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Late at night, the wind blew something foreign into the wilds of Africa: Dandelion petals, pollen and flower. Now this plant is native to Europe and Asia, and has spread to many other places, but more commonly seen in North America. That's why it seems odd that the wind would be blowing a new sort of plant into another continent.

And right over to a large and familiar baobab tree in the middle of the grasslands.

A bluish furry hand grabs some of the plant. It was an old mandrill with a distinctively crested head and a much longer tail. This was Rafiki, shaman of the Pridelands. For many nights now he has had some mysterious dreams. And he was trying his best to figure out what these dreams mean, tonight, he received a clue for the meaning of these dreams.

He sniffed the dandelion and examined it curiously. Next, he goes back into his home and placed the dandelion into his armadillo shell bowl.

Then something odd happens: the wind blew once more, this time smearing the paintings. And a message spoke out to him. Rafiki looked closely. It is a sign of things to come... another band of comrades for the Enchanted Ones of Etherea.

"So...there are other friends to aid the Guardians in their quest?" Rafiki wondered. He looks at the edge of one of the paintings. There is a drawing of five children. Rafiki then said to the wind, "A large pride of children you say, Mufasa? Hmmm...where could this has come from, Oracle?" A small breeze later, Rafiki's eye widen with surprise and looked out into the distance. "It's coming...from one of the New worlds."

Could Mufasa and the Oracle's message be a prophecy... or a bad augury? And what does this large pride of children have to do with the Enchanted Ones?

(AN: Couldn't resist, I thought the Charmed theme would go perfectly for this fic's opening theme. And the fact that my fic have a few elements to the series too.)

A series of blue letters appear and disappear quickly over a fast forwarded montage of places and objects: A great big oak tree, Odaiba, San Francisco's Chinatown, A gigantic tree house, Peach Creek, Magix, A chinese temple, Camp kidney, The pride lands, etc. Until the letters finally form these words.

"Magic Quest"


I am the son

"Ben Diskin"

"Lauren Tom"

"Dee Bradley Baker"

"Rob Paulsen"

"Tom Kenny"

"Cree Summer"

"Maurice LaMarche"

"Michelle Nicastro as Kylie"

We see a pale, thirteen year old girl with long, straight blonde hair and azure eyes in a turquoise turtleneck turn red roses into white ones.

"Olivia Hack as Yui"

Cut to a girl with shoulder length wheat-colored curls and brown eyes in a yellow and white skirt shirt and blue skirt flicks her wrist. At once, a yellow spark lights her way up the stairs through the shadows.

I am the heir

"Chiara Zanni as Theo"

Another girl, this one with long scruffy black hair and hazel-brown eyes in a rapper outfit guides fire from the chimney to some candles as if she were an orchestra conductor.

"Stacey DePass as Zaira"

Quick cut to another girl with short black hair and a stern expression wearing a black jacket and pants zaps purple electricity from her hands.

I am human

"Anndi McAfee as Dana"

Next, a little girl with flaxen hair and green eyes wearing a lilac dress and purple legwarmers turns invisible briefly to jump on her father from behind.

"Tiffany Christun as Sara"

A girl with long pink hair and turquoise eyes guides water from the faucet into a vase filled with flowers. She was wearing a yellow sweatshirt, blue jeans, brown suspenders.

And I need to be loved

"Alexandra Carter as Haruna"

A girl with cerulean eyes, magenta hair and long bangs in a Japanese school uniform rapidly makes roots sprout from further corners of a room.

"Liza Jacqueline as Beth"

Last of all, a tomboy with short, blood red hair and large blue eyes dressed in an azure sweater, pink tank top and blue jeans stops a an athame in midair.

Just like

Everybody else does


"Robert Gulliame"

"Brian Donovan"

"Carl Stevens"

"Matthew Broderick"

"Moira Kelly"

"Jennifer Lien"

"Nathan Lane"

"Ernie Sabella"

"Whoopi Goldberg"

"Cheech Marin"

"Jim Cummings"

"Wayne Knight"

See I've already waited too long

And all my hope is gone

"Created by Whiteling and Energywitch"

"Executive producer Whiteling"

Finally it shows Beth closing the hatch to the Lion's den with her telekinetic power.

Operation W.I.T.C.H.

Every few years, the powers of the elements would cose worthy hosts to reside in for all eternity, therefore, that living being would become a Guardian of the Veil. And so as it is, their eternal gifts would not only be those of their respective element but the respect and friendship of the animal kingdom.

For thousands of years, each coming generation of Guardians would grow stronger and stronger, culminating in the arrival of eight girls - the strongest the Universe had ever seen; the eight girls would form the Ethereal Guardians, the most powerful magical force ever.

And it came to be with eight young girls; Beth, Kylie and Dana Pantheon, Sara Goodman, Zaira Baker, Haruna Kisaragi, Theo Schaffer, and Yui Kasuga.

They discovered what they were one year ago. They became the E the day after the strange events one Halloween night. While Zaira was a little stressed out by how these newfound powers (and responsibility) will change their lives, Dana, Kylie, and Theo were excited by the prospect, leaving Beth, Sara, Haruna and Yui completely curious.

The tomboyish and adventurous Beth had been given control of an extra-special power with the heart of Candracar's twin orb - the Heart of Etherea.

It was the Guardians' job to make sure that no evil (human or non-human) crossed the portals found within the Veil. Winter solstice had weakened the Veil to a great degree. Corrupted humans, creatures of every shape, size and form were able to travel through the Veil, by way of portals, which are like cosmic tunnels. And so far, they were doing a pretty good job of protecting earth.

