When they had reached their destination, and Brian and ALF were seated, Mrs. Lyman spoke. "Well, I can certainly see why Joey and Peter said they heard you talking to an alien in the bathroom. I trust you have an explanation."

"Yes. It's a toy," Brian replied, thinking it was best to stick to his original story and hope she believed it.

Mrs. Lyman raised an eyebrow. Whatever the thing was, it didn't look like any toy she'd ever seen before! "Where did this...toy come from?"

Panicked, Brian figured his best option was to play dumb. "I...don't know," he stammered.

"You don't know where you got it?" asked the principal incredulously. She was now even more suspicious, if that were possible.

I could tell you where he came from, but you'd never believe it, Brian thought. Out loud he said, "No...it was a gift."

"I see. So why were you talking to it in the bathroom?"

"I was pretending." Brian replied hesitantly.

"But you understand that he's not real, right? Because we both know aliens only exist in science-fiction movies," said Mrs. Lyman patiently.

Brian caught ALF's eye for a brief second, then said, "I guess so."

This is not a good sign, Mrs. Lyman thought. Seems like he's having trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Brian could tell by the unhappy look on the principal's face that he'd said something terribly wrong. Before he could open his mouth to explain, she said, "I think maybe I should have a talk with your parents."