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People rushed back and forth around the wedding hall. The Ox King had booked the wedding in the newly built banquet hall in the Ox Kingdom.

Instead of spending vast fortunes to rebuild his own castle, he had decided to build something the people could enjoy and retired to a smaller house. Though the area was no longer under his control, he still had great influence and respect in it and it was still considered the Ox Kingdom.

The Banquet hall was a large building with a large vaulted-ceiling passage that went from the front door of the structure to the back wall; it was like the spine of the structure. The first half of it was thin and hallway-liked, yet it was big enough for two Ox Kings to walk through side by side. At its halfway point, this thinner passage had two other passages branching off to other parts of the building.

The second half was considerably wider, about three times the width of the first, and was where the wedding would take place. It had rows of comfortable leather seats; each with their own pair of arm rests. The high walls had windowpanes, allowing natural light to enter the room. There was a central isle dividing the rows of seats into two chunks; it extended from the altar, where the couple would be married, to the two large doors, which divided this section from the previous one.

There were doors at the back of the altar, which led to a third section. It was twice the width of the wedding hall, and was where the banquet would take place. The tables with white sheets were already set up, along with the wedding cake and buffet table. There was also a podium where people would be giving their speeches.

Eighteen was getting dressed on the right side of the building. This section was rectangular, and attached to the wedding hall. It also had a small door that allowed instant access to the altar. The rectangle had a few dressing rooms, as well as a place where any props could be stored. Thin, and removable barriers separated all these sections.

Eighteen smiled at herself in the mirror as she secured her earrings. Bulma, and Chichi were helping her put the complex outfit on. They had just finished securing the back straps.

"Do you think he'll like it?"

"Don't worry dear," said Chichi. "I'm sure Gohan will love that outfit."

"No one will be able to take their eyes off you," said Bulma.

Eighteen blushed. "Thanks."

"You should try and walk around in it to see if it's comfortable enough," said Chichi.

Eighteen followed the suggestion and started pacing around the room. She had no problem moving around; the flowing white bottom of the dress allowed her legs to move freely and did not catch on the matching high heel shoes.

Bulma and Chichi clapped as they Eighteen finished her rounds.

"You certainly look the part," said Bulma. "The pressure is all on Gohan now."

They all chuckled at that statement.

"I really hope Gohan doesn't choke," said Chichi. "It would be a shame if he were to buckle under the pressure."

"I'm sure he'll do fine," said Eighteen. "He really comes through when it counts."

"I'll bet you never imagined that your kids would be attending your wedding," said Bulma.

"It'll be awkward when they grow up. Most kids are born after their parents are married, but we're not a typical family."

Chichi studied Eighteen's hair intently. "Are you sure you want to leave your hair down?"

"I prefer to keep it in its usual style. Besides, I don't think my hair is long enough. Might as well leave it down."

"Do you two have a honey moon planned?" asked Chichi.

Eighteen shook her head. "No. We don't need to go somewhere exotic, and our private time in the time chamber was like a honeymoon. Besides, we could have a sort of second honey moon when the kids are older."

"That sounds a lot like what Vegeta and I are doing," said Bulma, "though we never really had as much private time before Trunks was born. It was more of a one-night stand."

"Can you handle the kids?"

"Don't worry," said Chichi. "Goku, Seventeen, and I have each got one kid. We'll be fine."

Bulma and Chichi then went back to the subject of Eighteen's wedding dress. Looking her over, they pointed out any flaws and came up with solutions they thought would make Eighteen look perfect.

The other side of the banquet hall was a structure that was mostly a mirror mage of the side Eighteen was on. Gohan was already dressed in his tuxedo and was currently helping Seventeen with his tie. Goku and the Ox King were also in tuxedos and were currently watching the nicely dressed children.

"There. That should do it Seventeen." Gohan stepped back and smiled at his handiwork.

Seventeen looked down at his tie and pouted. "Why do people even wear these things? They're such a pain to put on."

Gohan shrugged. "That's just how it is. I'm not particularly fond of ties either."

