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A New Covenant

Chapter 1 The Alliance

Ninth Age of Reclaimation / October 2552

Delta Halo

Not long after the Arbiter killed Tartarus, Commander Keyes is on a platform revolving around the central structure of the control room. She skillfully jumps from platform to platform. She quickly takes the Index from the pillar of light, which immediately disappears. At once the room begins to shake, and the Commander looks skyward holding the Index to her chest in fear.


Outside, energy is building between the spires at the top of the control room. The ground rumbles as the energy is launched skyward in a forceful blue comet. The Brutes nearby witness this spectacle drop to their knees praying The Great Journey is here. However, the Sangheili hope and pray it's not too late to stop the great weapon. In space, the blue energy moves toward the center and meets with the energy already there. The entire mass implodes upon itself, and then explodes outward, creating a fantastic light show, but causing no harm to the ring.

The Sangheili cry out with glee," Wort! Wort! Wort!"


In the darkened control room, the Commander is silently studying a hologram in its center. Sergeant Johnson floats down with the Monitor, and takes a place at the Commander's side. Commander Keyes smiles and nods at Sergeant Johnson, who is now standing in the at ease position. She then turns her attention to the Monitor and with a firm voice asks, "What's that?"

343 Guilty Spark quickly replies, "A beacon."

Commander Keyes, still looking at the Monitor, but with an even more puzzled look asks, "What's it doing?"

"Communicating," answers 343 Guilty Spark, "At super-luminal speeds, with a frequency of-"

"Communicating with what", Commander Keyes interrupts impatiently.

"The… other… installations." the Monitor replied, as though a little surprised that the Reclaimers did not already know.

"Show me," orders Commander Keyes.

The Monitor turned to the hologram, interfacing with it. From a flow geometric shapes emerged the seven Halo Rings. He moved closer. Placing a red marker on the Ring that was destroyed by the Master Chief. 343 Guilty Spark excitedly explains, "Fail safe protocol: in the event of unexplained shut down, the entire system will move into stand by status. All platforms are now ready for remote activation."

"Remote activation," repeated Commander Keyes, "From here."

"Don't be ridicules," 343 Guilty Spark said in a patronizing tone.

The darker Human moved in angrily, "Listen Tinker-bell," Sergeant Johnson said as he started moving aggressively toward the Monitor, "Don't make me…"

The Commander puts her hand on Johnson's shoulder as a gesture for him to calm down. Then calmly says, "Ok, then where? Where would someone go to activate the other rings?"

The Monitor looked at them both apparently baffled by the question, "Why… the Ark… of course," he finally answered.

The Arbiter, along with the other surviving Sangheili, using extreme caution approaches the trio from the shadows behind them. The Arbiter stands between Commander Keyes and Sergeant Johnson with his remaining soldiers behind him. Both Humans and Sangheili look at the Arbiter. The Arbiter, with a voice that is both calm and quiet asks, "And, where, Oracle is that?"

"Scanning," the Monitor intoned as it turned back to the console. The hologram changed to show a familiar galaxy. "Ark found," answers 343 Guilty Spark. "On the third planet in the Sol System."

"Oh hell," exclaimed Sergeant Johnson, "That's Earth!"

"Can the Ark be disabled from here?" questioned the Arbiter.

"No," was the blunt answer from the Monitor. "The Forerunners created the Ark to control the Rings in the event of installation failure. Not the other way around."

The Arbiter looks at his Sangheili brothers and says with urgency in his voice, "Brothers we must get to a cruiser. That must be where Truth is heading. By the Rings we shall bring Truth and his blinded army to defeat. We shall be victorious. Make haste our Great Journey has begun."

Johnson, looking for a cigar, says with a hint of contempt in his voice, "Now listen here split lip. Earth is our home. If anyone is going to save her and stop this Ark it will be us Humans."

The Arbiter feeling insulted and a little hurt turns to Sergeant Johnson and says, "No need for the insults. We helped each other here, on Halo. Why can't we help one another on Earth? Both our numbers must be shrinking. The Brutes are trying to exterminate my race."

Johnson sarcastically interrupts, "You mean like you were doing to the human race."

