Nope, you know the drill, nothing related to the words "Soul Edge" or "Soul Calibur" belong to me. Bummer.

Uhh... this is just a quick little story I felt like doing. I know in Soul Calibur records there's nothing that says Soul Edge's power causes souls to swap bodies, but I am the author and I can do whatever I please. Haha.

Mostly Hwang/Mina but eventually turns to Yunsung/Mina, like everything I write eventually does. :) I've never played as Hwang before (Bonus character in SCIII is about it) so I'm not completely familiar with his character, so I might have made him a little OOC.

Keep in mind Yunsung is biased towards Hwang anyways, so his portrayal of Hwang is always going to be harsher than it should. ;)

Starts during Yunsung's ending in SCIII. After watching those endings I am convinced that if Hwang does not return in SCIV, Yunsung/Mina is gonna be the next Kilik/Xianghua. :D


"Woohoo! We're almost home!" Mina cheered. "I can't wait to get home!" She jabbed the blunt end of her zanbatou into the small of her personal packmule's back. "Faster! Walk faster, wouldya?"

"Go to hell, Mina," Yunsung scowled. As punishment for running off with White Storm and forcing Mina to chase him around the continent, Yunsung was now being forced to carry all of Mina's crap back home to Korea, on his back. Aside from the fact that his limbs were sore, his body was bruised, and he had a wicked hangover thanks to the wine he stole from those Japanese pirates, Yunsung continued walking, grumbling in pain along the way.

"I can barely even carry this crap! How the hell did you lug it all the way after me?" Yunsung asked.

"Are you kidding? Before I tracked you down I went shopping!" Mina giggled. "Now step on it! I want to get home and take a nice hot bath!"

"Oh please," Yunsung scoffed. "You just wanna get home so you and Hwang can-- AAOW!" he yelped, when Mina's zanbatou clobbered him over his red head. "I hate you," he growled.

"Good. Then my work here is done," Mina said. "You know, Yunsung, you've been in a bad mood since we started heading home. You're just mad that I destroyed Soul Edge before you got to."

"That was some cheap shot, by the way," Yunsung scowled. "I do all the work, kick Nightmare and that creepy-ass skeleton thing's asses, then just as I'm about to smash that stupid sword you come along, knock me out and take all the glory. Then again this is YOU I'm talking about."

Mina rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. I saw you trying to grab Soul Edge, and I laughed when it shocked your ass. A punk-ass kid like you sure as hell can't wield the ultimate weapon."

"Why don't you take your zanbatou out of your ass?" Yunsung suggested, rolling his eyes.

Mina proceeded to hit him in the head again. "Ow! Stop doing that!" Yunsung complained. "And then you wonder why everyone in the dojo thinks you're a BITCH!"

"WHAT'D YOU SAY!?" Mina gasped. "They do not!"

"Oh yes they do! After you're done prancing around half-naked with that stupid zanbatou, you leave and everyone goes 'That Seung Mina's such a bitch, I feel bad for the guy who's gonna get forced to marry her!' Lucky for our asses Hwang came home and saved us from that horrifying fate-- OW! OW! OW! Cut it out!" Yunsung screamed, dropping the crap he was carrying to cover his head with his arms.

"All you dojo kids are exactly the same. They hit on me, I tell them to screw off, and they don't leave me alone," Mina said, rolling her eyes. "I see you're exactly the same way."

"Oh yeah? Exactly how many times have I hit on you?" Yunsung scoffed.

"At least a hundred times," Mina rolled her eyes. "And whenever I lean over you try and look up my skirt."

"You didn't let me finish. I meant how many times have I hit on you in the last ten minutes," Yunsung defended. "And can you blame us? We're a bunch of guys! We see a girl prancing around in-- well, whatever it is you're wearing-- and of course we're gonna look! And besides, all the guys who don't check you out get called fairies and weenies and other crap, so we don't really have a choice!"

"Oh please," Mina said. "Hwang doesn't do that, and nobody at the dojo thinks he's a weenie."

