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Chapter One:

Iron Island: Murkrow VS Cherrim

By: Black Archangel


The picknicker ran up to meet the girl in front of her, however ran too fast, thus slamming full force into her, knocking her into the guy next to her.

The picknicker, called Summer, paid no heed to this and shouted, "Our eyes have met! We must do battle!"

The girl, known as Aki, swiftly turned her head down, her eyes closed. "Our eyes didn't meet," she lied.

Summer found this fairly distressing, seized the other girl's head and franticly attempted to pry her eyes opened. They stubbornly remained clamped shut. The young man, Riley, was just getting up when he noticed this fairly off scene. He wasn't exactly shy about sweatdropping.

At last Summer managed to get Aki to look her in the face. "At last!" Summer shrieked, sighing in frustration. Behind her, Aki swore.

"Now we duel!" she continued, throwing a Pokeball into the air. "Go, Staravia!" The ball exploded in a flash of white light, releasing something that resembled a fairly plump little kid that obviously belong to a rich family in bird form.

Aki sighed, muttered, "Fine", and released a Pokeball of her own. "Go, Murkrow! Let's end this quick..."

Murkrow jumped out and screeched, "Krooooooooooow!" very loudly. A few pebbles fell from the ceiling, hitting Staravia in the head. Staravia fainted in an instant. Summer was speechless, but withdrew her Pokemon and shouted, "Go, Cherrim!"

"It was hideous. Standing on a single clawed foot, it looked like something that should have been disposed of long ago. Shielded in a purple cloak of mysteries, it bore a plant like growth on its head, if it was indeed its head, as it might as well be its solar plexus. Out of this darkish green patch grew a long, evil looking extension, curled and-"

"Riley!" shouted Aki. "Don't put in weird narrations like that!" Riley stepped back into a corner, apparently depressed, and thankfully remained silent.

Summer ignored them. "Cherrim!" she shouted. "Use Sunny Day!"

This Pokemon, apparently called Cherrim, bounced around doing a little chant, then returned to its normal position.

And nothing happened.

"You DO know that Sunny Day only works if you can actually SEE the sun, right?" asked Aki.

"Oh," said Summer guiltily. "Right. Cherrim, use Leech Seed!"

"Hey!" shouted Aki. "It was my turn!"

"Screw that," snapped Summer. "Leech Seed, you good for nothing little moron!" Cherrim shot several seeds out of its body, which hit Murkrow, then bounced clean of its body. The seeds instead burrowed themselves underground.

Aki's turn. "Murkrow, use Night Shade!" she shouted. Murkrow flew forward, stepped in front of Cherrim, then turned around and (somehow) caused its shadow to beat up the foe.

"I never did understand how that attack worked," mused Riley.

Cherrim sucked nutrients from the ground as a result of the aforementioned Leech Seed attack.

"And that's another thing," continued Riley. "How does Cherrim suck up those nutrients if the seeds aren't connected to the recipient. It makes no sense!"

"Yeah," admitted Aki. "That's a good point. How DOES it happen?" Instantly the seeds in the ground shriveled away into nothingness.

"Happens every time," said Summer mournfully.

Aki clutched her head in frustration. This was too much. "Murkrow, finish them! Use Fly!" she shouted. Murkrow flew up high. There was a loud crunching noise and the sound of somebody screaming, then Murkrow returned to the ground, missing its target by several feet.

"Yay!" cheered the picknicker. "I win! Yahoo!"

Aki turned around to face Riley, then threw a menacing glare at him.

"Hey, hey, I thought I told you to cut that out," said Riley, throwing the glare behind him.

Aki looked ready to kill.

"H-hey," said Riley, backing off. "You're not still mad with me about that time when I made that Steelix do that... thing... are you?"

Once again came the crunching sound and the screaming.

Somewhere above the Spear Pillar, Arceus winced.


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