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Chapter 7:The Call

Entering the control room Evan sees his dad working beneath the Tardis control console. He is using the sonic screwdriver on a component Evan was sure he hadn't seen there before. Moving over to where his father is Evan kneels beside him, "What is that?"

"Ahhh!" The Doctor quickly sits up only to lie back down from hitting his head on the console. Rubbing his forehead the Doctor turns his head so he can look at Evan. "What are doing here? I told you to stay away from the control room for the next couple days."

"It has already been a couple days and I have barely seen you except when you run in and out of the control room for something. I have tried to keep my curiosity at bay but not even reading on the possible sentience of magic could keep me from wondering what you are up to. Besides you do remember what today is?" Evan shifts his body so he is still looking at his father but at the same time able to peer at the newest component that the Tardis has.

"Evan I haven't forgotten that today is your birthday," The Doctor closes his eyes in concentration for the briefest of seconds before opening them again, "Technically you don't turn eight until a couple more hours from now. Actually I am surprise that you didn't try to find out what I was doing sooner."

"I tried too but the Tardis kept stopping me. Seeing how I have finally been let back into the control room, I think it is safe to say I can now know what you have been doing. So what have you done to the control console?"

"It has been something I have been working on for sometime. I was afraid that I might not have it ready by your eighth birthday, but being the genius that I am, I managed to find a way. This latest upgrade to the Tardis should allow us to reach our destination and remain unnoticed. Well more specifically it keeps me and the Tardis from being notice, you shouldn't have much problem." The Doctor says smugly.

"Where are we going that you would need to take such precaution?" Evan asks worriedly.

"You are going to have to just wait and see. If I explained why I need to take such precaution now, you will figure out where we are going. Don't worry, I will explain everything once we get there but I want to keep it a surprise just for a little while longer." The Doctor says with a huge grin on his face.

"Can I at least get some kind of hint?"

The Doctor appears to think about it for a moment before giving an answer. "Nope"

Evan stares at his father in annoyance but is distracted when music starts playing. The moment the music started his father hurriedly pulls objects from out of his pockets. Ornaments, a remote control, a yo-yo, bag of jelly babies, his glasses, a vile of liquid that glowed as it shook; all fell on to the floor. The Doctor finally shouts in triumph when he pulls out a cell phone. Fumbling with the phone he gets it open and quickly talks in to it, "Martha is that you!"

"I'm glad you answered the phone but couldn't you have given a proper greeting like hello," came Martha's voice through the phone.

"Sorry it's just been so long since I talked to you that I was starting to think that you would never give me a ring. Even though you left me your phone so you could keep in contact."

"Doctor, I don't know how long it has been for you but it has barely been seven months since we parted ways."

"Really" The Doctor says in to the phone before pulling it away so he could stare at it. "I was sure that I had reset it back properly after I had made those adjustments?"

"Adjustments! Doctor please tell me you haven't been tinkering with the only means for me to reach you." Martha's voice shouted out of the phone.

Doctor cringes in response and slowly brings the phone back against his head but keeping it at a safe distance so not to hurt his ears. "Well it was for a very good reason and hold on how was it you heard me say that. I had the phone away from my head and why is your voice coming through so loudly."

"You probably hit the speaker button. Now what reason did you have and don't go changing the subject again!" Taking a moment to see if the speaker is on he then turns it off. Feeling safe that Martha's voice won't come out so loudly anymore; he places the phone against his ear.

"I needed to intercept a phone call in order to keep my exit clean and not worry about any official showing up. Once I was done I made sure to readjust the phone back. Well I thought I had set it back properly. It should have kept to a somewhat relative time to your own. Really I had no idea that the phone was so out of sync with your own time."

"You know what; you can explain everything when you come see me."

"Come see you?" Wondered the Doctor.

"Yes, you did promise to come running if I called and well there is something that needs your attention."

"I will come but not right away. I need to charge the Tardis and then I have some plans afterwards."

"I am in Cardiff right now so can you charge the Tardis and at the same time help Jack with his problem?"

"That works perfectly as the Tardis is going to need to take awhile to charge." The Doctors jumps up and quickly sets the Tardis in motion. "Alright then I will be there shortly."

"Great and Doctor please get here on the right date." Says Martha before the phone disconnects.

"Dad not to be picky but the Tardis is almost fully charged."

