Ughhhh what do I say, what do I say… it's been what, three years almost? Soul Calibur just fell totally off my radar, I apologize for abandoning this story too long. If any old readers come back and finish the story, thanks a million and I hope it was worth the wait. To any new readers, hi!


To anyone living in the Seong dojo, the sight of Seong Mi-na carrying Yun-seong over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes would actually be pretty common. Yun-seong was totally pussy-whipped by Mi-na, after all, and the news of their engagement hadn't really surprised anyone.

Of course, for Mi-na (still trapped in Yun-seong's body) and Yun-seong (still trapped in Mi-na's body), the story was much different and much more complicated.

"Yun-seong put me down!" Mi-na shouted, struggling to maintain her balance over Yun-seong's small womanly shoulder.

"You stop thrashing! If I drop you and you mess my face up I'll have another reason to strangle you!"

"You better not be feeling my boobs up!" Mi-na snapped.

Yun-seong rolled his eyes. "It got boring anyway, squeezing tits ain't any fun when they're mine—and that's not the damn point, woman! Shut your hole and listen!"


Yun-seong covered Mi-na's mouth with his hand and continued. "Hyun-ki just had some interesting news for me," he snapped, "apparently Yun-seong tried to molest Hwang in the bathroom? You know anything about that, Yun-seong?"

Mi-na's eyes grew round. Shit. Word sure travelled fast around here, huh? "Um," she began, "I can explain?"


"All right, all right, stop yelling—dammit Yun-seong!" Mi-na groaned, rubbing her temples. "Yun-seong calm the hell down!"

"No! I got a reputation, Mi-na!"

"A reputation for what? Virgins Anonymous?"

"You shut up!"

"Look, as soon as we're back in our bodies, I'll tell everyone how straight you are," Mi-na promised, trying not to sound as exasperated as she felt.

"We got caught in the back room fucking?" Yun-seong suggested, a bit too eagerly.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! My father would kill us both!"

"Better that than everyone thinking I'm trying to get in Hwang's pants! And it's not like he doesn't want us to get married anyway!"

"There is nothing wrong with the contents of Hwang's pants!"

"Like you would know, you've never even seen 'em!"

Mi-na sighed and rubbed her forehead. "This is all the more reason why we have to figure out a way to get back into our damn bodies! I don't want to live like this forever and neither do you!"

Yun-seong nodded affirmatively, looking down his top again. "T'be honest, I'd kinda like to get laid as a dude," he said, "not, uh, like this!"

"You and me both, pal," Mi-na sighed, "look, just shut up and we'll figure something out!"

"Figure what out? Us playing along sure isn't helping us go back to normal," Yun-seong complained.

"Then maybe there's some stupid ritual we have to do!"

"Like what?" Yun-seong was not a believer in the supernatural, even though he'd spent nearly a year of his life travelling with a girl who could control the wind, and he'd been part of a campaign to find an evil sword with the ability to possess people. Nope, magic was not possible. It was all some trick.

"What about that wind priestess you were talking about earlier?" Mi-na asked, stroking her chin.

Yun-seong's eyes got huge, and Mi-na apparently recognized the look on his face as one she used when she heard something horrifying. "What?"

"No! No no no no no! No Talim! Absolutely not!"

Mi-na looked suspicious for all of five minutes, then she grinned. "What, she your giiiiiiirlfriend~?"

"No!" huffed Yun-seong, "but she tried—I'd wake up and she'd have her hand in my pants! Or something!"

"You're probably the only teenage boy in the entire world who would have a problem with that," said Mi-na dryly.

"I'm not so desperate I'll hook up with her," Yun-seong complained, "she's cute and all but not worth the stalking!"

"Well it's either that or we're stuck as each other for the rest of our lives," said Mi-na, grimacing.

"She lives out in the middle of nowhere, how are we supposed to find her?" Yun-seong complained.

"Send a message through the wind!"

"I ain't neither—OUCH!" Mi-na had punched him in the mouth.

"God dammit Mi-na—are you forgetting my fists hit a lot harder than yours do! And it's your own damn face you're fucking up! OW!" Yun-seong scowled, holding his cheek. "God damn you got a wussy face!"

"Worth it," answered Mi-na, blowing on her fist like it was a smoking gun, "now get to it, how do we find this wind priestess girl?"

"We don't have any time!" Yun-seong complained, "my performance is tomorrow and if you fuck this up for me I swear I'm going to strip naked, oil up these tits and run through town!"

"That would be quite a show," Mi-na mused, before remembering Yun-seong was in her body—"oh no you won't!"

Yun-seong stuck his fingers under the band of his top. "Try me!"

Mi-na jumped up, fists at the ready, before sighing and holding her hands up in surrender. "Let's not fight, all right? We're all we've got!"

"Right," said Yun-seong with a loud groan, "all right don't tell anyone this, but Talim told me that if I eeeeeeever needed her help—or a blowjob—all I had to do was…"

"What?" Mi-na asked, eyes round, "spill it!"

"All I had to do was…" Yun-seong looked like he'd rather not say whatever it was on his mind.


"Fine, fine! All I had to do was believe," Yun-seong said with a groan, looking humiliated.

"That's what's so degrading? Pussy," Mi-na accused, "all right, so believe already!"

"All right, but just remember that you're in my body, she's gonna jump you," Yun-seong answered, before scrunching his face up in concentration.

Mi-na had a sudden feeling of dread.

Holy crap I can't believe I'm updating this story. Unbelievable. Very short chapter, mostly to let people know I'm still alive. The fun stuff comes in the next one :)