Author: Mirrordance

Title: For Every Evil 3

Summary: For every evil that rises, we are given ways to fight it. The secrets of the elves are revealed to the modern world, and they are forced to decide whether they should remain in a world unprepared for them, or be the last of their kind to leave it.

Hi Everybody!

I think I'm posting sooner than I should, but you know how experimentation makes me both nervous and excited at the same time. FEE3 is going to be vastly different from FEE's 1 and 2. It actually might be closer to my usual styles, as applied in "Last Stand" and "Love, War--" stories within a story. Which makes it much harder to write, but also much more enjoyable for me. Anyway, just as a reminder, each FEE installment serves a different purpose, which were discussed in the previous posts:

FEE1 was the link between the book/movie verse and the modern times. That's why there were recurring scenes and themes, as well as a whole lot of characters reclaiming their memories. The purpose of FEE1 was to attempt to bridge the understandeble disconnect between Tolkien's universe and this modern one.

FEE2 was my no-holds-barred modern experiment, including a lot of modern attitudes and perspectives, and especially ideals and issues.

FEE3, at least from how it's shaping up so far (I'm far from done), is going to re-link the past and the future. It chronicles the road that led us to where we are in the story (so a ton of flashbacks), and hopefully, to tie it up in a circular way where we have the present, we have the history of the past, and we also have a good knowledge of what will happen in the future. I like tight little endings that take you back to the beginning. Circular journeys to me, are the hardest ones to go through and also the most important ones.

On another matter, from a creative standpoint, you might also find that FEE3 opens up a world of possibilities-- I'll be delving more into this in my usual afterword, much, much later :) In the meantime, this introductory greeting has gone on long enough. I just wanted to give you an overview of what's going on, and hope that you'd still be interested in the tale, haha... I also wanted to thank everyone who supported me throughout the FEE's, and who encouraged me to pursue the 3rd. I can't promise quick and frequent updates, but as always, I can promise to try.

So without further ado (that is, after the re-cap below, haha), I present: For Every Evil 3...

0: Where We Stand

A Brief Summary of For Every Evil 2\

The new world needed help as much as the old world once did, and the reunited Fellowship stepped up to the plate. In their various reincarnated forms, extraordinary times turned these ordinary people from doctors, cops and businessmen into modern-day heroes, in For Every Evil 2, fighting the threat of bioterrorism.

In Los Angeles, Detectives Leland Greene/Legolas and Rafael Montes investigated a series of gang-related murders, only to discover that the cause is a drug-war gone wrong: what the gangs thought to be cheap cache of heroin is actually a cache of weaponized Ebola.

As the disease ravaged the city, Doctor Adrian Aarons/Aragorn's hospital was locked down in a quarantine. As the ill and their doctors fought for life over death, love emerged in the form of a surprisingly willing quarantined woman: a model-slash-actress named Arianne Underhill. The sleeping soul of Arwen Undomiel was stirred within her, when Adrian Aarons treated her ankle after a fashion-shoot mishap with a renegade stiletto.

Elsewhere, in Africa, the same viral strain was battled by Brad Greer / Boromir and the CDC, as it plagued a tiny village near Lake Victoria. He ran into Interpol agents Horace Harding / Haldir and fresh recruit Jimmy Goran / Gimli, as they pursued an international criminal, trying to find out what he was doing with laundered money.

Slowly, events unfolded to reveal that all the heroes were working on the same case: the mistaken drug war in Los Angeles, the locked down hospital, the African outbreak, and the money laundering were all intricately bound together by an extremist group of environmentalists ready and eager to rid the world of a huge chunk of its human parasites.

Harding, Goran and Greer closed in on the culprits, as Greene and Montes searched for a virus-bomb in Los Angeles, and Adrian Aarons fought to live as an infected patient.

The timely arrival of the Peredhils made way for a cure that saved the lives of millions, at the risk of the exposure of elven genes to the boundless curiosity of the modern world.

Eventually, the extremists were captured, the ill received the cure, and Greene and Montes prevented millions more from coming down with the disease when they derailed the virus-bomb. Saving millions of lives, however, came with extreme personal costs for the two detectives: Montes' beloved wife Julianna died anyway, and Greene finally revealed that he was not like everybody else. They lost their friendship, as Montes' grief transformed his curiosity about his mysterious partner into suspicion and, ultimately, a deep distrust.

It is from the strain of salvaging a ruined friendship that For Every Evil 3 begins: Greene and Montes are out on the hardy streets of LA, investigating a lead to an underground murder...