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This is my first Supernatural story and my Supernatural crossover story with Charmed, so… I hope you like!!

Summary: A Charmed/Supernatural crossover. Chris got accepted on full ride scholarship to Stanford and is best friends with Sam Winchester. Everything is normal until Dean, Sam's brother comes to town wanting help to look for their dad and a demon is hunting the streets.

Set in the first season of Supernatural and in the future for Charmed, the good future. Sam doesn't know that Chris is a witch and Chris doesn't know about Sam's extra curricular activities with the Supernatural. Oh, and this starts a few years after Chris got accepted!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Charmed!! It's so unfair!!


Chapter 1

The full moon hung low in the night sky as two figures sauntered out of the campus bar, lost in a drunken haze. The taller man had his arm wrapped around the shorter one and was singing at the top of his lungs.

The shorter man laughed at his friend's off-key voice and stumbled along the uneven street, trying to get back to their dorm rooms. They were local students at Stanford University and were just getting back from a party.

The shorter guy, being the slightly more sober one of the two, stopped when he heard a squeaking sound. The other, being linked to the guy was forced to a stop.

"Hey, what'cha do that for?" he slurred, leaning against the shorter man.

"I think I hear something, Adam" the shorter one said, fear creeping into his voice. Adam straightened slightly and laughed at his friend.

"Don't be such a pussy, Carl" he said, still leaning heavily on the other man. A shiver went up Carl's spine as another squeak echoed in the night.

Adam, too drunk to notice he was in any danger, pulled Carl forward, ready to collapse in his bed after a long night of drinking.

"Come on, I know a shortcut" he said, half slurring. He pulled Carl into the nearest alley way and continued on, not noticing a small group of bats fly down from the top of a building and reform into a man.

Carl started to protest as he stared at the darkened alley way. Out on the street it was still light, being lit from the pale moon and the street lights that lined the road. He felt something bad was going to happen and was suddenly less drunk than before.

"Pussy" Adam reminded him, not stopping.

Carl didn't say anymore as he let himself be pulled along, all his senses on high alert.

Adam started humming his voice breaking the deafening silence that had fallen on the alley. He was about to turn and berate Carl for dragging his feet when they were so close to home but was only allowed a scream as he was pulled away from his friend.

Carl fell sideways from the momentum and stifled a cry as pain shot up his leg from his ankle. He collapsed on the ground and looked back in time to see a giant man wearing a black cape rip apart Adams's throat with his mouth and lean down as if he was going to eat what was left.

Adam's mouth was open in a silent scream and his eyes were wide from fright. Carl looked over at his friend's dead body with a look of horror before looking up to meet his killer.

The man, at least he thought it was a man, was huge. His large shoulders would equal two normal sized men and he was at least three feet taller than Adam. The black cape, that kept most of the guy's features hidden, fluttered in the wind.

The killer looked up for a second before turning back to his meal and Carl could see a black bowlers cap on top of a mop of light sandy hair that hung out of his hat. His eyes were as red as Adams blood that drenched the ground under him, with small circular black pupils. He continued to devour Adam's throat as Carl heard screaming. He didn't' realized it was him screaming until the monster looked at him with his murderous eyes.

The monster craned his neck so his entire attention was on Carl, and the man found himself unable to speak. Fear for what happened to Adam and if it was going to happen to him next, kept him immobilized and suddenly silent.

Un-crouching himself so he was not standing over the dead body of Adam, the monster was on top of him before he could blink. He felt gnarled hands push him down and he closed his eyes, thinking he could feel the razor sharp teeth sink into his neck.

He opened his eyes in shock when the weight from the killer was thrown off him. He saw the killer fly backwards into the air and than do a flip, landing on his feet. He was staring at something past him with a deranged snarl on his face.

Carl found himself wondering how someone so bulky could move that gracefully. He looked back and saw a man standing there, looking at the monster with determination shinning in his eyes.

The monster let loose a low growl and charged at the man. Carl just watched as the man moved to meet the monster head on.

Carl wanted to call out and tell him to run, that he could never beat the monster who had viciously killed Adam. He was amazed when the man kicked the giant and sent him into nearby garbage cans.

The monster snarled and stood up with no difficulty and charged at the man again.

He kicked out again, but the monster was ready catching his foot and spinning him towards the ground. With moves the even Jackie Chan would be jealous of, the man spun and sent punches and kicks at the monster, never allowing any time for the thing to fight back.

Not all were blocked and Carl could see the monsters strength waning. But he was not out. He lashed out and Carl watched as the man winced as a set of claws ripped the smooth skin on his muscular shoulder. He kicked, catching the creature off guard and sent him flying into the wall.

The creature whined and stood, finally showing some weakness and ran in the other direction. The man was about to follow but remembered Carl, who stood in awe.

Carl felt the man kneel next to him and gently take his shoulders. He pulled out a small cell phone and dialed three numbers. He heard the voice of he emergency dispatch on the other line, and breathed in relief. Help was on the way.