Over the course of the year, the girls had vanquished numerous evil creatures as they learned more about their magical heritage. Their powers also grew much stronger. By then, Beth is able to manifest her power or pure energy into shields and useful shapes, Haruna becomes an empath, Zaira obtains the power of premonition, Theo acquires mind influence, Sara astral projection, Yui gets the power of levitation, Kylie gets transfiguration and Dana achieves invisibility.

Little do they know that their newfound powers mean that they are now prey to other evil forces as well. . . .

Saturday. Which was a big relief, as Zaira didn't have to dash to school. Now if only she could enjoy herself as much as everyone else. For she had gone downtown for a stroll only to nearly run into the Populars, much to her chagrin. Now she was trying to evade them; she didn't want to end her day feeling bitter. Finally she turned a corner and into an alleyway.

She scoffs silently, leans on the wall, but her arm goes through it.

"Huh?" Zaira turned around to see that her arm looked as if it were going through some tiny blue and grey vortex.

Curious, she swirls her hand around. "Weird, look's like something out of that Twilight Zone show from the 80's."

Being a Guardian of the Veil for five whole months had already told Zaira not jump into supernatural portals without thinking things through. But soon she hears some horribly familiar voices speaking around the corner...

"Did you see what she was wearing?"

"Totally gross!"

And Zaira will have none of it.

"Urgh!" she growled, "No way, I'm not gonna let a group of sleazeballs criticize everything about me. I'll take my chances in the mystery vortex!"

So she goes into it.

Much to her surprise, it was as simple as walking through a door. Zaira then blinked. Why, this isn't some new world at all! It was a place covered with grass and trees, and regular houses with garages, cars and backyards- just like those suburban American homes. And Zaira had emerged from an old garden shed by a gigantic yew tree.

"Alright," Zaira said, looking around in bewilderment. "Maybe I took a wrong turn and ended up in the US."

She took a few halting steps forward. The grass was flattened beneath her black boots. Zaira looked up at some leaves dangling from a branch above her head. They were shimmering a gentle breeze, just getting ready to break free and fall to the ground.

Her curiosity grew, should she venture further? Is she walking into a trap? Whether she should or not, Zaira found herself walking out into the peaceful street to explore this unknown neighborhood.

After an hour of venturing around, Zaira was in the park just contemplating her surroundings. This place was definitely much different than Tokyo: In Japan you've got the sophisticated modern, trendy attractions, and the traditional cultural life, with unique customs from the old days in history.

Even the suburbs there differed from the American ones. But she couldn't help feel something was amiss.

Sure enough because her being distracted, something small hits the back of her head.

"OW!" Zaira yelped, catching whatever hit her with one hand.

Imagine her surprise when she saw it was just a little golfball. What the?


Zaira spun around. A bony dork with square glasses and golf clothing stood glowering at her.

"I believe that is an official Puttkin miniature golfball that you're holding in your clammy little hands. Only true champions like myself may posses it, so gimme!" He rudely snatched the golf ball from Zaira.

An exasperated Zaira rolled her violet eyes, if there was one thing she can't stand is morons that think they're all that.

"Fine, I prefer being with strangers than listen to your screechy voice all day." she said icily.

The pompous golfer wasn't happy with Zaira's snide remark as he gave her a really ugly look. But the semi Goth couldn't care less, she just turned on her heel and walked away.

Three o' clock in the afternoon. Three whole hours since she crossed the portal to this new neighborhood. But Zaira was still miffed. In fact she was clenching her fists so hard her purple painted nails were biting into her skin. Thatmade Zaira catch her breath.

I've got to calm down! She thought. What am I so stressed about? I definitely will get these new powers down. I just have to look at it as a challenge.

The thought brought a grim little smile to Zaira's face. But it didn't succeed in making her shoulder's relax or her jaw unclench.

Winning a magic contest isn't going to make me feel better. Yet even as she resented her new abilities, Zaira knew they weren't completely true.

Truth was, having special powers that nobody else (apart from the other guardians that is) was actually kind of fun.

So, what's the big deal?

It was the very fact that Zaira hated being lied to, betrayed or kept in the dark about something she should've known from the very beginning. That's why she preferred honest people over shallow weirdoes. If she was going to do this saving the world thing right, she's got know more than what she's been told.

As she crossed the street still lost in thought, a black limo almost hit her.

Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest but she calmed down long enough to catch her breath.

That did it! She SO had it with things nearly hitting her or someone bugging her all day! First, she had to ditch the Plastic hags in this place she doesn't know about, next some rude moron hits her with his golfball but doesn't bother to apologize, that ice cream truck that passed her even though she made obvious signs for it to stop and now this!

"Look where you're going, jerk!" Zaira blurted out angrily as she kicked the bumper. Then she notices the sun is beginning to set. Not wanting to come home after dark, she ran, this time back to the old garden shed.

If she had been calmer, she would've realized that a few small, purple electric sparks sputtered around her head when she shouted.

If she wasn't so worried about getting home, she would've looked back to see the passenger in the dark limousine lower the window. What's more, she would've noticed that it looked more like the black, shadowy silhouette of a man with fiery yellow eyes and smoking a pipe that now happened to watch her with a shrewd and calculating gaze.

Unfortunately, Zaira was too concerned about not letting her father set up missing posters all over Odaiba to notice.

And Zaira just had no idea that with that simple incident, she had just marked the beginning of another epic adventure. One that will help the Enchanted Ones understand children better and right as the wrong many adults do to them out of spite or intolerance.

Their eyes will be opened in time. . .