More pirates equals more fun. Now the sum of all the fun piraty goodness multiplied by three times that of the greatness of demons and the number love mixed into the equation. Now what do you get? I have no freaken' clue but I'm sure its good.

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Inuyasha: NO.

Te Inu Fighter: Damn it! Opps..I got a pirate mouth.

Inuyasha stared quietly at the woman who sat before him. Her closed hollowed out eyes looking straight at him, but not seeing anything. Then how? How did she know he was a pirate?

"Sorry, I didn't mean too.." Inuyasha said slowly, feeling he might have offended the old lady.

She started to laugh again. "You don't have to be so apologetic young man. It's quite all right. It's a cool salesman strategy. Did it work?"

Inuyasha stared at the lady strangelyShe was dirty and old. Few of her teeth were missing and her hair was long and tangled. She looked like she lived in a life of poverty, but she seemed happy non the less.

"Yeah. Actually it did. How did you know.."

"That you were a pirate?" she continued Inuyasha's sentence. A deep chuckle followed by a hollow coughed escaped from her dry lips. "Can't you see young man? I'm a fortune teller. I can see all. And I don't need my eyes to tell me what I see." Inuyasha took in a deep sigh, like he couldn't believe he was going to continue his conversation with the old witch. He walked closer to the stand and placed his hands on the counter. "So what did you want me for? Want to tell my horoscope or something?"

"Naw, that's cheep stuff. I can tell you wouldn't believe in that sort of thing."

"Then what do you want?"

"You're a hurried man? Fine I'll tell you what you want to hear." she coughed again. Inuyasha waited patiently for the woman to continue. "You're the son of Lady Izayoi and the Demon Pirate King am I mistaken?" A crinkled smile spread across her lips.

"Yeah." Inuyasha couldn't say anything beside that. He was to astonished at her accusations.

"I thought so. So, that medallion around your neck, you want to give it to someone, someone you care for deeply. But that person knows nothing of your feelings, or decides not to show it." Inuyasha slammed his fist against the wooden counter. "Is that what you wanted me for? To bring my horrid love life to view?!"

"You are impatient and full of anger. Sit back down and let me finish." She waited for Inuyasha to regain his cool and start listening again. "You want your feelings gone. Your feelings of love for this person. Your feelings of hate, anger, sadness, lust. You want all of them gone am I mistaken?"

Inuyasha couldn't say anything. How was she so accurate?

"What if I told you," a heavy long cough left her mouth. She cleared her throat and regained speaking, voice slightly more harsh than before. "What if I told you I can help you get what you want. To remove your heart?"

"That's impossible. Look I'm leaving." Inuyasha went to get up when he felt the ladies dry hands squeeze his wrist.

"There is a way. An island, far, far out. Uncharted by any map you might have. There is a demon there that can solve your problems." Inuyasha's golden eyes peered down at the woman. Could it be real? This demon? Could it really get rid of his problems?

"If this is true why are you helping me? What do you want?"

"I help those who are in need." She didn't say anything else, her empty eyes not focusing on anything, staring off into the distance. It was eerie. How could she be telling him so much and not want anything in return.

"If you give me this map, I'll come back and give you a bag full of treasure."

"Hehe. You are a kind boy, but I really don't need anything. You see, my life is coming to an end, and I figured I could at least give this map to some one who terrible needs it." Inuyasha felt sorry for the lady. But she was strong. She probably lived a long hard life. Then Inuyasha wondered if she was a pirate as well.

"We you a pirate?" The woman took a look of shock hit her face. She then laughed it off.

"I guess you could tell huh." Her fingers touched her face, "I lived a hard life. Fun, but hard. You know, I knew your father. Handsome man. I bet you are just as handsome." Inuyasha smiled at the woman, a smile she would never be able to see. "You know, the map of the demons location was given to me by your father." The woman jumped off the stool she was sitting on behind the counter. She was short and hunched back. Her hands were fumbling over a ruck shack of miscellaneous items cluttering the floor, until it seemed she found what she was looking for.

In her hands she held an old, rolled piece of paper. It was the map. Inuyasha's heart pounded. Could this be it? Could this be the end of his troublesome heart, his hurtful disgusting feelings. The woman got back onto her stool, making her taller by appearance and handed the young demon boy the map.

"It's kinda surprising giving this map to you. Who would have thought huh?" Inuyasha held the old parchment in his hand, his fingers gracefully sliding along the wrinkles. His eyes were sparkling, "it's a small world."

