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One Monday morning, seven-year-old Brian Tanner walked into the kitchen where his parents and older sister were eating breakfast. "Mom, can I bring ALF to school with me for Show and Tell?"

"Sweetie, don't you think people would be just a little suspicious if you walked into school with a 3-foot-tall furry alien?" his mother, Kate, replied.

Brian shook his head. "Not if I say he's a toy."

Before Kate could think of an answer to this, the alien in question entered the room. "Yeah, I could pass for a toy. See how cute and cuddly I am?"

Brian's father, Willie, looked up from his morning paper. "You didn't seem so cuddly when you crashed into our garage!"

"One little navigational error, and you never let me hear the end of it!" ALF said. Willie rolled his eyes. "Look, can I go with the kid, or not?"

"No, ALF, you know you can't be seen! Someone could report you to the Alien Task Force," Kate replied.

"But I never get to to leave the house!" ALF whined. "Besides, I want to see what school is like on Earth."

"I go to school every day," said sixteen-year-old Lynn. "And trust me, you're not missing anything."

ALF could tell he was getting nowhere. "If I go to Brian's school, I won't be here eating and breaking things."

Kate and Willie exchanged a look. Unfortunately, neither one could think of an objection to ALF's statement. Kate sighed. "OK, you can go. But please be careful. Brian, whatever you do, don't let him out of your sight." Brian nodded sincerely and crossed his heart.

"Oh, great, I finally get to go out of the house, and I get stuck with a chaperone," ALF said. Kate and Willie gave him a warning look. "Sorry. Tough crowd. Come on, B, let's go." With that, the boy and his alien left for school, leaving behind two very worried parents.