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Chapter One

Joey was laying on the bed trying to sleep, and all of a sudden he sat up and his heart was pounding like it would jump right out of his chest. When he was asleep, visions of people came to him and he didn't know who they were but something told him that he knew who they were. They were trying to talk to him but he couldn't understand what they were saying. He has had the same dream for the last two years and he always would end up crying because he wanted to remember but couldn't. You see Joey has been missing for the past eight years and no one could find out where he went or why.

All of a sudden the big door opened and in walk the man who always told Joey that it was time to go perform and earn the boss some money. You see, Joey was forced into a life of male prostitution because his drunken father had made a deal with the man that many called "Diablo" meaning "Devil." This man had given Joey's father a large sum of money for booze and drugs and when he couldn't pay him back he was killed and Joey was taken away to work off his fathers debt, which was probably paid off a few years ago but Joey was one of the best male prostitutes around.

All of his friends have been searching for him including Seto Kaiba, he and Joey were having feeling for each other right before he ended up missing. Seto had used every means trying to find Joey and still no one knew where he was. If they had known that even if they found him he probably wouldn't even know them because of the drugs he takes to make him forget what horrible things he is forced to do.

One man who used Joey more then the others was a man Joey called "Mr. Norman." Though that wasn't his real name, he had to protect himself from others finding out that he was gay and was paying prostitutes to do sexual things for him. He was the only one that wasn't physically mean to Joey. Some of the men would beat him till he was nearly dead just to get their rocks off, and when that would happen Joey had to be hospitalized for several weeks. During those times, Joey prayed for death because he didn't want to go on anymore. What was he to do? And who were those people that came to him in his dreams? Did they have anything to do with his past, and what was his past? God, why couldn't he just go to sleep and never wake up?

Back in Domino, it was getting harder and harder for his friends to believe that he could still be alive. Seto didn't want to give up hope and if it weren't for his younger brother Mokuba he might have long ago. Mokuba told his brother "when you love someone then deep inside you'd know if that person was dead or not. Do you feel that Joey is dead or not?" Seto smiled at him and he said "I know deep inside that somewhere Joey is still alive but in need of our help and I will not give up till I find him and bring him home."

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