"Except for me," Yunsung scoffed. "Are you kidding me? That pretty boy bitch couldn't even FIND Soul Edge! He got his ass kicked and ran away like a sissy because he didn't want to come home and disappoint your dad!"

"That's not true!" Mina scowled. "Hwang--"

"Got his ass kicked," Yunsung interrupted. "Meanwhile, the much-more talented, and sexually appealing Hong Yunsung, kicked the ass of that jack-ass Japanese samarai, kicked the ass of Nightmare, kicked the ass of Creepy Skeleton Thing, found the sword--"

"And the much-much-much-much-much more talented and sexually appealing Seung Mina came along, kicked the ass of Yunsung, smashed the sword and saved the world," Mina scoffed.

"Because your weenie sissy boyfriend couldn't," Yunsung finished, ignoring the getting his ass kicked by Mina part. "Which proves my point. Hwang Sung Kyung is a gay weenie sissy boy who wants your zanbatou up his glory hole. Case closed."

"If you keep bashing Hwang my zanbatou's going up YOUR glory hole," Mina threatened.

"Fine, as long as I get to stick something up yours," Yunsung grinned, earning a smash in the head with said zanbatou. "Ow. Alright, I deserved that one."

"Damn right you did," Mina scowled. "Alright, tell me. If Hwang is a gay weenie sissy boy, then how come he's in love with me? Huh? Answer that one, oh great and 'sexually appealing' one. And I meant that sarcastically," she added, noticing Yunsung's eyebrows shoot up.

"Damn. Oh. Sorry to break it to you, Mi, but you're covering for him. Nobody would think Hwang's really a fairy when he's got his hottie girlfriend on his arm," Yunsung scoffed. "You know I'm right."

"Shut up," Mina scowled. She hated to admit it, but Yunsung had a point. "You've got no idea what it's like to be Hwang."

"Oh whatever. Yeah, it must suck to be Hwang, considered a hero because he didn't do anything, being worshipped by everyone in the dojo, having girls throw themselves at his feet because they want to get in his pants, oooh, sounds soo hard," Yunsung said. He stood up and dropped the crap he was holding. "The only reason you're being so defensive is because you know I'm right. Just go ahead and and admit it. Sing it to the heavens."

Mina gritted her teeth angrily and swung her weapon, narrowly missing her younger companion's head. "Discussion over! And not because you're right! Because I'm sick of talking to you! Pick up the crap and let's get going!" She scowled and stormed up ahead, her split skirt blowing up in her rush, giving Yunsung a nice free show.

Yunsung rolled his eyes. As usual, it was Hwang Hwang Hwang Hwang Hwang. What was so great about Hwang? Yunsung had come far further than Hwang ever dreamed of coming. He had even grabbed Soul Edge by the handle- before it shocked his ass, of course- but Hwang couldn't even prove the Sword existed.

In fact, Yunsung's left hand still felt rather tingly from his experience with the cursed sword. Maybe if he touched Mina he'd be able to zap her, scare the shit out of her.

"Mina, wait up!" Yunsung yelled, grabbing an armful of bags and waddling over to her.

"What?" Mina scowled, turning around.

"I would like to offer my sincerest apologies," Yunsung said, giving Mina his sweetest, most innocent "I'm not up to anything, I swear" smiles. "I'm very sorry if I offended you. I should have realized that your feelings for Hwang are sincere and from the heart, and it's not my place to question that."

Mina rolled her eyes. "Drop the act, you little shit. I know what you're up to."

"No, seriously, I'm sorry!" Yunsung protested.

"I'm probably going to regret this sooner or later, but what the hell. Alright," Mina said, and smiled. "You're forgiven."

"Sweet! Thanks! Shake?" Yunsung suggested, offering his left hand to Mina.

Mina looked at him. "What'd you do, wipe your ass on it?"

"No! Mina! I can't believe you would accuse me of such inconsideration!" Yunsung gasped. Hey, hanging out with that annoying girl who talked to the wind did pay off. He learned all sorts of new ways to talk, suck up, and kiss people's asses!

