Pride and Promise

Chapter 1

Her emerald eyes slowly opened, black turned to light; an obnoxiously bright light. As Sakura tried to sit up, a moan of pain escaped her lips.

"Sakura, don't move." A harsh voice urged her, it was Tsunade.

Sakura knew better than to disobey her. "Yes, Tsunade-sama." Sakura lied back down and craned her neck instead. Her right arm was in a cast, it was broken, she could tell. Touching her forehead, she felt the constricting wrap of bandages under her pink bangs. She guessed she had suffered a concussion as well.

"Tsunade-sama, how long have I been out?"

Tsunade's eyes softened for her pupil. "Two days. Naruto has been worried about you.." Tsunade's head turned to the door slightly. "In fact, here he comes."

Sure enough, the door burst open and Naruto looked at Sakura worriedly. "Sakura-chan!!" He yelled her name.

Sakura winced. "Naruto, not so loud, it's giving me a headache."

"Sorry." Naruto said sadly as he walked over to her bedside. "How do you feel."

A shinobi should never let their emotions betray how they really feel. Despite her pain, Sakura smiled warmly, with effort. "I feel a lot better than I look." Naruto smiled a little, glad that his crush was fine.

"When do you get out, Sakura-chan?" Naruto pressed.

Sakura shrugged. "I'm not sure," She glanced at Tsunade. Tsunade calculated the days in her mind. "You'll be released in two more days. You still need to recuperate from your fight with that one girl."

A pain filled Sakura's heart as she was reminded of that fight. Her emerald eyes turned away from Naruto and Tsunade as she looked away in shame. 'I can't believe I lost to that girl..' Sakura thought angrily as hate swelled in her chest.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked uncertainly at her silence. Sakura shook her head. Facing Tsunade and Naruto again she smiled. "Sorry, I'm fine.."

tsuande peered curiously at Sakura but pressed no further, it wans't her place to press her. Tsunade stood and turned to Naruto. "Maybe Sakura needs rest now, we should leave her."

"Aww, but I jsut got here!" Naruto protested.

"NOW!" Tsunade yelled at him, silencing him. Naruto glanced back at Sakura with a sad look. "I hope you feel better Sakura-chan."

"Thanks Naruto." Sakura said as Tsuande and Naruto left her alone. It was at this moment her face fell. Tears slid down the girl's cheeks as she scolded herself mentally.

'Way to go Sakura. And you thought you grew so strong over the years. You still got defeated. You weren't able to bring Sasuke-kun back like you promised..' her inner-voice pecked at her mental weakness.

Silent tears streamed down Sakura's face. Once again she was that weak little girl, and she couldn't do anything. For a few minutes Sakura lay on her side, letting the tears pool on her pillow. Finally Sakura sniffled lightly as the tears came to a ceasing point. Sitting up she looked out her window to her right.

'I can't let this get me down..' She thought finally, determination shone in her eyes. Her fists clenched the white bedsheets of the hospital. Though her right arm was healed it was still very sore, but Sakura ignored the pain, no, she embraced the pain. 'I'll get stronger,' she vowed silently. 'I'll get stronger, and when I do, I'll go after Sauske-kun on my own. He'll come back, I'll fight that girl again. If my plan fails, then, my life goes with it. I will not return until I have Sasuke-kun with me.'

This was her vow, and Sakura would never go back on her word.

Suigetsu sat against the wall in Team Hebi's current hideaway. "You should jst let her die Sasuke. We don't need her anymore."

Sasuke sent a warning glance to Suigetsu who only smirked in response. It was too risky to go to a doctor, so it was up to Sasuke, Juugo, and Suigetsu to help nurse Karin. Unforutnately, neither of them had much medical expertise.

Sasuke rebandaged Karin's forehead, and made sure or left leg was kept straight and it wasn't moved. Despite the fact that Karin had won against Sakura, she had recieved many critical blows. Just as Sakura did.

Sasuke sighed a little, he only hoped Karin would have a fast recovery, or at least, wake soon, maybe she could tell him what else he needed to do.

Juugo had remained silent and brooding as he stood by the entrance of their current refuge. "After this, when do we make our next move?" he questioned.

