Troy and his Dad

It may sound a little weird because I'm not good at beginnings.

Summary: Troy is changing in the locker room when he get erect, what will happen after this sudden incident.

"Good practice guys, very good. Now hit the showers" says Mr. Bolton at the end of basketball practice.

The guys get into the showers. When done they go to their lockers to get changed. When there something happens. Troy turns around from facing his locker in just his boxers and to what he doesn't notice, he has a tent in them. "Woah Troy, what happened" says Chad. "What are you talking about?" Chad points down to the floor and Troy looks. "Gasp" Troy notices this and gets completely embarrassed. He quickly get dressed and runs to his dad to head home. Little did he know, or did anyone else know what was going to happen that night.

That night Troy gets into the shower and he suddenly thinks of Chad, naked no less. Troy starts to jack off to it. He moans and moans until finally he cums all over the shower. "Oh shit" he says, I just jacked off to Chad. This is not happening!" but it did. That night, he starts to say no get these thoughts out of my head. He screams at the top of his lungs "I'M NOT GAY!!!"