Master Hand sighed as he stared out into to open black vessel of space. "Crazy Hand...I don't suppose how this could come at such a time..."

"Why?" Crazy Hand asked, starting to meditate so that he could be like the other Hands.

Master Hand floated, being silent for several seconds. "Crazy, you and I have been members of the Council of Hands for a long time...hearing Nethal Hand killed brings depression to my thought, and suspicion of what would happen afterwards..."

"Well, Magic Hand and Corniel Hand seemed so okay with it," Crazy Hand stated.

Master Hand turned around to face Crazy Hand. "Well, Crazy Hand, Magic Hand is the leader of the Council of Hands, and Corniel Hand is the great advisor. I don't see how you could think they would react terribly."

Suddenly, small, purple blobs flew overhead Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

Crazy Hand gasped. "M-Master Hand! T-The blobs! The ones who attacked Nethal Hand...!"

Master Hand watched the purple blobs fly over into the dark abyss. "...It seems to be nothbing, Crazy Hand." He comforted his younger brother, "How about we go take a short nap in the meanti-"

"MASTER HAND!!!! CRAZY HAND!!!!" Light Hand shouted, puffing as he stopped in front of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. "The blobs...they attacked and killed Heimer Hand!"

Crazy Hand gasped even more. "Not Heimer Hand! He was the wisest of us all!"

Master Hand didn't say anything. Instead of gasping in horror like Crazy Hand, he asked Light Hand, "Listen, where are those blobs now?"

Light Hand gulped, pointing into the northern direction. "Well...after attacking Heimer Hand, they all lfed North. I'm sure that's where they come from."

Master Hand nodded. "Good." He turned to Crazy Hand. "Crazy Hand, you and Light Hand go inform the other Hands that I'm following the blobs."

Both Crazy Hand and Light Hand gasped in horror.

"But...Master Hand!" Crazy Hand exclaimed, tugging Master Hand, "What if you get killed?"

"And besides!" Light Hand added, also tugging Master Hand, "I don't think you have much of a chance to stand up to them."

Master Hand shrugged both Crazy Hand and Light Hand off. "Relax! If there's one thing I can do, it's recover easily. Now..." He looked at Light Hand. "The blobs came from the North, right?"

Light Hand nodded, nervously. "Erm...yes..." He said in a worried tone.

Master Hand sighed. "Very well, then. I'll be back as soon as possible." He then started blasting through into the northern direction.

Crazy Hand looked at Light Hand. "What do you think will happen to Master Hand?" He asked, gulping.

Light Hand shook his head. "I don't know, Crazy hand..." He said in a worried tone, "I just don't know..."