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The rain poured down in sheets as Harry stared out the window forlornly. "Harry! Please don't say you're sitting up there and moping." came Hermione's voice "Harry," the voice seemed closer "you know Ron will have to get over it someday. Don't let him affect you. He'll accept it soon enough. You know that." Hermione comforted from outside the door.

"I don't know Herms…" Harry began sadly "this IS Draco we're talking about. You know...Malfoy? Bane of his existence?" he sighed. "I really don't know what to do Herms. Give me some time to think about it ok?" Hermione sighed in defeat "Ok Harry. But you can't stay cooped in there forever." She said before walking down to the common room. 'I know Herm. Believe me I know' he thought to himself.

The cool glass pressed against his forehead. He sighed again. He walked to the door and out into the common room, ignoring all the stares. He trudged down the stairs to the entrance hall and pushed the doors open. He walked out into the rain and soon was sitting in the secret alcove beside the lake.

Draco stared out the window while Pansy fussed. "Draco. Don't worry. Blaise will get over it. In no time. If not I'll just blackmail him. Please Draco… I can't stand to see you so sad." Pansy pleaded. Unknown to the school, Pansy and Draco were really just childhood friends. Best friends. "Ok Pans. I promise to be nice and normal and ignore Blaise for the next 2 days" Pansy smiled and patted his arm "now there's my Draco" she cooed. Draco just laughed. He looked out the window and spotted a mop of black hair making its way to the lake. "Pans. I'm going for a walk" she looked at him startled "in this weather darling?" she asked peering out the window "you'll get… oh… ok then. Don't get too wet" she warned. Draco smiled "thanks Pans" was all he said before rushing out. Pansy smiled. At least Draco was happy.

Harry heard footsteps coming towards the alcove. He didn't move. No one knew about it except him and Draco anyway. Suddenly, a blonde head popped in. "hey" was all it said before plopping down next to Harry. Harry smiled. "Hey dragon" Draco grinned at him. "What do you say we just stay here for the rest of the day?" he asked pulling Harry into his lap. Harry closed his eyes contentedly, leaning into Draco "that would be perfect."

All they needed was a few moments of happiness and each other to have the courage to face the rest of the world.