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For Eighteen the worst of her memories was being trapped inside Cell. All her strength was gone. It felt very cold in there. She was in an eternal slumber. Then, as if out of nowhere, warmth returned to her. She had just enough strength to open up her eyes for a few seconds. What she saw in those few seconds would change her life forever. She saw a boy about ten or eleven years old, but in his super saiyan 2 state and from the angle she saw him he looked like a man. At that moment she knew he had saved her. She blushed slightly before fading back into darkness. She was safe and slept well…

Eighteen's eyes shot open as she sat upright. She heard a voice that she recognized as Krillin's.

"Awake at last."

She stood up and took a defensive stance as she looked around. Where am I…what is this place? She knew that she wouldn't last long in a battle against the Z-fighters who were now gathered around her. She could easily take out any of the humans, but Piccolo had nearly beaten her brother and that guy with lavender hair was more than a match for semi-perfect Cell. She wouldn't last two minutes against them. I should make a run for it when I get the chance. She heard Yamcha scream something about punching holes in people.

"Relax," said Krillin. "We don't have any reason to fight anymore…now that Gohan's beat Cell."

Eighteen's face showed surprise as her mind recalled her previous memories. G-Gohan? That kid beat Cell? Was he the one that set me free? No! That kid couldn't have been the same as that shining knight.

"You should thank Krillin, Eighteen." Eighteen turned to face the namekian. "He stayed by your side the whole time."

"He did?" Eighteen turned to Krillin who immediately blushed and lowered his gaze, scratching the back of his head.

Krillin started to stutter; "we-well I um enjoyed it…I mean…well…I just couldn't leave you there." Krillin put on a goofy smile as he continued to scratch the back of his head.

"I got it!" Everyone's eyes turned to Gohan who had spoken up. " Krillin, you have a crush on android 18!" Krillin appeared behind Gohan and hit him in the back of the head.

The other Z-fighters, especially Yamcha, all voiced their surprise.

Eighteen became frustrated. I don't care about Krillin, I want to find my shining knight! "So you think I'm going to fall at your feet now. Don't think that what you did will make me yours!" Krillin bowed his head as Eighteen flew off the lookout.

As Eighteen flew down she heard a noise and noticed the sky become dark. She flew back up and saw Shenron. She heard the Z-fighters make their first wish. The time came for their second wish. After Goku's decision to stay in otherworld Krillin decided on a second wish.

"Could you make android Seventeen and Eighteen into human beings so they can live their lives in peace?"

"I am sorry, it is beyond my power." Eighteen wondered, why did he make that wish? She thought for a few minutes and sighed in relief. If the wish had come true she would have been stuck on the floating palace. She looked back and saw Krillin make another attempt.

"Could you remove the explosives from the androids?"

"Shenron's eyes lit up. "It has been done."

Eighteen felt the bomb in her chest disappear. Why did he do that? Why was he so intent on helping her? She soon got her answer when she heard Krillin talking about her being happier with Seventeen. That sick idiot! She had to speak up then and there. She appeared from her hiding place and said "bonehead Seventeen is my twin brother!"

Krillin showed signs of embarrassment. "Don't you get, this is perfect!" everyone turned their attention to Yamcha.

Eighteen eyes lit up with rage. "You shouldn't be celebrating! If you think that lousy wish has won me over, you're wrong! But it was nice of you." Eighteen then glanced at Gohan. She studied him carefully. He did resemble her shining knight in some ways. Hmm…I wonder…I'll find him in six years. Eighteen took off and flew into the secluded mountains…

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