"You could wear a bowtie like Neo," suggested Goku.

"Goku…bowties are for kids," corrected the Ox King.

Goku scratched his head with a confused expression. "Really? I guess that's why Chichi insisted that I wear a regular tie."

Gohan walked up to the kids and patted each one on the head. "You three better behave yourselves okay?"

The kids couldn't speak, but they responded with various grunts or gurgling sounds.

"Good." Gohan nuzzled each one before standing back up. "He's here."

"Who's here?" asked the Ox King.

"It's Piccolo. He said he would come to the wedding."

"Um…is your mother okay with this?" asked a nervous Goku.

"Don't worry. I asked her and she said she's okay with it." He then walked out of the room to go meet him.

Piccolo was currently perched atop the roof of the banquet hall, near the front entrance in a way that wouldn't make him obvious to the average passer by. He sat in a meditative pose, his eyes closed as he waited for Gohan to emerge. Upon sensing the young hybrid outside, he opened his eyes and smiled.

Gohan could sense Piccolo on the roof and knew exactly where to look. "Hey Piccolo," said Gohan as he joined his master and best friend on the rooftop. "I'm glad you're here."

"I wouldn't miss such an important day for you Gohan," replied Piccolo. "After all, you're my first and best friend, and you're my pupil."

"Speaking of which, I was hoping you would consider training the kids as well, when they're old enough."

"I'd love to," replied Piccolo. He then smirked. "I just hope they won't be crybabies like you were when I first trained you."

"Don't worry," replied Gohan. "I'll be sure to toughen them up for you."

"You've come a long way Gohan," replied Piccolo. "I'm proud of you. You've truly taken your father's place as Earth's best defender."

"Thanks Piccolo," replied Gohan.

The two friends sat on the roof for a few more minutes, reminiscing about old times, until the guests started arriving.

Later on, the guests had all arrived and taken their seats. The front row consisted of their family members. Seventeen, Goku, and Chichi each sat with one of the babies next to them with Goten and the Ox King on the ends, making sure that the kids never got over excited and cause a problem. Piccolo stood at the back corner of the hall with his arms crossed. He was out of the spotlight, yet within Gohan's line of sight. Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Mirai and Krillin also got front row seats while the rest of the Z–fighters and their family and friends sat in the rows behind.

Each person had different thoughts about the upcoming event.

Mirai was fighting off one of his base instincts. He had accepted the wedding, but still had a feeling of anxiety. I hope I'm wrong about her. I hope Gohan has a happy life with Eighteen and she and her brother don't turn out to be evil.

Vegeta felt somewhat happy for Gohan, but couldn't help question why he chose her. That boy seems very naïve. He's lucky that she turned out to be a good person. Had she been evil, he would've ended up used and betrayed. I hope she can teach him to branch off from his father's stupidity.

Chichi was brimming with pride. Although it didn't happen the way I thought it would, or the order I thought it would, my son's on the way to becoming successful and happy. His woman is beautiful and he has three wonderful children, though they can be a handful. I can't believe I became a grandmother already. This must be how my dad felt when Gohan was born. To think that he lived to be a great grand father, I'll bet he's as proud as I am. She looked over at Goku, who had the same childish expression as Goten, and sighed. I guess Goku's proud in his own way, even if he does look like a bored kid.

Goku's thoughts weren't quite as complex as the others. He was a simple man with simple ideas. I'm proud of Gohan. He's getting married at around same age that I did. I just hope this wedding thing ends soon so we can get to the reception, and eat. I still don't get what this whole ceremony is about.

As Eighteen walked down the aisle everyone's heads turned to watch her. Gohan was breathless as he saw her in the wedding dress. The veil over her face seemed to dare him to lift it up, and he couldn't wait to oblige.

The wedding went by without any problems. Gohan and Eighteen said their vows and performed all of the rituals required. The young couple then made their way down the aisle to an unoccupied changing room, which had been prepared for them. Eighteen needed to remove certain parts of her wedding dress for the reception, such as the veil. While they were inside, everyone else got up from their seats and made their way to the banquet hall for the feast.