Sasuke's dark eyes clouded with thought. "We can't move for a while. First of all, we need Karin to be able to move quickly again on her own. And after that, it'll be hard for us to move, now that all of Konoha is looking for us, as well as the Akatsuki."

Juugo nodded in response before he turned his attention back to staring out of the entrance of the hide out.

"Sa-Sasuke.." Karin finally mumbled as her eyes slowly started to open.

Sasuke let out the smallest sigh of relief, there was on less problem he has to worry about. "Hey," he greeted calmly.

A light blush fell across Karin's cheeks. "Sasuke, did you nurse me all by yourself?"

Sasuke stared at Karin, she was injured, he wouldn't burst her bubble at the moment. "Sure," he responded.

Suigetsu laughed at the scene. "Your precious Sasuke took care of you because Juugo and I have no medical knowledge."

"More like no knowledge at all.." Karin mumbled.

"WHAT WAS THAT??!" Suigetsu shot back. Sauske glared at him, his stare saying that now was not the time to argue.

Sasuke glanced at Karin. "You two should stop arguing, it's not good for you, your recovery would be slower and that'll slow me down even more."

Karin's face fell. "You don't have to be so mean, Sasuke."

"Told you he didn't like you.." Suigetsu grumbled as he smirked at the redhead.


Sasuke shook his head and walked over to Juugo, who had remained silent through all of this. "I see Karin is awake." He said as Sasuke stood by him.

A small smirk appeared on Sasuke's lips before it disappeared. "Yeah.."

"How long do you think it'll take for Karin to recover?" Juugo asked.

Sasuke shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I'm guessing not that long. With all that energy she'll eb up and moving within the next couple of days."

Juugo looked at Sasuke with an odd look before staring off into nothing again. "Is something troubling you?" Juugo asked.

"Nothing you should concern yourself with," Sasuke said calmly, his voice leaving no opening for discussion.

Juugo was sielnt for a minute before speaking. "Does it have anything to do with the girl Karin defeated, and the blonde haired boy?"

"..." Sasuke remained silent. He was trying to forget. It was a bad idea to go to Konoha. He just realized. If he hadn't gone to Konoha he wouldn't be plauged by these memories. Sasuke sighed.

Juugo smirked a little. "If you want, you can go back, Suigetsu and I will take care of Karin--"

"NO." Sasuke cut him off sharply. He didn't want to go back. To see her face. To see her eyes brimming with tears once again..

Sasuke's hand flew to his head in anger. What was he thinking. What was this feeling. He grew agitated with himself. 'I don't care about her, or Naruto. The only thing that matters to me is killing my brother. I'll kill him before I do anything else.' Sasuke thought decisevly.

Sasuke sighed as he walked back in to check on Karin, only to be greeted bu her yelling at Suigetsu. "I'll kill you!" Karin yelled at him, getting up from bed.

Sasuke smirked at the sight. "Glad to see that you can move. You'll be up and walking in no time."

Karin looked at Sasuke and automatically jumped back into bed. "I still need you to take care of me," she said seductively.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at her. "Juugo and Suigetsu will be doing most of the nursing from now on."

Karin pouted at him. "In that rate I'll never get better.." She complained.

Sasuke smirked slightly. "You will, in fact, it may work better than having me aid you."

Karin continued to pout, keeping silent.

Sasuke then turned his back on her. "I'm going for a walk," He informed, leaving the hideout.

Sasuke sighed slightly as he thought of his brother. He was so close to killing that man once and for all. But then it was interferred. 'I'll do it again, but I'll have to think of a better plan,' he decided silently as he leaned aginst a tree, stopping from his walk.

'Hopefully it'll be done without interupptions,' he thought as he decided to go back. 'But if there is another on, maybe I'll have to end it myself..'

"Are you sure you're fine now," Suzune asked Sakura worriedly.

Sakura put on a big smile for her. "I'm sure, besides, I can't stay down for too long. I have a lot of things to do."

Suzune smiled wealky. "Well, okay, if you're sure.."

Sakura smiled and nodded before she and Suzune parted ways.

In her home Sakura sat in her room, her knees hugged to her chest. 'I won't give up..' She thought, clenching a fist tightly.

'I won't give up on you..Sasuke-kun..'

Yes, a new story, I know I'll probably update really slowly, but hey, I've wanted to write this for a while. . I hope you enjoyed!