"I know but for the trip I have planned, we are going to need a lot more energy. Even if the Tardis was fully charged it wouldn't be enough to get through to our destination." The Doctor moves around the control counsel making adjustments before smiling when he sees the readings on the screen. "Alright then the Tardis is now set to gather the energy we need."

Stepping outside the Doctor looks around while Evan locks the Tardis. With the Tardis locked the Doctor starts walking around for little while before stopping suddenly. Evan nearly runs into his father but stops himself in time. He stares as his father scratches his head and looks around again. "You don't know where we have to go do you?"

"I know where we are going." The ground they are standing on then lurches and slowly begins to lower. "See" the Doctor says childishly.

"Lucky guess," says Evan as he stares at the Torchwood hub.

"I'll have you know that my finely tuned senses are what led us to the right spot." The Doctor says boastfully.

The lift comes to a stop and before the Doctor knows it he is engulfed in a hug. Pulling back Martha smiles at him before she turns to look at Evan. Martha turns back to the Doctor with a curious look on her face.

"Now Martha before you go yelling me again I would like you to meet Evan. He is the reason I had adjusted your phone. You see I had found him at a police station and I couldn't let him be taken by child services. The reason being he is not human he is actually a Gallifreyan." Answers the Doctor in one hurried breath.

"Wow Evan sure has grown since the last time I saw him." Says Jack from behind Martha.

Martha turns and glares at Jack. "Wait a minute you knew about Evan and didn't say anything to me."

"Well things were kind of hectic with the alien threat so there wasn't the time. Besides I have only met Evan once before."

"Is the alien threat what you called my help for?"

"No with Martha's help it was taken care of. What I need your help with is more of a personal problem. It has to do with something that happened the last time I saw you."

"This isn't about the Cybermen I hope?" Worry etched on the Doctor's face.

"It has nothing to do with the Cybermen. Look it will be better if you just see for yourself." Jack pulls out a spray bottle and giving it a good shake sprays some of the contents on to his head. After a few seconds his hair goes from his natural color to a deep blue. Everyone stares before bursting into laughter. "Fine laugh it up, it's not like I didn't get humiliated about it from my team." Jack says in annoyance.

The Doctor stops laughing but there is still a playful smile on his face. "Sorry Jack I'll won't laugh again. Now how is it that your hair became this lovely shade of blue?"

"I don't know, after you have left my hair had changed color. I tried everything to restore it but nothing I do seem to work. I have to constantly dye my hair just to make it look normal." Jack says in frustration.

The Doctor thinks back to the last time he saw Jack. He reflects on what happened that day. After replaying the events in his head he turns to stare at Evan. "Evan did you turn Jack's hair blue."

"I was barely three yet, how could I have turned his hair blue."

"Evan" The Doctor says sternly.

"Fine I did it but come on I was only a toddler. Besides I wasn't aware of most of the things I did then." Evan folds his arms and stares down at the floor.

"Are you telling me that he changed my hair as a toddler? How could he have done that and how can he remember something from when he was so young?"

"I told you not to underestimate Evan and you thought he was harmless. As for the memory well Gallifreyans have a highly developed brain. Now about fixing your hair there is not much I can do."

"So what my hair is stuck like this."

"There maybe not much I can do but Evan should be able to reverse it since he was the one who did it in the first place."

"What no, I just started to get a better understanding of my abilities. I'm not even sure if I can change his hair back to normal at the moment."

"Evan it will be just like how you have been practicing in using your telepathic abilities and the controlling of your emotions to influence your power. Why not give it try; you may just get it to work." Placing a comforting hand on Evan the Doctor nudges him in front of Jack.

"Now hold on I don't want my hair any worse than it is so..."

"Jack this is your best bet so don't worry. Really what's the worst that can happen; you get turned into a frog." The Doctor gives a reassuring smile to Evan then moves back behind Evan.

Evan closes his eyes so he can focus on his magic. Instead of previous times where he released his magic through extreme emotion; this time he was using his telepathic power to influence his magic. From his different experiments he so far had only been able to do small feats. Still he didn't need that much power to change Jack's hair color. Having a firm grasp he releases his magic with the command to change Jack's hair. He opens his eyes only to see Jack's hair has indeed change but to the color pink, he snickers at Jacks new look. Taking a look back he sees Martha and his father are barely holding there own laughter back.