There was a podium at one end of the room, away from all of the tables. It was in an open area that could be used as a dance floor. Goku, Chichi, Gohan, Eighteen, Seventeen, and to his annoyance, Piccolo, were all standing around it. They would each make a speech.

The first to step up and speak was Goku. Like the others, he didn't have a speech written down or fed to him, and would speak what he thought.

"Um…" Goku scratched his head as he tried to come up with something to say. He wasn't fazed by the fact that everyone in the banquet hall was staring at him. "Well…I'd like to congratulate Gohan and Eighteen on a…happy marriage and on having three great children."

Gohan couldn't help but smile at his father's cluelessness. Dad's not used to this kind of thing. It's a good thing that he isn't getting nervous and chocking.

"Um…and I think that they'll be really happy together and um…" He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Chichi standing next to him with a broad grin on her face.

"That's enough dear, why don't you let me take over?"

"Alright Chichi." Goku shrugged and stepped back allowing Chichi to do her speech.

"When I first saw Gohan and Eighteen together, I was angry. I thought she was corrupting him and keeping him from his studies, and diminishing his chances of having a successful future. I now realize that it was the opposite. Eighteen, you have motivated him, and helped him grow in more ways than one. Gohan is now stronger and wiser than he was before you came into his life, and for that, I am grateful. Gohan is on his way to be a successful member of society and is also the strongest man on Earth, but he'll still need you there with him, especially in raising your three beautiful children. Eighteen…welcome to the family." When Chichi was done, everyone in the audience started clapping. Chichi took a small bow, before backing away.

This was one of the few times when Piccolo ever felt nervous. It was now his turn to make a speech, and he didn't know what he was going to say. He took a deep breath to calm himself. All right Piccolo, you can do this. Just say some things and it'll all be over.

The entire room went silent as Piccolo reached the podium. The Namekian cleared his throat and began speaking in his usually gruff tone; luckily, he was among friends who knew his nature. "Alright, I'll keep this quick and simple."

Gohan couldn't help smirk at that comment. Just like Piccolo.

"Gohan, you're a great pupil and I'm proud of how far you've come and how you've grown into a fine young man. I'm sure you'll be a great father to your kids. As for you Eighteen, I welcome you into our group. It is because of Gohan that I'm in this group, and though I didn't entirely trust you and Seventeen at first, I knew that Gohan wouldn't unless he knew you guys were good, the same way he trusted me. I'm sure you'll take good care of him. I really don't have anything more to say besides congratulations and good luck." With that, Piccolo's speech was over and he walked away from the podium as quickly as he could.

Everyone clapped harder for Piccolo, since they knew he wasn't one to make speeches at a wedding.

Seventeen proudly marched up to the podium, he looked very confident. He wasted no time in beginning his well-rehearsed speech. "I'll start by saying that I'm proud of my sister. Giving birth to 3 kids can't be easy. I can't imagine how that would look. Or what it would've been like to be pregnant with them."

Eighteen slapped her forehead, while Gohan put a comforting arm around her. Yamcha and Krillin were both snickering at that comment.

"Anyway, I hope you take good care of her, Gohan. She'll be a handful." This caused Gohan to chuckle, until Eighteen elbowed him. "Anyway, I'm really happy for both of you and that's all I have to say." Seventeen walked away from the podium with a broad smirk.

"Your turn Gohan," said Eighteen, pushing him forward to the podium.

Gohan nodded to her and smiled before turning to the audience. "Thank you all for being here today." He looked across the group, which consisted of everyone he knew, save the people at High School. "I have shared memories with everyone here, and appreciate everyone's presence here, you all have made today special for me and my lovely wife."

Eighteen blushed at that last statement. He's so sweet.

Gohan smirked as he eyed Piccolo. "I'm especially happy that Piccolo came here today. Knowing him, I wouldn't have held it against him if he didn't come, but he did, and I'm grateful for it. I'd also like to thank my grandpa, the Ox King, for booking this wonderful place and helping us plan the whole thing. Thank you grandpa."