He looked up in time to see the monster at the end of the alley, before he jumped into a nearby alcove and disappeared from sight. He ran fast, faster than any human could and more gracefully than anyone that big should.

Carl felt exhausted, as if he had just ran a few miles and felt edges of his consciousness fading. A soothing voice reached his ears and he looked up at his savor, who was in fact another student, one that he saw regularly at the bar but hadn't ever thought to get his name.

The man was tall and had long dark hair that hung around his eyes. His eyes were a stunning emerald that even put the gem to shame.

"Are you alright?" the man asked urgently. And Carl had a strange feeling form this guy's voice that he had asked this question before.

A sudden pain shot from his ankle and he looked at it, dazed. It was probably sprained from when he fell.

"My ankle" he sputtered, still in shock. The memories from the past few minutes came back and Adam's horror filled face flashed before him.

He stood as adrenaline flowed through his veins; he needed to get to his friend.

The other man looked at him in sympathy as he held Carl down with strength that you wouldn't think he would have.

"I'm sorry man, it's too late" he said, empathy clear in his voice. Carl didn't care if it was unmanly, he pushed the man off him and collapsed in front of his friends body, sobbing.

His ankle protested as another bout of pain went through his leg but he ignored it as he reached down and pushed a lock of hair that had fallen into Adams glazed over eyes.

The world spun and he swayed. Arms were under him before he hit the ground and the man who had saved him, was whispering comforting things in his ear.

"It's ok, I called the police and an ambulance" he said, not sure if the guy was going to stay conscious before than.

Carl couldn't think as the images of Adam's murder came back to him. He choked as another sob found its way out of his throat.

He got another clear look at his savor before he passed out, giving into the blessed darkness.


Christopher Perry Halliwell sagged as the full weight of the man fell on top of him. He recognized him as Carl Bufont, from his early morning class and felt another wave of pity flow through him as he stared at the dead body of Adam Heights, his best friend. These guys were inseparable and some even guessed that their friendship went on a much deeper level.

He heard the roar of the sirens in the distance and sighed. He didn't know how he was going to explain this one.

Chris had been sitting at the table across from these guys, waiting for a friend. For amusement he watched as they shot tequila together, making it a contest. Adam had lost and ended up being the drunker on the two, as Carl had helped him limp out the door when the barman had kicked them out.

Chris gave his friend a few more minutes before deciding to leave. Sam had been an hour late, probably with Jess, his girlfriend. He paid for his drinks and left through the same door. He had wasted an hour on Sam; he wasn't going to give up his plan to study tonight.

He had been walking down the street when he heard a strangled scream from the alley way he was passing. Running now, he had come upon Adam's dead body. Chris spared a grimace before looking up to see the man who had done this, advancing to kill Carl.

He muttered a silent curse and flicked his wrists, sending a blast of telekinetic energy at the figure, which he recognized as a demon.

Which demon he couldn't be sure of, until he consulted the book of Shadows that was still in San Francisco with his brother and younger cousins. The blast hit the demon and sent him flying backwards off Carl. Chris watched as the demon flipped and landed gracefully back on his feet, showing off some acrobatic skills.

He attacked and Chris fought him off until the demon retreated into an alcove and morphed into bats, flying out. He put a mental note on that, for when he looked up the demon.

He had administered to Carl and hoped that he had not seen anything out of the ordinary as Chris had saved him. He gently lowered his unconscious body to the hard gravel and watched as an ambulance and two cop cars speed down the street heading for the carnage.

He held his breath for a minute and prepared his speech, hoping they bought what he was about to tell him. They'd never believe what really happened.

The cars speed to a halt in front of them and four police officers were suddenly over him asking if he was hurt. He would have laughed at the irony if he wasn't so worried about the man on the ground in front of him and what he saw.

Chris just nodded and than attempted to stand, but the one of the paramedics grabbed hit underarm and attempted to help.

He pushed their probing hands away and stood on his own right. Aside from the scratch on his arm, he was perfectly fine.

"No it's not me" Chris said, pointing towards Carl's body. The paramedic looked at the body but didn't stop as he called for help, thinking Chris was part of the accident.

"I'm fine" Chris said again, knowing his brother would be laughing his arse off now. The paramedic didn't listen, now nodding towards a cop to help. He obviously thought Chris was going to fight them.

"It's going to be alright, sir. You need to go to the hospital and than the police will take you're statement" the paramedic said, taking one of his shoulders.

Chris just sighed, defeated, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. He grudgingly hopped into the ambulance that Carl was loaded on. All his plans for studying were out the window.

He thought of Sam, who had blown him off and hoped he was having as lousy night as he was. Instead of working on his schoolwork when he got home from the hospital tonight, he would have to go home and ID this demon, knowing Adam's murderer could not get away with it. He would also most likely have to spend all tomorrow on it too.

Chris sighed and cursed this unknown demon and hoped that Sam was staying at Jessica's tonight. It would make it all easier. He looked out the back window of the ambulance and saw the police officers gathered around Adam's dead body.

The ambulance sped off into the night, heading for the nearest hospital.


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