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Prologue: Don't Die

"My Lord, we have injected the DNA into the body," said a voice in the darkness.

The girl lying on the examination table tried to open her eyes. Her head pounded and her whole body ached. She turned her head slightly and saw needles jabbed into her limbs, carrying strange fluids into her bloodstream. Jars holding glowing liquid surrounded ghastly items and the luminous screen of a large computer bathed the room in an abnormal green light.

"Good," replied a cold, raspy voice that was somehow reptilian. "What clan was she in?"

"The Yamanaka Clan, my Lord," replied the first man, "which means she can manipulate the minds of her enemies."

"Will it work?" asked the snake-like voice.

"It's too soon to tell. She might die before we know for sure."

Die? She wasn't ready to die yet. She had barely lived.

"That was why we killed the first one. This is your last chance, Kabuto-san."

"I understand, my Lord."

The second man left the room and the man called Kabuto approached the table. The girl looked at him. "Am I going to die?"

"Yamanaka-san," said Kabuto softly. He adjusted his glasses. "You're awake." He examined the monitors that surrounded her. "No…you're not going to die just yet. We need you, so stay alive, okay?" He flashed a smile at her.

"Yamanka-san…"murmured the girl. "You call me that…but is it my name?"

A thoughtful expression appeared on his face. "Yes, you are Yamanaka Ino."

She struggled with the words as sleep overcame her. "That's…good to…know…" She succumbed to the darkness of her mind and Kabuto left the room.

"Yamanaka-san," said a voice gently. "You must wake up."

Her eyelids fluttered opened. Though it was morning, no light spilled into the room. It was dark as ever. "K-Kabuto?"

"So you did hear us last night," he speculated, more for himself than her. He pulled out the needles gently and brushed a cotton swab over the openings. The belts that restrained her body to the table were released and he helped her sit up. "You must come with me."

"Where are we going?" She followed him out of the room. The hallways were dark and underground, the dirt being the floor and the walls.

"Outside. You need some fresh air."

He smiled at her. "You'll like it." They climbed up some stairs and took a few more turns. Finally, they reached a red door and went outside.

The light shocked Ino. After being in the darkness for so long, the sun beams hit her like cold water. The greenness of the yard stunned her, as did the numerous flowers that decked the ground and wrapped up against the wall.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" commented Kabuto. She remained silent. "It's Lord Orochimaru's own personal garden. He's not as inhumane as everyone thinks. Beauty appeals to him, too."

Ino walked over to some irises and plucked one. "How long do I get to stay here?"

"You'll get an hour to yourself each day, but in return, I need your full cooperation, and you must agree to train. Do I have your consent, Yamanaka-san?"

"If I don't agree, would I have to go back to that room forever?"

"I believe that is what the Lord would say, yes."

"I agree then."

"Perfect," said Kabuto. "Remember, we need you, so don't die."

She looked down at the flower in her hand. "I won't."