"Holding Onto Nothing" chapter one:

Kyo felt himself slipping slowly from his sleep. He could feel the soft bedsheets, the pillow under his head, and the slight breeze from where his foot was left revealed by the covers. He groaned slightly and tried to shut out his senses, he wanted to go back to sleep. However, he knew it was to no avail when the sunlight started pouring into the room and washing over his face. His eyes snapped open and he sighed.

Well, at least I'm not like Yuki. I can get up whenever I want to, he thought with a tiny smile. And speaking of Yuki...

Kyo turned around in his bed and his crimson eyes were met by a muss of silver peeking out from under the pillow. Kyo laughed, lifting the pillow to look at his sleeping companion. He knew he had only this time to see Yuki with such a content, angelic expression on his face before the day started and he had to put on his 'calm, collected' facade.

Kyo heard a groan and saw Yuki's sleeping face contort at the direct sunlight now on his eyes. "Five more minutes..." Yuki muttered, pulling the covers up over his eyes.

Kyo laughed and pulled them back down. "It's the weekend, you dumbass," he said playfully. Yuki blinked, although his eyes were still blank. Kyo sighed. "Alright, sleep the whole day away, then. I'm going to have breakfast,"he announced, smiling. He stood up, stretched, and walked to the door. He briefly glanced once more at the sleeping figure in his bed, smiled, and exited.

"Good morning, Kyo-kun!" Tohru greeted cheerfully as Kyo entered the kitchen.

"'Morning, Tohru. Up already?" he remarked. Tohru nodded happily. Kyo sighed and said, "You should sleep in on the weekends, like Yuki."

"Oh, no, I couldn't do that I have to be up to make breakfast for all of you!" she answered seriously. "And speaking of breakfast... here you go!" she announced, placing a plate of pancakes in front of Kyo.

Kyo chuckled and ruffled the girl's hair affectionately. She giggled, and sat down across from Kyo to eat her own breakfast.

"So... Yuki-kun hasn't been sleeping in his own room for a while, eh?" Tohru remarked, blushing slightly.

Kyo's eyes widened and he, too, felt his cheeks turning red. "Um... well... y'know, that stupid rat just kept on insisting, so I let him sleep in my bed," he answered shyly. He wasn't telling the whole truth; he had been the one to go and retrieve Yuki from his room multiple times after their first night in the same bed.

Tohru giggled. "Alright, then."

After finishing his meal and helping Tohru with the dishes, Kyo went back to his room. Yuki was still in that same spot, sleeping. Kyo kneeled on the side of the bed and shook his shoulders. "Wake, up, already! Everyone else is awake," Kyo demanded.

After a few more vigorous shakes, Yuki blinked open his eyes. "I'm up..." he said groggily. When his eyes fully adjusted to the surroundings, he realized that once again he was waking up in Kyo's bed. He blushed and smiled to himself. It wasn't like they ever did anything in bed, it was just nice to wake up to someone.

"Uh-oh, Yuki actually looks happy! Is the world ending?" Kyo joked. Yuki looked at him, surprised, then turned his head, as if ashamed. "I mean... that's a good thing!" Kyo said, not sure what to do.

Yeah... I am happy, Yuki thought. The happiest I've ever been in my life. I just don't know how to act on it.

"C'mon, Yuki I didn't mean it, smile again!" Kyo insisted, pulling at Yuki's pale cheeks.

Yuki pushed his hands away uncomfortably and stood up. "I'm fine," he said briskly. "I'm going to get dressed, okay?" he said, walking toward the exit.

"Alright..." Kyo muttered. When Yuki was gone, he threw himself on the bed. "Fuck... can't I do anything right? I'm still new to this 'relationship' business," he mumbled into his pillow.

I spend five minutes with the guy and I already make him upset. Well... whatever, I'll make it up to him. I'll make him the happiest he's ever been in his damn life.

Kyo nodded at his internal decision and leaped up off the bed. Yuki would be ready any minute, and he needed to get dressed as well. He was out the door within minutes, throwing on his usual cargo pants and black shirt. In the hallway, he found himself outside of Yuki's room.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the door. "Oi, Yuki? Are you ready yet?" he called, surprised to hear that his voice was softer than usual. He waited a few moments, then saw the door inch open.

