A Child Of Time

Summary: The Dursley's abandoned Harry after finding him on their doorstep because of a strange transformation he goes through. Crossover with Doctor Who.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Doctor Who.

A/N: This will take place after the third season of the new series of Doctor Who. So beware that there maybe spoilers for up to that point. I got this idea from reading a Harry Potter/Doctor Who crossover. I decided to make a challenge out of it and have responded to my own challenge (which you can find in my forum). Also this wasn't beta read.

Chapter 1: Times Child

"Petunia what is it? Why are you yelling?" Vernon rushes down the stairs. What he sees is a baby on the door step. Petunia quickly grabs the baby and shuts the door. Barely paying attention to Vernon she moves into the kitchen placing the baby on to the table; this causes a letter to fall out from the folds of the blanket the baby is wrapped in.

While Petunia reads the letter, Vernon takes a better look at the baby. As he stares at the baby he gets a strange sense of familiarity, like he has seen him before. What drew his attention is the strange scar on the boys head. It appears to be fresh, as the skin was pink around it and small amounts of blood was coming from it. Whatever could possibly cause a lightning bolt scar couldn't be normal Vernon thought. His attention is brought away from the boy when Petunia gasps in shock.

"Vernon, this boy, he is Lily's son. It seems my sister was killed by some madman, but when that madman tried to kill Harry it back fired. It says I have to take care of him because I am his only blood relative left."

"He is not going to stay here. This is a perfectly normal home and we are not going to have some freak here."

"Don't shout at me, it wasn't like anyone asked me if I wanted to take care of my sister's child."

"Well I am not the one related to that freak."

As the argument escalates Harry's scar begins to glow. Harry cries out in pain drawing the attention of Petunia and Vernon. Slowly at first energy pulses away from the scar but it builds quickly. Harry is soon wrapped in the bright light of the energy. As the energy moves across Harry's body, the colors shift between orange and yellow. Once the energy goes away, what Vernon and Petunia see is a different looking baby. His hair instead of being black is now a light brown that shines where the light hits it. His face has lost some baby fat and has a more angular shape. The scar that was on his forehead has vanish. The one thing that remained however is the color of his eyes. They were still the dark forest green that seem to pierce right through you.

"See that, the boy is already doing freakish things." Vernon points an accusing finger at Harry. As Petunia stares at Harry an idea comes to her.

"Vernon don't you see this is perfect. He no longer looks like Lily's child. We can get rid of him claiming we don't know him. An if someone tries to make us take him back saying that he is Lily's son; well we can point to the fact that he looks nothing like the picture of Harry that my sister had sent."

"Brilliant so once night falls I will take the brat and dump him somewhere far from here."

"You will not be dumping him somewhere!"

"But you just said that we weren't keeping him." Petunia stares at Vernon like she was dealing with a child.

"I know what I said but we are going to do this the proper way. You don't want to get in trouble for abandoning a child. No we will take him to the authority's and let them handle him. We will say that we found this child but we have no idea of who he is."

As Vernon got ready Petunia made a call to the police. They told her that they will send a car over immediately. After she talked to the police she looked through Harry's blankets and person for anything that might identify him. Finding nothing she then hides the letter that came with him underneath a loose floor board in the cupboard under the stairs. She was finish getting ready when the police had finally arrived. When she hears the door bell ring she quickly goes to the door with Harry in her arms.

"Hello we got a call about an abandoned child."

"Yes please do come in." Petunia moves out of the way so the two officers could come in. Closing the door behind them she then turns to face the officers. "This is the boy I called you about. I found him this morning on our doorstep when I went to get the paper."

"Do you have any idea of who the child is or why he was left at your door?"

"No, neither my husband or I know whose child this is or why he was left here."

"Where is your husband?"

"He is up stairs looking after our son. It is just horrible how someone can leave a child out in the cold like that. It was quite a shock for my husband when he found out a baby was left at our door." Petunia knew she was stretching it a bit but anything that kept suspicion from her or family needed to be done.

"Do you mind if my partner went up to talk to your husband?"

"That would be no problem at all. Just go up the stairs and through the second door on the right."As the officer went up the stairs Petunia hoped that Vernon didn't screw things up. Accepting that their was nothing she could do now, she put all her focus on the officer in front of her and answering all of his questions. Petunia went in to detail on how at first she thought it could be her sister's son but then realize it wasn't. How except for his eyes nothing else match what her nephew looks like. Showing the officer a picture of Harry so he can see what she meant. She also explained how she didn't know where her sister was saying they had fallen out of touch after Harry was born. Finally the officer speaking to Vernon return giving a nod to his partner.