"Well Jack, Evan did change your hair color and you're not a toad either." Martha says.

"What, oh come on!" Jack says as he looks at his reflection.

"Don't go berserk yet let me just try one more time."

"No thank you." Answers Jack.

"Now Jack give Evan one more chance I'm sure he can get it this time." Assures the Doctor.

"Fine but I better not end up bald."

Evan focuses again but this time he is more specific in his command. He opens his eyes to see that he has succeeded. "It worked" he shouts happily.

Jack looks at his reflection and smiles at seeing his hair back to normal. "Great job but I am curious about this ability you have. I wasn't aware that Time Lords had such power."

The smile on Evan's face fades at Jack's statement. "They don't. Look I'm going to take a look around if that's okay." Before he even gets a response Evan begins to move away.

"Sure" Jack answers but is confused at Evan's sudden changed of mood. "What's wrong?" Jack questions the Doctor.

"You brought up a touché subject with Evan. You see he isn't a Time Lord."

"But I thought you said that he is the same species as you are?" Martha asks.

"Just because he is a Gallifreyan doesn't automatically make him a Time Lord. You remembered how I told you about the Untempered Schism. Well it is not just some rite of passage. It is what makes a Gallifreyan connected to the universe and able to sense time. Time Lord was not just a title that was claimed by Gallifreyans. Being a Lord of Time means that you can understand and sense time in a way that most beings can't even begin to imagine."

"I know Gallifrey is gone but can't you just travel back to a time when it still existed?" wondered Jack.

"Tell me Jack when you were a Time Agent was there any attempts to visit Gallifrey?"

"Well yes but every time we tried it always ended in failure. We could never figure out why we couldn't visit the home world of the Time Lords. No matter what point in time we tried to go to."

"That is because Gallifrey is protected by temporal shields. One of the earliest acts by the Time Lords was to make sure that no one could travel in to Gallifrey's past in fear that someone would try and alter it. So a shield was created that prevented this from happening. This also prevented travel to Gallifrey's future."

"If Gallifrey had shields preventing of time travel how did your own people traveled through time?" asked Martha.

"It is because of a few things that allowed Time Lords through. First the Matrix: a computer system that contained the information of every Time Lord. It recorded the entire life of a Time Lord even before they have experienced it for themselves. The Matrix worked in combination with the Tardises. The Tardis would only take a Time Lord to his or her own relative time on Gallifrey. If five months has past for a Time Lord and he decided to return to Gallifrey then they would return five months from the day that they left. Now the timing may not always be exactly the same but it usually wasn't a big difference. Then there was the Eye of Harmony which was the power source for the Tardis. There is more but I won't tell you because they are secrets of the Time Lords. In combination this allowed Time Lords to travel through time while keeping Gallifrey safe. This system wasn't perfect and there were exceptions. With enough power one could get through but that would be beyond most beings capabilities. Then there is a device on Gallifrey called the Time Scoop which could pull an individual from the time they are in to Gallifrey; even if it meant being out of sync with their time or being at a point of time they already visited."

"Even with these restrictions wouldn't the Time Lords still discover that they are going to face destruction and try to prevent it?" Ask Jack.

"Time Lords tended to be custodians of time. Most often they went out to fix a problem in the fabric of time and space. They also recorded the history of other civilizations. When they did that it was mostly observation and they almost never left the Tardis. They rarely got involved which meant there wasn't that much of interaction. Some did try to prevent Gallifrey's destruction but in the end it created such problems in time that most often it failed. Before you ask yes the Matrix also recorded my life but only up to the finale battle. I believe it stopped recording my life at the end of my eighth incarnation because my Tardis was no longer connected to the Eye of Harmony from that point on. It is why I have to refuel my Tardis on the rift because it no longer has its primary power source."

"So how come Evan exists but there aren't any other Time Lords or Gallifreyans alive out there?" Martha wonders.

"I'm not sure how Evan is alive. We have tried looking back through his memories but so far we can only manage to when I found him. His earlier memories are blocked most likely caused by the event that forced him to regenerate. He needs to let those memories come back on there own. I can't go in there and force him to remember. As for why not more Time Lords didn't survive that is because of the Call."

"The Call?" asked Martha.