Mina sighed and reluctantly shook his hand. "There. Happy now, you-- AAAGGGH!!" Mina screamed, feeling a red wave of electric badness shock her arm. "YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" She proceeded to tackle Yunsung, and all the baggage he was carrying, but before she could murder him, someone called, "Mina!"

Mina turned around and Yunsung honestly thought someone was playing a cheesy romantic BGM nearby. "HWANG!" Mina squealed, jumping to her feet ("AAOW! Getoffamee!!" Yunsung wailed, as his torso was mercilessly stomped on by Mina's boots) and running to Hwang.

"HWANG!! I missed you!!" Mina squealed, running into Hwang's arms, while Yunsung rolled his eyes and supressed his gag reflex. As usual, even though he was being hugged by a half-naked spazzy girl, Hwang showed barely any emotion at all, only hugging her and saying, "I missed you too."

Yunsung grinned. Gay.

Mina giggled happily and turned around. "Hurry up, Yunsung! We're almost home!" she yelled, grabbing Hwang's hand. "Hwang, did you miss me?"

"Of course," Hwang said, calm and emotionless as always. "Umm... Mina, what's that kid's name? Yunsung, there we go. Yunsung, do you need any help with those bags?"

"NOT FROM YOU I DON'T," Yunsung snarled, snatching the crap up from the ground and storming past Mina and Hwang.

"What's his problem?" Hwang asked.

"Eh, I dunno. Mood swings?" Mina suggested.

About another hour went by, and night had fallen over the land. Yunsung finally collapsed in front of the dojo, dropping Mina's crap and rolling onto his back, gasping for air. I'm never letting her boss me around again, Yunsung decided, staring up at the night sky.

"Yunsung, get up," Mina said, prodding his limp form with her boot. "C'mon, aren't you hungry?"

"Go... away..." Yunsung gasped.

"Let's leave him alone, Mina," Hwang suggested. "He's exhausted from the trip home."

"I AM NOT!" Yunsung screamed, jumping to his feet although he thought his lungs would burst. He grabbed Mina's stuff again and stormed into the dojo, kicking the door open and ignoring the "Hey! Yunsung's back!" comments.

"Where d'you want your stuff?" he asked Mina, who followed him to her room.

"Just drop it down somewhere," Mina said, waving her hand casually.

Yunsung proceeded to drop the bags exactly where he stood, and unable to keep breathing, collapsed on Mina's bed. Mina rolled her eyes and left the room, deciding to let him just lie there until he remembered how to breathe again.

"Hey, Hwang? Where's my father?" Mina asked, looking around.

"I'm not sure. He's around," Hwang said, looking around. "So, tell me. How did your journey go? Did you destroy Soul Edge?"

"I'll tell you, but let's go to your room first, I want to be alone," Mina giggled, as she grabbed Hwang's hand and dragged him off towards his own room. "Man your room's boring. Don't you wear anything else but blue tunics and gray pants?"

"Not really," Hwang said, and sat down on his bed. "It's just a room. I only use it to sleep."

"Hey, just out of curiosity, how mad was Dad when he found out Yunsung left? He didn't seem too mad, but I never told him Yunsung took White Storm," Mina said.

"He said Yunsung had better be dead when he came back to the dojo, because if he wasn't, he'd have quite a punishment," Hwang chuckled. "But I think he was just worried.

"I feel kind of bad. I did give him the sword," Mina pointed out.

"Yes, but you didn't tell him he could keep it and run off on a wild adventure," Hwang said, and put his arms around Mina. "Let's not talk about Yunsung. I want to talk about you."

"Oh Hwang," Mina sighed, and yawned. "I'm so sleepy... we've been walking for so long... Mmm..." She yawned again and burrowed her face in Hwang's chest. "Good night... Zzzzz..."

Hwang smiled and leaned back, holding Mina to him still. "Good night, Mina," he said, pulling the blanket over the two of them. Mina was already asleep, and Hwang yawned and went to sleep as well.


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