Chapter Fifty-Six: Break Through

Gohan was enjoying his time off school, he had decided to take a year off study and was supported by his mother and Vegeta in the decision he'd made. For Vegeta it meant they could that he had more time for training around attending to his duty as the Crowned Prince, and continuing to work with his mother and grandfather. He'd also made the decision to hand his department over to one of the young guys who'd been working with him since the beginning and knew that it would do well in his hands. The best part about his decision was he got to spend more time with Videl after she'd finished training, and getting to know each other better.

His girlfriend was finding her study to become a police officer easy from her years of helping the police force while in high school. On the other hand Sharpener who'd got into the same course found the physical side of police training easy but struggled a bit more with the policies he had to remember. Erasa was enjoying more of the social life of collage then the academic side, but made sure that she did well enough in classes to pass so she could get a decent job when she had easily fallen back into the role of fulltime guardian. Piccolo was glad he could take a break from the position had been training with Gohan and Vegeta on a regular basis again. The Kais had been impressed with the work Piccolo had done as temporary Guardian and Dende's getting to know the ways of the world and live amongst the people he protected.


"After you finish your training to control your Oozura form we're going to the Saiyan Planet which Tarble's been living on." Vegeta told his stepson. "I want to see for myself what its like."

"What about mum and the boys?" and Videl he thought to himself.

"They'll be staying here. We'll travel by space ship which will take three months travelling non-stop. Our trip will take longer because I need to check on the former Cold Army and make sure they're still behaving themselves.

Gohan nodded; as much as he was going to miss Videl and the rest of his family while he was travelling he was really looking forward to the trip through space. It had been a long time since he was last in space.

Since he wanted to go to University next year he now had a timeframe set in mind for mastering his transformation, the trip was likely to take three months minimum if they travelled their and used instant transmission to return home, but he was certain his step father had different plans in mind for the length of the trip and assumed that it would take closer to eight months, which only gave him two weeks to master the oozura form.


With a set plan in mind and the determination to succeed he managed to master the transformation, it had taken a little longer than planned. In order to test his control he and his mother made robotic replicas of their family and Videl. In the oozura state without control he would've killed his family in seconds; it was too dangerous to have his family to check his control initially. With the first lot of robots he'd destroyed everyone bar the replicas of his mother and Videl. He'd felt devastated that he'd destroyed the look a likes of his siblings and the rest of the family.

"It's very good progress." Vegeta pointed out to him and encouraged him. "Some saiyans never gain control over the form. The fact that you recognise your girlfriend shows just how important she is to you, and I suspect that you never would've hurt your mother even if you'd transformed as I child by accident."

"But what about the boys and Fruiche?" he asked angrily. "Why don't I love them and care for them enough to recognise them."

"You're animal instincts recognise them as threats due to their saiyan blood or subconsciously think they're trying to steal your woman or your mother."

"But she's their mother as well"

"Yes, but Fruiche and Goten aren't her biological children. They've come along and you now have to share your mother with them. And Trunks is her biological child and you're not, even though you don't realise it a part of you is threatened by him, subconsciously you believe that your mother may love him more then she loved you."

Vegeta then went on explaining how the saiuyans subconscious mind worked in regards to his ape form and he began new exercises of working with the robot look a likes. Sometimes he's have everyone, other times he'd have just one robot, and other times he'd have just his siblings replicas. It was slow progress and he destroyed many of the robots but it was working. The first one's that he stopped destroying was of the boys, Trunks and Goten. The next one was Yamcha followed close after by his grandparents. He was left with still destroying his step father and step sister.

"Why am I still destroying you when I'm not hurting anyone else from the family?" Gohan asked with confusion. He'd accepted them both as family a long time ago, he loved them both and cared for them deeply and yet he still was destroying them. They'd started bringing in look replicas of friends and strangers but he didn't even destroy them anymore.

"Think about it, before Fruiche and I came along it was just you; you're mother and that pathetic weak worm you call father." Gohan glared at Vegeta with the way he spoke about Yamcha, but he knew that Vegeta didn't have a problem with his father. "We threaten you for two reasons, the first you have to share your mother with us and the second is we're both saiyans and so are you. The desire for a challenging fight and to be supreme over us runs deep, it's instinct and it takes a lot of control to fight those desires. You need to understand you're saiyan desires and accept them, not just push them away in favour of your human desires.


It took another two weeks of constant training by the time he was finally able to control himself in his oozura form, it was just like everything in his mind clicked into place, that this was a part of who he was, not something that ruled over his mind. Talking with Vegeta had really helped, he ended up being past the date he wanted for his schedule but if everything in space went well he could still be back before university started so he could spend some more time with Videl.


"I'm going to miss you" Videl whispered to Gohan as he was preparing to leave. The teenagers had been left alone to say goodbye. Gohan holding onto Videls hand and not wanting to let go, he wanted her to come with him but knew that she couldn't. She had a life here on Earth and was training to be a police officer, her dream for many years and he wouldn't take her away from her dreams just like she wouldn't take him away from his.

"I'll miss you as well" Videl whispered back pulling him into a hug. He never wanted to let her go. He looked down into her eyes, it was heart breaking to see them filled with tears and his own vision blurred filling with tears of his own. He leant down to kiss her goodbye neither teenager caring about the fact his parents and brothers where watching. The both blocked out everything around them, it felt as if the only people in the world where each other. Enjoying the last moments they had together.

Vegeta was stamping his foot impatiently, everything was ready to get and yet the boy insisted on sucking the face off of his girl. That wasn't the type of behaviour that a saiyan showed in public, that type of behaviour was kept for the bedroom or mating rituals.

"Just let them be" Bulma scolded her husband. "It's going to be the last time they see each other for a long while. In fact you should be saying goodbye to me in the same fashion."

"You got you're goodbye this morning" he snapped. The look his wife gave him was enough to have him give in and gave her a small peck.

"It's contagious" Trunks screamed out. "Run before we catch it as well"

Trunks grabbed his younger brother's hands and darted through the window, pulling the complaining boy away. "Trunks I want to watch the space ship leave."

The screaming boys bough the blushing teens out of there world, the look Bulma was giving and the comments she was making embarrassing them for their public display. "With the way you two where acting I was thinking I would become a grandmother before we could get you to separate."

He gave his mother and Yamcha one last hug before he followed Vegeta onto the space craft. As much as he would miss Videl, he was still looking forward to this trip to space.

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