"It is a summons for all Time Lords to return to Gallifrey. The moment the Call is sent out any Time Lord who exist relative from the time the call is made must return. If a Time Lord didn't return immediately then their Tardis would be forcefully pulled back to Gallifrey. Finally if any persons that still haven't return because they weren't inside a Tardis was pulled back to Gallifrey by the Time Scoop. Now ordinary Gallifreyans tended to stay within Gallifreyan controlled territory but if there were any away then they too would heed the Call. So during the last time war the Call was made in hopes that the combine force of every Gallifreyan would turn the tides of the war. In the end that only sealed the destruction of the Time Lords because when Gallifrey was destroyed they were all there."

"But what about the Master?" questions Jack.

"He traveled to point in time that Time Lords did not go to. That does not mean the Time Lords didn't do anything. They most likely called his Tardis back but by then he must have used the Chameleon Arch and left. Becoming human would have made it impossible for him to be pulled through time because the data they would have would no longer match. Sure they could have sent someone to retrieve him but mostly likely they thought where he was would be a fitting punishment: Being trapped in a time that was nearing the end and with no Tardis to escape."

"When you put it that way it is a very cruel punishment." Martha thinks over everything the Doctor has said when she gets an idea, "Do you think maybe some other Time Lords used the Chameleon Arch to escape the war?"

The Doctor shrugs his shoulders. "It is possible but I have no way of finding them if they did so it doesn't change anything. Until their essence is restored they are whatever they have changed themselves into and not Time Lords."

"Could that be how Evan survived?" Jack suggests.

The Doctor sighs, "Possible but I have no way of confirming that. I have even tried going back to before I found Evan so I could watch events unfold but the Tardis won't let me. I never forced the issue because if the Tardis is preventing me from going there then I know it is better to leave things be, well for now at least." A noise from behind the Doctor causes him to turn around. The lift that Evan and the Doctor came down on is rising back up.

"You better go my team is returning and I'm not sure how they will react to you. Just go through there it will lead you to another way out."

Seeing the lift rise up Evan heads back to where the others are. "Dad what's going on?"

"It's time for us to go," seeing still a somewhat downcast expression on Evan's face. The Doctor thinks of a way to cheer him up. "Besides I think it is time for you to found out your birthday surprise." Evan instantly perks up at that albeit somewhat wearily considering how cautious his father was about going there.

"Birthday? Why didn't you say anything sooner? We could have a party." Says Jack

"I have something planed for Evan's birthday, just me and him, but perhaps some other time."

"Well Happy Birthday Evan! So how old are you turning?"

"I am turning eight years old." Evan says proudly to Martha.

"Well congratulations"

Seeing the lift stopping the Doctor begins heading out the other exist. "We better get going. Take care of yourself Martha, Jack."

"Goodbye Doctor and you better fix your phone mister."

"See you later Doctor and do try to come by more often."

"I will and next time I come by Jack I want to meet your team."

"Bye" says Evan waving as he follows his dad through the exit.

"Goodbye and thanks for fixing my hair."

"Take care Evan and try to keep your dad out of trouble."

"I have better luck changing the laws of the universe."

"Hey!" Shouts the Doctor indigently. This causes everyone to laugh.

"That way was much longer then the way we came in," exclaims Evan as he entered the Tardis.

"Look at it this way; it gave the Tardis some more time to gather energy." Clasping his hands together the Doctor rushes to check the data on the screen. Grinning at what he sees he starts dancing around the console flipping and adjusting different controls. He then stops suddenly and grins at Evan. "You better hold on because this is going to be the bumpiest ride you ever had in the Tardis."

Evan's eyes grow huge at that announcement and he quickly straps himself into the chair. He watches in trepidation as his father pulls a lever. The Tardis jerks and the time router starts moving at a rapid pace. Even though he is secure in the chair Evan feels like he is going to be thrown across the room. He never remembers having such a ruff ride before in the Tardis. He is grateful when the Tardis suddenly stops. Evan looks to his father only to find that he is still in the same spot from when they started and he wonders how his dad managed to not be thrown across the room.

"Well Evan why don't you go take a look outside at where we are."

Evan slowly unstraps himself and makes his way to the door. Hesitating for a moment at the door he then pulls it open. His mouth hangs open as he stares at the view before him. He can't believe what he is seeing.

The Doctor moves behind Evan and puts his arm around him. "Welcome to Gallifrey."

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