyeing her from the pool. She stopped at the long table glancing in Tsukasa's direction as he moved past her with the three girls. As she examined the food she overheard a bit of the conversation.

"Tsukasa baby, why didn't you call me?" a tall blond asked him, "I waited forever."

"I'm sorry about that sweetheart" he replied waving his hand nonchalantly, "Next time I'll remember, I promise. After all how could I forget about a gorgeous creature such as yourself?"

"Oh you" she giggled as the other girls clamored after him for affection as he made his way across the patio. Suzuna clenched her fist as she shook angrily.

"Grr" she seethed, "Remorseful my ass."

"Having fun?" Yukito said as he stood behind her.

"Oh. Yukito" she blushed a little surprised as she noticed just like Akihito he was also wearing a tee shirt over his green bathing suit, "I didn't think that you arrived yet."

"What did you really think I was going to be late when I live right next door?" he teased.

"Oh of course not" she shook her head, "And after all it is Shiori's birthday. Of course you would be here."

"Well I've been just walking around the area and talking to people. I came over for a snack. Have you had anything yet?"

"Huh? Oh no. I was just about to, although."


"I don't really know what to try. I've never eaten anything like this stuff before."

"Oh I see" he nodded, "Well it depends on the type that you are."

"What?" she looked at him quizzically.

"Are you the type who likes to stick to familiar kinds of food or are you more adventurous."

"I guess I would be averse to trying something new" she said slowly as he moved around to her other side, his left arm somewhat around her waist.

"Then may I suggest you try a bit of this" he handed her a cracker with an unusual topping.

"It looks kind of strange" she frowned as she held the food over a plate that he had also handed her, "What is it?"

"Try a little first and then I'll tell you."

"Oh okay" she nodded taking a bite of it, "Hmm. It's kind of interesting. What is it?"

"My goodness" he chuckled, "You do like to know everything. It's caviar."

"You mean like fish eggs?" she eyed him.

"Mhm. Some of the best you'll ever taste. Do you like it?"

"It's not bad" she nodded eating the rest.

"Well since you are brave enough to taste even that knowing what it is then you should have no trouble eating the rest of the buffet" he turned around to walk away.

"You know" she stopped him with her wondering, "I feel like I have had this stuff before."

"What do you mean?" it was his turn to look quizzical.

"I don't know, the taste is familiar. Oh well maybe it's just my imagination. Maybe I've just had something similar."

"Perhaps" he nodded.

"Hey Suzuna babe!" Akihito shouted from the bar, "Your drink's ready!"

"All right!" she called back, "I wish he wouldn't call me things like that in a crowd" she said angrily.

"Why not? It suits you."

"Huh?" she looked at him stunned.

"What I mean is you look really cute in that bathing suit" he grinned with a wink and then walked away leaving the young girl even more stunned then before and with a slight pink to her cheeks.

"What did he mean by that?" she thought.

She walked over to the bar with her plate of food and enjoyed the daiquiri that Akihito had made while he talked about his friendship with the Wolf Pack. It wasn't long before Sanosuke and Miyu both appeared again. About an hour later Shiori walked to the front of the crowd requesting the karaoke machine's microphone.

"Thank you everyone for coming to my birthday party today" she said into the mike so the entire group clapped as Tsukasa moved closer to his sister, "It gives me such great pleasure to spend this day with all the people I love but more importantly to reveal to all of you my most important friends about something I have kept secret until now."

Sanosuke and Akihito looked at each other while Kenji tapped on Tsukasa's shoulder who merely shrugged in just as much astonishment.

"For awhile I have been modeling for my career" she went on, "And while that has been an experience that I loved I do think it's time to do something else with my life. As you all know I am the only daughter of the Sakamoto family and there is much expected of me, however what is expected of me is not what I am talking about" her aunt and uncle stared at her in awe as the camera crew from the news continued to roll, "I am here to announce today that I renounce my title of the Sakamoto heir and I have decided to return to Europe, to Spain to study to become something far greater. I intend to live there, to study there, and to become a lawyer to help those less fortunate then myself" Suzuna stared at Yukito's reaction as like everyone he took in this information with surprise.

"Shiori" her uncle spoke up, "What will your father say? Your mother?"

"I am sorry uncle, aunt. This is a decision I have long decided. And to prove to you that I am serious I am going to offer you a demonstration. You all know me as Shiori Sakamoto, the darling of the Sakamoto family. A princess who resides in a palace, has beautiful things, and long curly gorgeous hair. As proof to you" she picked up a pair of scissors that she had sat near by, "Of my determination I will cast off that image" she took the scissors and cut off a piece of her long beautiful hair letting it fall to the ground to the sounds of many of the crowd gasping, "Please enjoy yourselves for the remainder of the party. I will answer any questions in the back. Thank you" she moved away from the mike as Akihito and Sanosuke scratched their heads.

"Did you have any idea?" Sanosuke began.