"I'm ready," Yuki said, somewhat quietly, stepping out of his room. Dressed in a neatly pressed Chinese-style shirt and trousers, he looked much more well-groomed than Kyo.

Kyo sensed a slight discomfort between them, and he didn't like it. "Yuki?" he asked.

"Yes, Kyo?" Yuki answered, still staring at the floor. He gasped when he felt himself being pulled into Kyo's open embrace. "Hey...!" he exclaimed when Kyo securely held Yuki against his chest. "Kyo, c'mon..."

Because they were both boys, and stubborn boys, they had taken an unspoken oath not to be too lovey-dovey in public, especially at school where everyone could see. In fact, they had been keeping it a little secret that they were going out from the school. They didn't want any trouble.

So why was Kyo holding him like this?

As if to answer that question, Kyo held Yuki's chin in his hands and tilted it up until they were looking each other in the eye. "Yuki... don't be so... stiff... or whatever," he said, embarrassed and not sure how to explain his feelings. "I want you to have fun with me, okay?"

Yuki blinked and smiled shyly. "Yeah... okay. Sorry," he answered, wrapping his arms around Kyo. They stood there for a moment, happy, but not sure what to do next.

"Heh... you aren't going to kiss me now, are you?" Yuki said playfully, in mock-disgust.

Kyo grinned and leaned down so that their noses were touching. "You betcha," he answered, allowing his lips to brush over Yuki's in a small, but romantic, kiss. Yuki was extremely happy that he could be so comfortable with kissing Kyo. Just a while ago, he was still the 'Ice Prince' who kept his emotions to himself and kept people at a distance. Tohru had helped melt his icy exterior, but this was a new level of companionship. He had never kissed anyone on the lips before Kyo.

"Kyo-kun! Yuki-kun! I came to... oh!"

Yuki and Kyo quickly turned their heads toward the chipper voice. Tohru stood at the landing of the stairs, blushing at the sight that she had found. Yuki and Kyo separated themselves, trying not to laugh.

"Yes, Honda-san, what is it?" Yuki asked politely.

Tohru shook away her embarrassment and smiled hugely. "Uo-chan and Hana-chan are here to play! We're setting up the cards, would you like to join us?" she asked cheerfully.

Yuki and Kyo smiled at her. "It would be an honor, Honda-san," Yuki replied.

"Yeah, okay," was Kyo's remark.

Tohru grinned. "Thank you!" she said, pulling the boys' hands and leading them downstairs and into the living room. There, sitting side by side were Tohru's notorious best friends; Uo-chan and Hana-chan.

"Sweet, Carrot Top agreed?" Uo said.

Kyo nodded fiercely. "That's right, time to meet your match, Yankee!" he exclaimed, plopping on the floor across from the blonde girl. Yuki sat down quietly beside Kyo as Tohru started dealing the cards. Soon, the game was beginning. Yuki, although he didn't say it, loved these friendly meetings. He loved looking around at everyone and realizing that they were his friends. His best friends.

"Damn, these cards suck..." Kyo mumbled, glaring at the cards in his hands. He squinted, trying to find a way around the obvious trap he was going to fall into.

Yuki glanced at his cards and edged closer to him. Touching his hand under the table, he whispered, "You have a three; if you go around and pick a card from the deck, you can..."

"Hey, Princey! Just because you two are lovey-dovey now doesn't mean you can cheat!" the Yankee girl yelled.

Kyo and Yuki blushed furiously.

"We're not lovey-dovey!"

"We weren't cheating!"

"Ah... what wonderful vibes coming from this conversation..."

Everyone turned to look at the goth girl who had just spoken. She turned to Yuki and Kyo and smiled knowingly.

The couple pouted. After a few laughs, the game had resumed. Kyo was about to rearrange his cards when he realized something. "Yuki... you haven't let go of my hand yet," he said.

Yuki smiled at him slyly. "I know."

Kyo blushed.

Yes, these were happy times, indeed.

A/N: This is the first chapter, but it is more like a prologue. The actual plot will be very dramatic, and I want Kyo and Yuki to have some fun before it all happens xD. The plot will actually start in the next chapter.