Out far in the ocean, the waves crash along the black ship. Up and down the large boat bobs, floating along the current. The night is dark, disguising, the black ship. Its sails ripped and still functioning was being pulled by the winds, dragging its immense body along with it. The air was loud and filled with cheers of excitement. A raid had successfully commenced and now was the demon's pirates time to celebrate.

Drunken demons laughed, and fought, exited over the load of gold and blood they just received. However, their captain lay hidden in his room. Away from the loudness, away from his men. He wasn't like the rest of them. He was quiet, a loner. If he could have it his way he would run the ship by himself. But he knew that wasn't a possibility.

The captain sat in his room, a candle flickering by his side, providing him the only light that it could. The room was large, darken by blackness. The captain looked over his maps, silently planning their next raid. It's been a while since something exciting happened. Sure all the idiots up on deck were happy. Why he couldn't figure out. It was an easy mission. Just a human ship filled with gold. He wanted something different to happen. He closed his golden eyes, rubbing them. Sleep and tiredness was started to catch up with him, maybe it was time for sleep?

"Are you tired my captain?' A green imp demon walked in to the room.

"What are you doing here Jaken. What have I told you about knocking." His eyes seemed to glow with anger. Its not like he hatted his first mate, just being disturbed like such, catching him when he was weak, that's what the captain didn't like. The imp quickly seemed to realize his mistake and started bowing down rapidly, his nose almost touching the floor.

"Very very sorry captain. I didn't think. I came to tell you that your crew has started to come to crazy. To much wine Captain but they started harassing lady Rin sir." The captain stared down at the imp.

"Are they on deck?" His cold voice seemed to echo the dark empty room.

"No sir, Lady Rin was in the kitchen whe-" The imp stopped him self when he noticed his captain had started leaving the room. He grabbed his large, heavy brown captains jacket and threw it over himself. pantry room...

"Hey let go of me!" A young girl kicked and struggled in the grasp of two large demons. Both glaring down at her, drunken lust filled their ugly faces.

"Don't think so human girl."

"You don't think we'll let a pretty thing like you run away from us."

"Your making a mistake! Captain Sesshomaru isn't going to like this!" She kicked behind her, lading a blow to the demons knee, giving her a moment to escape.

"Oh like he didn't know what was going to happen to you, the only girl on the ship, a human non the less." Another demon grabbed her from behind. She gasped and started kicking again.

"There must be no other reason for the captain to bring a human girl on board. You're just here to full fill our manly pleasures." the fifteen demons surrounding her started to laugh.

"Heh! Yeah! When the captain first brought you on board you were nothing but a scrawny little girl. Now that your older." The higher voiced demon paused, grabbing the girls breast in the process, "more mature, we see why he brought you." The all started laughing again.

The girl wasn't scared, she continued fighting away from the demons grasps. Now they started passing her from demon to demon, all of them laughing like it was some sort of game. She glared at them angrily, her captain was going to come and help her. She knew it. The medallion around her neck symbolized his protection for her. The demons seemed to know what they were talking about. But Rin knew other wise.

The demons continued to pass her around them, each grabbing a part of her body, caressing her. "Stop." The deep calm voice echoed the room the demons and the girl were in.

"Captain!" Rin couldn't help but smile. She knew he would come, and he did.

"Eh!? Captain you've come to join us?" A daring demon stated, smiling and hopeful. Or maybe just stupid.

"What are you doing?" He walked into the middle of the group of his crew pushing them aside until he met with the one still holding onto Rin. Sesshomaru looked at Rin, who still was smiling at the presence of her captain.

" I knew you would come." Sesshomaru didn't say anything to Rin, but instead turned to his drunken crew.

"No one is to touch her understood?" His eyes were cold and seemed to burn the surface they touched. He was beyond furious and the only feature of his face that showed this were his eyes. The smart demons backed away from him and out of sight. A few remained, along with the one who was still holding on tight to the girl.

Sesshomaru looked at the demon who still had a grip on her. He continued to not say anything, but his eyes were burning, screaming, "what are you still doing here?" But either he was to drunk to notice, or to stupid, non the less he still held onto her.

"Come on captain, let us use her to. Don't keep her all to yourself." The demon smiled, bringing Rin's face close to his and inhaled deeply, taking in her intoxicating scent. The demon went to go kiss the girl when he was suddenly flung to the opposite wall. The demons that still remained let out a gasp sound. They were blood thirsty and expected their captain to kill the imbecile.