The Arbiter thinks back to the long years of the war. Remembers all the death and suffering the Sangheili have caused to the Humans. With a heavy heart the silver armored Sangheili finally says, "Yes. But at the time we were following the false prophets. We were following orders. Like any warrior with a hint of honor would, like you would if you were in our position. But, now our eyes are open, we are not blinded by the propaganda needed for a needless war. I'll make you an oath. On my honor, my races honor, we shall never harm another Human again. We shall shed our blood beside you. Defending your home world. Now and for generations to come."

All the other Sangheili roared in agreement. Johnson looks at Commander Keyes and with uncertainty says, "Can we trust them?"

Before Commander Keyes could answer a white armored Sangheili came to the Arbiter's defense and the defense of his race and says, "We are a race built on honor. Honor to us is very important. You take away our honor then you make us no better than a filthy Brute."

The Arbiter places a hand on the shoulder of the Sangheili. The Arbiter continues his speech as if never interrupted, "For a long time there were Sangheili who thought the war was uncalled for. That your race had more that once proven yourselves battle worthy. I was one of them. But then I would have been killed for heresy and my family labeled heretics for me even speaking those words. Now things have changed. We are no longer part of the Covenant and don't follow their laws. It would be an honor to fight by your side."

Johnson, grinning as he lights his cigar, says, "The feelings are mutual. Besides, my people were getting tired of getting our asses dusted by you. I'll see to it no Elite is harmed by a Human."

The Arbiter looks at Johnson and corrects, "Sangheili. We are called Sangheili"

Johnson looking dumbfounded says, "Hell man, I can't even pronounce that. My people called you Elites because you were super achievers, the best at what you do."

The Arbiter looks around the room at his brothers seeing them swell with pride at the statement this dark skinned human made. Not to mention feeling the same pride himself, says, "I speak for all of us when I say, you may call us Elites. I must know one thing though. Why do you let your females fight?"

Commander Keyes, looks at the silver armored Elite, feeling insulted, says, "I'll have you know, I'm a high ranking Commander in the UNSC. And I don't like being talked about as if I were inferior."

The Arbiter looked questioningly trying to understand why she was angry. A Zealot, named Pharr Eojadee, steps forward, looks at the Humans and adds, "I come in defense of our beloved Arbiter and our race. In our culture a female doesn't fight. She knows all our weapons and how to use them. But only for her protection and the protection of her fledgling. A female is regarded with the highest of honor. They are priestesses of our faith. Some become High Council members. All have a high place in our society."

The Arbiter raises his mandibles in what would be equal to a smile and says, "See why I asked?"

Commander Keyes looks at the three males standing in front of her, feeling as if she had just received a lecture from her father. Then says, "In our society male and female are equal."

Just then and not a moment too soon, the Arbiter's radio crackled, "You still alive Arbiter?", on the other end was the voice of R'tas Vadumee, the Spec Ops Supreme Commander and one of the Arbiter's closest friends.

The Arbiter answers, "Yes," then quickly adds, "Did you get control of the cruiser you were after?"

R'tas answers in a tone that is all business, "Yes and in the process freed a group of Sangheili warriors that were being held captive. One being our beloved nephew, N'tas."

The Arbiter thinks of how glad he was to hear that a member of his family is still alive. He also hopes his sister and her mate made it off High Charity when the Brutes betrayed them. Then the Arbiter responds with a voice that is full of relief, "That is wonderful news. I want to see him when we are done here. Now can you pick us up at the entrance to the control room? I have a few Sangheili and a few Humans here. No harm is to come to the Humans. I gave them our word. They helped to kill Tartarus, now we must help them, it is the least we could do considering the wrong we have done to their race."

R'tas glad to not have to try to fight both Humans and Covenant replies, "Yes, I'll be there in five units. Call any other Sangheili and have the Humans call their warriors to rendezvous at the control room for immediate evac. Oh and have your Humans let their warriors know not to harm our warriors. And Arbiter you may want to do the same to our warriors. "

The Arbiter turns to the Humans and in a down to business voice says, "We must march toward peace. If our races are to survive. I move to form a New Covenant. One of Humans, Sangheili, Grunts, and Hunters." With that said the Arbiter extends his hand to the Humans as a show of peace. The humans return the gesture and the two races shake hands. The Alliance was complete.

