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"Harry! Where are my pants?"

"What did you say Draco? I can't hear you!"

"I said: Where are my pants?"

"They're still behind the door, where you left then last night!"

"Harry! They're not there! They were my favourite pair too!"


"Look Draco. I was too preoccupied last night to notice where you put your pants. You made sure of that."


"I know. I really am great at kissing aren't I?"

"oh shut up. Your ego is big enough as it is. I clearly remember someone going 'oh harry! More please!! Stop teasing! I can't take it anymore!'"

"I am willing to admit that my boyfriend gives fantastic blowjobs thank you."




"are you wearing my pants under yours again?"

"what? No!"

"oh I think you are"

"don't even think about it..DRACO!"



"I knew it! What do you have to say now?"




"if you don't tell me why you keep wearing my pants I'm ignoring you for a week!"

"okok!! I'll tell!"

"so why?"

"because you look so damn hot in only your shirt and boxers"


Turns red

"and there is no other way for you to get your pants unless you take them off me"

"you and your sick mind"


Draco smashed his lips against harry's

"I like it"

"I'll remember to do it more often then"

Was all that was said before their lips met in a passionate kiss.