The demon hung against the wall, his clawed hands grasping at his neck. Sesshomaru glared up at him, holding tight and not expecting to let go. His eyes started to glow red as he watched his squirming crew mate struggle to get free. "Never touch her again." Sesshomaru reluctantly let the demon drop to the floor, squirming and trying to regain breath.

Sesshomaru looked around at the others that still remained, "that goes for all of you." His red eyes dissolved back to gold. "Come Rin." He turned towards the door, his fine silver hair trailing behind him. As soon as the two left the room it was again filled with laughter. Rin looked around at the crew that was on deck, watching her as she walked side by side with their captain. She knew all the demons there hatted her, wanted nothing of her. Her cheeks blushed when she felt all their angry eyes burn into her. She let her head fall, watching the steps of her captain in front of her, following him to his room.

The captain's room was still left open from his hurried exit from it, Jaken no were to be seen. "Come in and close the door." Rin did as her captain ordered her to. "Yes sir." The room was clouded in darkness yet again, Rin unable to see anything, Sesshomaru, his demon eyes gave him more clarity than the humans, lit several candles, illuminating the whole room with light.

The room was large with a large red bed in the corner, a desk with charts and pens was in the middle of the room, a silver and diamond chandelier hung right above it, the light reflected off the individual crystals cascading against the walls. Rin loved to be in his room at night, she loved watching the crystals light against the walls. It reflected so beautifully. But most of all she loved to be alone with her captain. A thing she didn't get to do so often.

"Sorry about that." Rin kept her eyes on the floor, ashamed to reach her captains. Sesshomaru didn't say anything, the only sound was the scraping of the chair against the wooden floor. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything you were doing." He responded with more silence. The room stayed like that for what seemed like minutes, the only sound entering the room was that of the out side cheers of the crew, which was better than nothing at all.

"What did you do to make them do that?" Sesshomaru finally asked, looking up from his charts and maps on his table, looking directly at Rin, who was looking down at the floor. He saw her jump at the sound of his voice breaking the silence. So she's still afraid of me. "Rin look at me." Sesshomaru tried to lighten his voice, not much of a difference, but she looked up anyways and smiled.

"I was just trying to join them. I-they don't like me I know. But I still want to try and make friends with them." Rin felt a little foolish and childish for her feelings. She was now fifteen, and been on the ship for five years now. She at least wanted to have some friends, to not have the whole crew besides Captain Sesshomaru and Jaken, to not absolutely hate her.

"It's pointless, they'll never like you." Sesshomaru remained looking into her eyes, "which is why I think it would be a better idea that when the next island we go to, that you stay there, with your own kind."

"No! I don't want that!" Rin didn't mean to raise her voice, but what he told her stung her heart. Rin was now bighting her lip, her fingernails digging into the flesh of her palm. "I don't want to." She said under her breath. Her eyes now fell to the ground, focusing on a small not in the wood.

Sesshomaru watched in silence at the girl he had picked up when she was only ten. It seemed like such a long time ago now. The memory of the night he had found her raced through his mind, he remembered her face, like it was a photographed carved into his mind. He never understood what it was about this girl, this only human girl, who caused him to change. To change his whole believes of his father, his mistress, about humans. If his father was still alive he would bet that he would be teasing him, telling him, 'I told you so,' but that was only if he was a live.

Sesshomaru walked over to the motionless girl, hesitantly he wrapped his arm around her. "It's what's best." He let go of her, "I know you don't want to. But I've thought about it for a long time, and this ship is no place for a human child." It was quiet for a few moments before Sesshomaru told her to leave. She hesitantly listened to her captain. Sesshomaru stayed in his room, listening to the cheers of his men. It's been a few years since Rin had arrived onto his ship. He sat down in his bed, thinking now that bringing her here was a mistake from the beginning. She was just a child after all, what was he thinking back then that would allow him to bring a human child onto a ship filled with hundreds of demons.

Sesshomaru tried not to think of it anymore and closed his eyes. The next island they go to, Rin, his only happiness, will be gone.


Dusk was starting to fill the sky when Inuyasha's heavy boots made contact with the floor of his deck. Every one turned their heads in the direction of the sound. It had been a few hours since the time they were told to go to the ship, and Inuyasha was the last to arrive. Kouga was the first to say something, his anger flooding his emotions from their earlier experience.

