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This is, by far, the shortest chapter yet.

Chapter Five:

Old Chateau: Dusknoir VS Rotom

By Black Archangel

The young woman stood still in front of the manor, freezing cold in her thin coat even though it was in the middle of summer. "Okay, okay," she was telling herself. "Just calm down, Gardenia, you can do this..." She drew in a deep breath, and then confidently strode into the-


Okay. Maybe she didn't walk in confidently.

Gardenia recoiled slightly, taking several steps back. "Heeeeey..." said Aki mockingly, stepping out from the shadows. "Were you scared?"

"W-what?!" stammered the Gym Leader. "I-I wasn't scared!"

A Silcoon dropped in front of her, and she passed out from shock.

Aki sighed and grabbed Gardenia, ready to head back to Eterna to see if she could be helped. She kicked the Silcoon out of the way, and then, realizing how much fun it was, ran off, following the Pokemon, forgetting all about the unconscious girl on the ground.

A group of Murkrows surrounded Gardenia's body, a rather frightning shine in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Aki had kicked the Pokemon into the mansion, up the stairs, and into a room. She stopped when she entered the small bedroom, apparenly pleased with what she saw. "Ooh, a TV!" she shouted. She zoomed right in front of it, Silcoon forgotton. Unfortunately, she zoomed too fast, and hit the TV...


Aki took a step back, then grabbed a Pokeball confidently. "Go, Dusknoir!" she shouted. Dusknoir popped out, striking the most flamenco pose its body was capable of, making "threatning ninja sounds" to go with it. Aki swiftly concealed herself under a bed, horrified.

"Dusknoir, use Gravity," she muttered, traumatized by what was going on.

Dusknoir made a "what does she think she's doing" pose and unleashed a full force Gravity attack!

The Rotom was pulled through the floor, through the floor below it, through the basement, through the ground, and eventually got stuck in the Earth's core. It burned up there. Dusknoir was met with a similar fate, except it was more leet than Rotom, thus able to come back to life after dying.

Zapdos was very jealous in the Underworld.

Meanwhile, above the chateau, a particular Charizard come back to life was sent falling through the mansion, crashing through several floors before once again dying.

Flint was very sad.

And Buck was still a jerk.


A/N: I always wondered what happened if Gravity was used on Rotom. Then I noticed how ironic it was that Dusknoir had Gravity in its moveset. Take a Dusknoir, in fact, I think a Dusclops will do, to Pastoria and give the Move Tutor a Heart Scale. IT CAN LEARN GRAVITY. I know Dusknoir has Pressure and not Levitate, but I thought it would make more sense if it had Levitate. It floats, after all.

Sorry this chapter was so short, by the way. -sadness-