The Ox King stood up as everyone clapped for him.

Gohan then turned to his mother and father, who were standing off to the side. "Mom, dad. Thanks for being here as well, and supporting our marriage. I'm so glad that you accept this and I will not disappoint you. I'm still in school, but I promise that I'll grow into the adult that can make you both proud." He then turned Eighteen, and Seventeen who stood nearby. "And to my wife and her brother. Welcome to the group and to our family. I am sure well have many happy moments together."

Eighteen wiped a tear out of her eye as Gohan walked back towards her. "Thank you Gohan." She kissed him on the cheek before proceeding to the podium to make the last speech. "Everyone who has already spoken has covered a lot of things, so I don't really have much to say, but I'll start with this. The scariest moment of my life was when Cell absorbed me. I've never felt as helpless as I did then, and the nightmares of that moment have been haunting me in the years since. That was until Gohan came into my life. Maybe it was because he beat Cell, or because he looked big and strong, yet sweet and gentle, but I never had a nightmare about Cell with him lying next to me. It feels weird…watching him go off to school, when I'm going off to work; it's like dating a boy, but there's more to Gohan than what he does. He's a man in many ways, and I love him. Now we are the proud parents of three beautiful children, and I'm so grateful that you all could be here with us. I'm especially grateful for, my brother, Gohan's parents and Piccolo. For the six years since the Cell Games, I've been lonely, but now I'm happy to be accepted into a group and be surrounded by people I can call friends and family." She took a deep breath. "Thank you."

With that, the speeches were over and everybody began eating. Gohan and Eighteen sat at a large table with Seventeen, Goku, Chichi, and Piccolo. Goten, and the Ox King were at another table with Trunks and the babies. After a few minutes, the newly wed couple began walking around to the other tables to talk to everyone there.

Soon after that, the dancing started as almost everyone in the room made their way to the dance floor. Piccolo, Vegeta, the Ox King, and the three babies were the only exception. They simply watched the dancing, though the babies were being more enthusiastic.

At one point, the Ox King let them have some fun on the floor, a short distance away from the dancing. The excited children began jumping up and down, as they were full of energy.

The Ox King chuckled. "Boy, you kids sure have a lot of energy."

The kids turned to him and started babbling incoherently. Before pulling him out of hi chair.

"Oh, I get it. You want me to dance with you." The x King began dancing slowly, as the three kids hopped around him.

The dancing lasted for several hours, until everyone people began to tire and started leaving.

With the wedding over and the kids in bed, Gohan and Eighteen settled down for the night. It had been a long, and happy, day for both of them, but now they were ready to get some sleep.

"Ah…it's good to be out of the wedding dress." Eighteen sprawled out over the bed, as Gohan stood in the master bathroom, just out of her view.

"Are you sure? You looked beautiful in it, and you're never going to wear it again."

"Yeah, but today was all I ever wanted with it, and I'm glad I won't have to wear it again. It looks nice, but it's restrictive. At least you could run in that tuxedo."

Gohan chuckled. "Yeah, I suppose so. So…are you sure you don't want a honeymoon, I heard it's every girl's dream or something."

She shook her head and laughed. "As you know, I'm not your everyday girl, and we've got three kids to take care of. Besides…that time we spent in the time chamber…that was like a honeymoon."

Gohan came out of the bathroom, clad in his pajamas. Eighteen made room for him as he sat down, and he planted a kiss on her forehead. "Are you sure? I mean when the kids are grown up, and I've got a job then maybe-"

She silenced him with a finger on his lips. "Being with you is honeymoon enough for me. You don't have to prove your love, I can feel it, every time you look at me."

The couple settled into bed and snuggled close to each other. They both had a lot to look forward to in life, three wonderful children, and a large circle of family and friends. They were both young and had a long life ahead of them. Gohan was now the world's strongest and primary defender of Earth. Yet his greatest challenge lay ahead of him, the challenge of being a father to his three children.

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