Chapter Fifty-Five: End of an Era

All the exams where over, results were in and it was time for school graduations. Gohan had done very well on his exams and had managed to not only place number one in the entire school but was also number one on the state and national exams.

"I don't know what was worse the finals or University entrance exam." Sharpener complained.

"I thought they were all easy." Gohan replied.

"I thought it was funny when you fell asleep during exams not long after they started." Erasa started laughing at the memory while she was trying to tell her story. "And the people had no idea who you where thought you where some idiot who saw how hard the exam was and gave up before even trying or either was forced to come by your parents and had no interest in getting into school. The look on those students faces when you got accepted as well as getting a 100% on the exams."

The friends all had a quick laugh together.

"Vegeta insisted that I continue my training right through exam period. I was so tried I used every opportunity I could to sleep." Gohan told them, even though they already knew.

"Have you decided on a school and what you're going to do yet?"

"I'm going to medical school to study to be a doctor. I've always liked helping people." Gohan replied. "Though a part of me is tempted to take a year off before I begin studying so I can work on properly controlling my great ape form."

"I wanted to be a nurse but didn't get the grades I needed so just going to do some basic courses at community college I was accepted into and decided what to do after I try a few things.

"I'm being trained to become a full time police officer with Videl" Sharpener replied.

"I can't believe we are graduating today." Erasa complained.

Gohan waved to Dende who was with his own friends.

"What's Dende going to do after school?" Videl asked with concern. "He didn't apply for any collages and on his papers he wrote successor to my parents business. But never said what that was."

"How do you even know that?" Sharpener asked. "It's not like you're the class rep."

"Even though I'm not the teachers have always treated me just like I was" Videl sighed.

"Dende's going to become full time Guardian of the planet again." Gohan replied. "Just tell the teachers his parents run a nursing home or a day care or something like that."


Before the teenagers knew it graduation ceremony was finally upon them. Looking amongst the crowd Gohan could see his mother, Yamcha with Compass, Piccolo, Tien and Launch.

"How is it that you managed to get both parents and your step father here?" one kid complained to Sharpener. "I had to choose between having my dad or my step-mum attend."

"If I had a choice the old man wouldn't be here" Sharpener complained. "Mum invited him to be polite and he accepted.

"Then how?"

"Yamcha's my dad, that's why he's here today" Gohan replied with a smile. "Plus it made it easier that my step dad didn't want to come so I didn't have to choose." It felt so good to be able to call the other man his father.

"Why's Piccolo here?" Erasa asked after the other student left.

"He's here as Dende's father. I'm actually surprised that he turned up today but he said something about Dende would be upset if he was the only one that didn't have a parent."

Students and parents were seated, Videl made a speech for their graduating class, diplomas where handed out and after that they where no longer students and the high school chapter of their lives was over.

"I can't believe how fast you grew up, it seems like only yesterday that you where asking grandma to make breakfast for you and now you're an independent adult who will do everything for himself." Bulma cried to herself. "I can't believe how fast you grew up."

"Mum, that was only this morning that I asked grandma to make breakfast for me, yesterday I made breakfast myself." Gohan replied. "And that was only because when I told her there was nothing I needed done, she started to cry and say that she was useless so I asked her to make breakfast. Besides I will still be living at home for a while longer while I attend University."

"So not going to live with the girlfriend right after school." Yamcha teased Gohan. "That's what Bulma and I did."

"Yamcha, what did I tell you about those comments in front of the children." Compass scolded her husband.

"That's not right Yamcha, we were living together when we were still in high school." Bulma told her ex-boyfriend.

Compass just gave Bulma a look for continuing the discussion she didn't approve of in front of her son.

"Videl and I and are going to keep things as they are for now, we don't need to rush into anything or do anything drastic." Gohan replied to his parents.


Meanwhile in the other world

"No you're meant to get married right now and have a baby as soon as possible after marriage" Chi-Chi was complaining. "I want to be a grandmother. Bulma, you're the worst mother ever, you've raised him all wrong he doesn't want to get married and going to live a sinful life without children."

"Chi, you're over reacting. He said he's not ready yet, that doesn't mean never." Goku reasoned attempting to calm his wife.