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And, yes, this is the UNFINISHED, UNPOLISHED PREVIEW to chapter 5:

"This can't be happening."

"Why would he do this to us?"

"It can't be true..."

"It isn't true!"

Several pairs of eyes turned to the commanding voice.

"Don't you see? This obviously isn't true. It can't be. Someone out there is simply trying to ruin Yuki-kun. But dedicated followers like us know not to believe it. You girls don't believe it, do you?" She turned her head slightly to see everyone's reactions.

"No, of course not!" a chorus of high pitched voices quickly responded. "We believe in Yuki-kun!"

"Good. Now we just need a way to settle this disruption..."

On the other side of the school, Yuki and Kyo sat side by side on the hallway floor, leaning casually against the wall.

"Looks like we came a bit early..." Yuki said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah..." was Kyo's monotone response.

Yuki sighed, holding his head in his hands. Kyo had been that way since their jarring meet with the Student Council. Each time Yuki touched his hand, or smiled at him, Kyo would stiffen. When Yuki left him alone, Kyo always appeared to be in deep thought, and about something unpleasant. Yuki didn't know what to do to snap him out of this strange state he was in.

Yuki felt sad and disappointed. He had been so determined to keep him and Kyo happy, he was sure that they could make it through anything. And now, almost at where they had started, and they were already faltering. He was sure that Kyo would soon bounce back, but would something like this happened again? Kyo already hated his friends.

"Kyo... let's get to class."

They walked away, not aware of the whispering voices just around the corner.

"Tohru Honda-san!" said the menacing voice.

"Y-yes!" the small girl squeaked, holding her bag to her chest and backing into the wall behind her.

"We have some questions for you," another female voice said. "Will you answer them as followed?" But from the girl's voice, she knew that Tohru would cowardly oblige.

"Um..! Um, okay... what kind of ques–?"

" -- First question!" a different girl interrupted. "What exactly is your relationship with Prince Yuki?" she demanded.

"Um... he and I are friends!" she answered, afraid that one word would send them flying at her.

"Just friends?" the girl asked.

"Yes! We are friends!" Tohru repeated.


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