The Monitor, seemingly forgotten by everyone, floats in front of the Arbiter and Commander Keyes. He looks at both of them and says, "This is indeed wonderful. Things are becoming as they once were. I'm so happy to see The Brothers coming together again."

Both the Humans and the Sangheili look at the Monitor in shock. The Arbiter takes a step forward his boots making a clanging sound on the stone floor. Breaking the silence he says, "Oracle, could you enlighten us in what you mean?"

The Monitor says, "I'd be happy to." Both races gather around the Monitor as he begins his story, "The Forerunner were not a race. But a collection of races made up similar to the Covenant. It was made by the two brother races. The Homo-Reptilian and the Homo-Sapiens. If the two of you, the Monitor looks at the two races Sangheili and Human then continues, "were to check your DNA it would show that you were almost the same the only difference in the two is the small amount of Reptilian DNA. The brother races the Sangheili and the Reclaimers were a peaceful people. The Sangheili were a military people the strong hold of the Forerunner society much like you are today. However, the Reclaimers were knowledge searchers and technology creators. The weapons that the Sangheili used then and the Covenant use today were all created by the Reclaimers. All the other five races that made up the Forerunner were put together by the two brother races. Sangheili. This will explain why you were able to find the other races," everyone was silent. The Sangheili and the Humans just looked at one another, the Monitor continues, "The Grunts and Hunters also made up the seven races. By mere instinct was why they sided with you when the Covenant betrayed you. I'm so excited the reign of the Forerunner is returning."

The Arbiter was the first to break the silence, "You mean we are the descendents of the Forerunner? I thought they were destroyed when Halo fired."

The Monitor replied, "No you are the Forerunner. Yes the Forerunner society was destroyed. But on each of the seven home worlds the seed of each of your races was left."

"Were there any other races of the Covenant in the Forerunner?" asked Commander Keyes still trying to comprehend all this.

'No," replied 343 Guilty Spark, "But the long time enemies of the Forerunner the Prophets and the Brutes were the ones to create the Flood. They took their DNA and spliced it with the Brothers' DNA. Resulting in their weapon."

Commander Keyes says, "That would explain why they can so easily infect us."

343 Guilty Spark replies with a sense of urgency, "Yes. It also explains why you must get to the Ark before your natural enemy."

The Arbiter gives a curse in his native tongue, turns to the Sangheili and angrily says, "That explains everything. The treacherous Prophets used us all. They tried to enslave our races. They tried to have us exterminate our natural brothers. Damn them! They must have known all along. No wonder they were in such a hurry to have the filthy Brutes. Damn the Prophets and Brutes."

Pharr walks up to the Arbiter and says, "Arbiter, what shall we call our New Covenant?"

The Arbiter looks at Johnson and Keyes trying to think of a name that would fit what they would be representing. Commander Keyes looks up a light clicking inside her head and says, "How about we go back to our original name? How about we call the alliance what it was always known as The Forerunner?

The Arbiter joyfully says, "It always brings a blessing and luck for a female to name something. Since we need both now. We shall go with what the female says. The New Covenant shall be called The Forerunner."

The Sangheili all gave a roar of approval and cheer, the Humans even joined in. R'tas hearing all this from outside couldn't help but give a roar himself then says over his comlink, "If the party can wait for the rest of us, I've landed a Phantom outside. That is if you still need a lift."

The Arbiter clicks his mandibles in what would be equal to a Sangheili laugh. Then says, "Come, my brothers and my new allies. Onward to glorious battle. Death to the Covenant and all who blindly follow them! May nothing stand in our way."

With that the Humans and Sangheili proceeded to make their way out of the control room. Commander Keyes radios the remaining humans. Telling them about the alliance and their way off this ring. She gives them the location of the alien drop ship and tells them not to fire their weapons on any Elite. The Arbiter does the same for the Sangheili that are stranded on the ring.

To Be Continued…..