"Well thank you for all your help we will take the boy in and hopefully find out who he is." A moment of guilt hit Petunia then as she handed Harry over. Looking down on him she did something she hadn't plan on.

"I have been calling him Evan after my maiden name. He needed something to be called and I couldn't keep thinking him as the boy." As Petunia said this she hoped it would ease some of the guilt she felt.

"I understand at least it gives us something to call him by until we figure out who he is. If you would like we can keep you inform of what is happening with Evan."

"No, I just want to forget that this has happen and focus on taking care of my own son. I would like to return to my ordinary life where strange things don't happen." Frowning at her response but seaming to accept it the officer stood up and after saying farewell had left with Harry (now Evan) and his partner.

The Doctor was finally finished with all the repairs to the Tardis. He could now get started on the project he wanted to try ever since he faced the Master. After their last battle he had to know for sure. He had to know if he was truly the last of the Time Lords. Using what he manage to save from the Matrix before it destruction during the war. He made it in to a device that will search through all of space and time to find any Gallifreyans, even if they are not a Time Lord. There was a chance it would not work because he had to program it not to seek out any that were registered in its system as dead.

So far nothing was showing up. He knew that eventually he had to accept that there was no one else left, but he had to know. The system then gave a buzzing sound and with a jerk the Tardis was knocked out of time and space.

"No, no, no, no." Shouted the Doctor as he stared at what remained of the device. It was completely destroyed, his only hope of finding any of those left of his kind was gone. There was no chance of ever getting it to work again. As he looked over the Tardis he was at least happy to see that it wasn't severally damage. It was just drain of energy, a couple hours and the Tardis would be back at full power.

"Well I might as well have a look around." Locking the door after stepping out of the Tardis, the Doctor takes in his surrounding. It appears that his police box had landed near a police station.

"Well isn't that ironic." Said the Doctor as he looked at the station, on the wall he reads Surrey Police. Deciding on taking a look inside, he sees it is full of activity. Looking around he finds nothing that grabs his attention. Moving on to the next floor he looks through the windows of the offices as he moves by. He stops suddenly when he sees a baby in one of the offices staring at him.

The Doctor is taken by surprise at the intense look the child was giving him. The boy was sitting on the floor. He appears to have been playing with a Rubik's cube but had stopped. All of the boy's focus now seemed to be on the Doctor. Stepping into the office the Doctor kneels in front of the boy. Looking in to the boy's dark green eyes he sense the boy's mind connecting to his own. He couldn't believe what was happening, the boy was a Gallifreyan and he was connecting to his mind through the reflex link. The shared link that connects all Time Lords minds together but his own was severed long ago. The boy must have connected to him trying to reach out to find anyone else who was like him.

His attention is pulled from the boy when he sees someone move over from the corner of the office. "Who are you and why are you staring at the kid?" The Doctor gets up quickly and faces the officer. Going through his pockets he pulls out his physic paper and shows it to the man. He relaxes after seeing the paper. "Sorry about that I didn't know you are the one child services had sent over."

"That's quite alright, you were just looking after the boy. So is he who I was sent to get."

"Yes, so far we have had no luck in finding out who he is. We have been calling him Evan in the mean time. It was the name Petunia had choose for him, she is the women who found the boy."

"An are you sure she has no idea of where Evan came from?"

"My partner looked around the house and didn't found anything out of the ordinary. When I talked to her she honestly seem to have no idea of who Evan was. She also seem upset that a child could be abandoned like that. I think if she had any idea of who left Evan out of the cold she would have said something."

"Right, well then why don't I fill out all of the paperwork needed. Sooner I get done with sooner I can take care of young Evan here."

Moving over to the desk he grabs some papers and gives them to the Doctor. "Just sign these here and you two can be on your way." The officer turns to watch Evan as the Doctor quickly goes through all the paperwork. "You know this kid is amazing. He has solved that Rubik's cube every single time and all it takes him is a few minutes."

"Evan is a gift. I don't know why anyone would abandoned him but I will make sure he is cared for from now on." Handing the papers over the Doctor bends down and picks up Evan.

"You will make sure the doctors give him the best of care when they check on him."

Stopping from going on his way he turns and gives the officer a brilliant smile. "Don't worry Evan will have the best Doctor in the universe looking after him."

A/N: I hoped you liked it. I do not know if I will continue with this, I have a lot of ideas in my head right now. If anyone wants to take this up and continue with this then just tell me.

I tried to make Petunia a bit more human while at the same having her be on the edge with getting rid of Harry. I wanted to do something different with the whole Harry gets abandoned story. I figure she would actually go through proper channels just to avoid any trouble if it got back to her that she abandoned a child. Also Harry being left somewhere or dumped at an orphanage is very overused.