"No" Akihito, "No idea."

"I wonder if Tsukasa did."

"Where is he?" Akihito said scanning the crowd that was now surrounding Shiori.

"Let's go find him" Sanosuke suggested as Kenji came over out of breath.

"Yukito just left the party" he replied.

"Let's not worry about that right now. Let's just go find Tsukasa. Maybe he has some answers."

"Wow" Miyu said as Keiichi came over.

"Yea" Suzuna replied as she nodded.

"Everything today has been one surprise after another."

"Yea" she repeated.

"It's not doing us any good just standing around here" Keiichi said with his hands on his hips, "Let's go get in the hot tub for a little while. It'll give us a chance to talk."

"Good idea" Miyu nodded, "I've never been in one before. Come on Suzuna" she added pulling her friend along.

"Okay" Suzuna nodded still in shock, "Oh Yukito" she thought sadly, "What you must be thinking right now."

(Next Scene)

After sitting in the hot tub for twenty minutes Suzuna left her reluctant friends alone. She walked over to the buffet table again and this time caught a glimpse of Tsukasa as he conversed with an older gentleman she had not seen before.

"But surely you can understand my dilemma Mr. Sakamoto" the older man replied.

"Of course" Tsukasa nodded politely but with a bit of the usual air in his voice, "But as I have told you before several times Mr. Daidoji, if you want to talk about his business you really should speak with my father."

"But you are the legitimate heir Mr. Sakamoto. It is only proper that I ascertain my value to you as well."

"I see. I understand but as I have said I have not as of yet finished my school years. Therefore I am not ready to take over the family business. So if you'll excuse me I have something I have to attend to. Other guests I mean."

"Of course."

"You can take it up with me when I am in charge" he said turning his back on him.

"Thank you Mr. Sakamoto" he bowed his head, "I appreciate that."

"That is" he added, "If you're still in business of course. Good afternoon" he finished as the spectacles fell down the older man's nose and he fumed as he departed.

"Why that rotten little punk" he spat as he moved away, "He wouldn't know business if it fell right into his lap."

Suzuna watched as he moved away and then saw Tsukasa staring back at her as he arrived.

"So you're still here?" he jeered as he picked up a plate.

"Of course I am" she said back angrily, "I'm surprised you even noticed that I was here at all."

"I saw your name on the guest list you dummy. I'm sorry I was too preoccupied with other guests to say hello" he added sarcastically.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Sakamoto" she said back even more sarcastically, "That you couldn't fit me into your busy schedule" she pretended to swoon as she clasped her hands together, "That you were surrounded by too many gorgeous women and interesting business men to notice homely little me" she frowned after she finished.

"You don't get it do you" he replied back angrily.

"Huh?" she stopped when she noticed the slight hurt in his eyes.

"Do you really think those girls care anything about me?"

She stared at him even more as he signaled with his hand for her to follow him out of the pool room and into a remote hallway.

"Do you really think they give a damn about my feelings or who I really am?" he continued, "You're wrong. All those little twits really care about is my name, my title, and my fortune. If I was a poor man they wouldn't give me the time of day. Do you really think that I'm interested in that type of girl? How shallow do you think I am?" she stared slightly at the ground as he went on, "And as for that gentleman you saw, no such word. Do you think I like it that these sniveling little worms come to me to help them save their businesses instead of my father? I'm not even out of high school yet and they think I'm the answer to their prayers. So you tell me Miss Kamiya, does that sound like fun to you now?"

"I don't know what to say, I'm sorry" she said with a nod much to his surprise, "I had no idea."

"Too right you didn't" he nodded back staying in character.

"And this must have been a hard day for you, Shiori's announcement and everything."

"Yea. Even though I didn't know about it, it wasn't wholly unexpected. Shiori's always doing stuff like this. It's how she became a model."

"I can't believe she's actually going."

"Whatever she sets her mind to she's going to do. I'm quite proud of her though" he smiled somewhat, "She knows how just to defy our parents perfectly."

"Yes" she nodded a second time, "Well I am sorry for what I said" he looked at her his eyes softening, "And with that in mind I've decided to forgive you" she felt her forehead since she suddenly felt hot.


"But on one condition, you have to apologize to me for what you did."

"Apologize?" he said surprised his eyes wide.

"Of course. If you just apologize I'll write it off as some wolf just bit me and I'll forget all about it."

"What?" he began but then noticed that she was a bit unbalanced, "Hey what's the matter with you?"

"Don't change the subject" she insisted as she moved even closer off balance, "Just apologize please."

"I'm serious. There really is something wrong with you."

"I'm fine" she shook her head; "I feel kind of, I just feel hot" she passed out into his chest.

"Hey!" he shouted as she landed her eyes completely shut and her forehead boiling, "Hey wake up! Oh man. Suzuna! Wake up!"

(To be continued..)

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Next Chapter: A Timid Request/Goodbye for Now

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