Masterpiece of the Enigma


Disclaimer: I own nothing but my OC Caria Swatson. Everything and everyone else belongs to WWE. Jamie Valentine and Dameon Batista are property of themselves.

Genre: Romance/General

Pairings: JeffCaria, PhilJamie, DaveDame

Chapter One: To My Baby Girl

Reds. Blues. Pinks and purples. Along with those colors, more were added together. He tried to make it look absolutly PERFECT. Especially since it was her special day, he put everything that he had into it. Especially his love. It spent him a day to make and he hoped that it would be just right.

"Do you think she'll like it?" Jeff Hardy asked the elder man next to him.

John Cena nodded "Deffinetly man."

Jeff finally got done with the finishing touches. "There. Now only to give it to her."

"It's beautiful Jeff, she'll love it." John put a hand on his shoulder.


Caria was growing impatient. It felt like they have been walking forever and it was frusting going places with her sister covering her eyes. "Amy, WHERE are we going already?"

"Chill out geek, we're almost there." Amy Swatson, her elder sister laughed.

It was Caria's 24th birthday. Amy and the gang set up a party for her in the arena lounge. They travelled down the hall ways of the arena in Pittsburgh. As soon as they got to one of the doors, Amy let go and allowed Caria to see.

"Go ahead, open the door." Amy told her. Stepping into the entrance of the lounge, darkness filled in the room. Caria flicked on the switched and all of her friends popped out.


Caria jumped up from shock. "OH F--HEY! Ohmigosh this is so amazing!"

Her best friends Jamie Valentine and Dameon Batista came over to her and glomped Caria at the same time with hugs.

"Happy birthday Caria!!" Jamie giggled.

"Yeah happy 24th." Dameon smiled.

Caria hugged them both back and smiled. "I can't believe you all threw me a surprise birthday party! Ha-ha! Thank you all so much!"

After they were done, Jeff came over to Caria, hugged her and kissed her sweetly on the lips. "Happy birthday baby."

Caria returned his kisses. "Thanks hun."

"So what do you wanna do first? Eat cake or open presents?" her older brother Brooklyn asked.

"I think I'll eat cake first." Caria decided.

So after food and some conversations with everyone, Caria opened her presents.

CM Punk and Jamie got her new jewelery and outfits, John and Amy got her a mp3 player, and Brooklyn got her two t-shirts. One was Van Halen and the other was Megadeth.

She finished opening Batista and Dameon's.

Caria gasped. "A new bag! Oh guys I love it!"

Dameon chuckled. "Well, I figured you think it was cute. And it was red -- your favorite color so we just HAD to get it."

"Aw well I do think it's awesome. Thanks again." Caria said.

"Now it's time for my gift for you." Jeff said.

He kneeled down and picking up the cloth covering the table, Jeff picked up an item underneath it.

It was a esal with a picture painted on it of himself and Caria together. The background was diffrent pastals and there was every detail you could of think in the two of them.

Caria was in awe. "Jeff... it's incredible."

Jeff smiled. "I was hoping you'd say something like that."