The small family had just finished their grocery shopping for the week and where on their way back to their small home in the 439 mountain area. It had been an uneventful day so far for the young Ox princess Chi-Chi and her husband the World Martial Arts Champion Son Goku. In fact it was strange that nothing had happened yet as trouble seemed to follow Goku where ever he went. Even there 2 month old son didn't make a noise while shopping. Chi-Chi was not concerned that Gohan was quite the whole time of shopping as he was a good baby and only really made any noise when he was hungry. Chi-Chi was concerned for her husband Goku. What had made her so concerned was that he didn't try to escape to martial arts training during shopping, though that could have been from the threat of getting hit by the frying pan and no food for a month, also Goku didn't beg for food the whole time and when they actually had lunch Goku only had 5 bowls of rice and anyone who knows Goku would be concerned about that. She looked over at him while he was driving. He looked pale and as if he was having trouble to breath. Chi-Chi could feel her husband's pain when she looked over at him "Goku are you alright" Chi-Chi asked her husband. Just as Chi-Chi asked her question to Goku he passed out.