The small family had just finished their grocery shopping for the week and were on their way back to their small home in the 439 mountain area. It had been an uneventful day so far for the young Ox Princess Chi Chi and her husband the World Martial Arts Champion Son Goku. In fact, it was strange that nothing had happened yet as trouble seemed to follow Goku where ever he went. Even their two month old son didn't make a noise while shopping.

Having nothing happen actually made Chi-Chi a little concerned. She was not concerned that that Gohan was quiet the whole day. He was a good baby and only really made any noise when he was hungry. Chi Chi was concerned for her husband, Goku. Generally during a shopping day he would try to escape to martial arts training. Not today however. Today he'd been rather quiet.

Normally Chi Chi would have to deal with Goku complaining about being hungry. When they did stop for lunch he only ate five bowls of rice. Anyone who knew Goku would know that wasn't normal. Goku was always hungry. It was very rare that he was fully satisfied when he ate. Chi Chi usually had to threaten Goku with her frying pan several times a shopping trip.

She glanced towards him while he drove. Maybe letting him drive home hadn't been a good idea. He was looking pale and his breathing was quick and short like he was having trouble to breathe. She felt her heart clench in mild panic. This was not like Goku at all.

"Goku, sweety. I think you should pull over so I can drive." Chi Chi said to him with concern.

Goku didn't respond to her question.

"Goku, are you alright?" She asked firmly.

He didn't look in her direction at all, slumping over the steering wheel. His foot pressing all the way down on the accelerator causing the car to speed up.

"Goku!" Chi Chi screamed as the car flew off the road towards a tree.

Edited 1st July 2016