"Why are you so late!?"

Inuyasha didn't say anything. He just kept moving to his room.

"Answer me!" Kouga grabbed onto Inuyasha's arm causing him to stop. "You were the one who told us not to be late, now why are you the one so late."

Inuyasha thought of a few good things to yell at Kouga, but decided not to. To keep his calm and not show his anger towards his first mate. "I never said that. I said we had all day and to take your time."

"Yeah," Inuyasha turned to look at Kagome who was resting against the rail, holding the young demon child in her arms, "we always get on board before sun down. You had us worried."

"Don't be stupid!" Inuyasha snapped. "There's nothing to be worried about in this small town."

"Yeah, what about the navy?" Miroku stated.

"Look I just got caught up in a few things. Nothing to worry about." Inuyasha placed his hands on his hips and rolled his eyes. He wanted to retreat to his room and not be bothered by anyone at the moment.

"Well ok," Kagome said silently.

"So where are we going now?" Kagura stood up from where she was sitting with her arms crossed and an annoyed look on her face.


"Why east?" Sango asked.

"Got a hint there is some big treasure up there. Thought we could check it out." Inuyasha got a glimpse of Kouga starring at him. Please god not tonight. Please don't let him into my room tonight. Inuyasha prayed in his head. Kouga was probably still angry at him for punching him and knowing Kouga he would come into his room demanding an explanation and then screw him senseless.

"I'm going to my room. Get me when dinner is ready. Other than that, don't bother me." Inuyasha walked hastily to his room, closing the door and locking it. The rest of the crew stood outside on the deck, quiet as they thought about their captain. They all new something was wrong, but Miroku was thinking of several things that could be bothering him.

"Alright! Set sails and lets start going east!" Kouga ordered, his rank of first mate gave him the powers to do so. Every one listened to him. The sails went up, the anchor lifted from the ocean floor, and Kagura ordered the wind in the direction the needed. They were off, but to where, only Inuyasha only new for sure. Every one else just knows it as a treasure.

The girls were in the kitchen fixing the nights supper, Shippo and the small demon cat were running around playing with each other, Inuyasha was still confined to his room. Leaving Miroku on deck, along with a certain demon he wanted to have a conversation with.

Kouga was sitting on the upper deck, resting with his eyes shut, not asleep, but running through his thoughts. He opened his eyes when he felt a presence coming closer to him.

"What do you want?"

"Me?" Miroku asked nonchalantly "Just to have a pleasant conversation with my fellow crew mate is all." Miroku stood smiling looking at Kouga.

"Fine. What is it you wish to talk about?" Miroku took a seat down next to Kouga, wondering to him self why was he the peacemaker/psychologist in this group.

"Did anything happen between Inuyasha and yourself today. You two seemed really out of it."

"Nothing happened. Just met his mother is all."

"His mother lives on this island."

"I guess so."

"Did you ask for his hand in marriage in front of her or something?" Miroku had a joking tone in his voice.

"What do you mean?" Kouga looked at him, his eyes narrowing. Did he know?

"I know you and Inuyasha. Don't worry." Miroku began as he saw Kouga about to protest. "I figured it out. Inuyasha didn't tell me anything."

"Wait so you know that we have sex?" Miroku looked at him a little surprised.

"That's all?"

"What do you mean. 'That's all'?" Kouga looked at him in disgust, perverted things running through his head at what his human friend might be thinking.

"Oh, it all makes sense now." Miroku said out loud to his self.

"What does."

"I think I should stay out of this." Miroku lifted himself up and was about to walk off and join the girls in the kitchen.

"What makes sense!?" Miroku stopped and faced Kouga again.

"I'm not going to say much, but you should watch what you say to Inuyasha. That or have a deep talk with him. That is if you can get him to." Kouga remained seated as he watched Miroku walk down the stairs and then soon he heard the door being shut. What does that mean? Kouga asked him self as he sat dumbfounded, unsure of the advice he was given. What was Miroku talking about?

Kouga sat back and started to close his eyes, his hands resting on his pants. "Maybe tonight I will see you. And have a nice talk." Kouga smirked to himself and got up from his spot and started walking to the captains room.

Long debate with my inner self to have a sex scene right here, but then I decided that I will need something to fill in space for the next chapter. So next chapter beware. You will immediately be faced with a lemon. So pucker up and taste the sourness of this confusing love story in the next episode of Keep Your Hands Off My Bootie!" (theme music plays)