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"He looks so… unhappy," she sighed. The water splashed up against her bare thighs and cooled her. She blinked against the bright sunlight and turned to face her best friend. "Don't you think, Sora?"

Sora glanced up at her. Her pointed finger led his sight over to his other best friend.

He did look unhappy.

Not really… unhappy, more like uncomfortable. As if he was out of place.

His long, silver hair was flowing around his shoulders. It was much too long for an islander. And his pale skin was much too light for the island sun; he could see the pink tinge of sunburn already rising on his shoulders. His aqua eyes couldn't even stand up to the sun's shining light; they were snapped firmly shut.

"He can't stand it here," Sora admitted.

Kairi's hands entered the water, and she splashed around her waist unconsciously. "We need to do something... anything…" Her voice softened as she stared at her hands.

"Let's leave."

Kairi's head whipped up, and her wet hair slapped her in the face.

"Huh?" she asked.

"We have to leave the islands," Sora urged, "We need to go someplace… cooler… not so bright. Someplace… dark."

"Sora… you're going to miss it here-"

"I know I'm going to miss the islands, Kairi," he mumbled, "but so will you."

Kairi tilted her head away in shame. It's true, she would miss the sun and the sand and the sea with all her heart. But that wasn't going to stop her.

"But we're going to leave anyway, right?" she asked tentatively.


"Tonight? Not now?"

"Well, I want you to have one last day on the beach… y'know?" He shrugged his shoulders and ruffled his wet hair with his hand.

"Oh, Sora…" Kairi thrust herself onto him and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. Sora, however, was not ready for that kind of reaction. His arms wobbled behind him as he lost his balance and tumbled right into the water, splashing Kairi.

Her laughter could be heard across the entire beach. She looked up at the shoreline and saw Riku staring pensively down into the sparkling waves. She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled up at him.

"Riku! Come swim with us!" A grin stretched across her face. Sora rose up from the water and shook his hair, tiny droplets of water flinging around him.

"Yeah, come on!" he encouraged, "We still have to dunk Kairi!"

They could see the smile blossoming on Riku's face as he slowly entered the refreshing water. He rose up and shook his glistening hair out of his eyes.

"Did I hear something about dunking?" he laughed. Sora glanced at Kairi and smirked. Her violent eyes widened as she released a high-pitched scream.

She tried her hardest to plow through the water up to the shore, but Sora grabbed her before she could make it anywhere and wrenched her back. Riku chuckled and lifted her out of Sora's grasp for a moment before he threw her into the ocean.

Kairi gasped as she surfaced and looked at her two best friends. She couldn't help but laughing.

Sora and Riku joined in, their chuckles deep and hearty.

The sun would eventually set on their final day of bliss, and then Sora and Kairi would leave everything they had come to know (come to love) behind.

But it was okay.

After all, it was for him.




author's notes: Yay. Sora and Kairi love him just as much as he loves them. And where are they going? Who knows…

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