Author: Sparkling Moon Phoenix.

Genre: Anime, Adventure, Fantasy.

Rating: T just to be safe.

Status: Work In Progress.

Chapter: Act 0/Prologue.

Standard disclaimers apply. Clamps, Sunrise Television own the rights to MKR. I am just using the characters for a fiction of my own devising and the enjoyment of Rayearth fans everywhere. Any original characters, spells etc are © Sparkling Moon Phoenix 2007.

Summary; Begins after Hikaru Shidou is captured by Eagle Vision and taken aboard the NSX. During her confinement Hikaru begins to detect something stirring within her soul. Is it the effects of the Energy Net or is it something else? Slight Eagle/Hikaru.

MKR: A New Spell for Hikaru

Act 0: Waking Up In a Peculiar Place

Hikaru awoke with a groan escaping her as a blindingly bright light carried her away from Nova. Her fingers flailed wildly; trying to grasp an arm that was not really there. Confusion was rampant within her thoughts as she finally opened her eyes. She then realized that she was definitely within the beleaguered realm of Cephiro anymore. She was elsewhere. Her damask eyes scanned her immediate surroundings. She had been placed within a moderately sized chamber; one that was devoid of any windows or adornments and decorations. Illumination was provided by lights affixed to the ceiling so far above.

Hikaru found herself to be lying upon what appeared to be a sleeping platform; covered by a soft and spongy material. Finally her attention fixated upon herself. Her amour and knightly gauntlet were missing. Hikaru realised she was garbed in clothing she definitely did not remember putting on. She was now clad in a black dress that fell to her knees. White gloves were present on her hands. A headband; adorned with a miniscule crystal, kept her scarlet tresses in check. Metallic boots covered her diminutive feet.

'What happened to me?' Her voice was the only sound within the chamber.

Slowly, clarification filtered through the jumbled mass of images that assaulted her mind and crystal clear recollection emerged. A memory that dispersed all confusion and indecision surfaced.


A bright surge of brilliance knocked the two antagonists apart. The Fire Knight gazed down upon the ruinous earth; seeking the source of the interruption. It was Lantis. The Magic Sword was still ablaze within his fingers. His dark gaze was focussed upon them both.

'Stop fighting.' Lantis' voice was laced with abiding sorrow. His attention was diverted to the individual inside the white mechanized armour. 'Eagle, why have you come to Cephiro?'

The Autozam Commander gave voice to a reply, but Hikaru did not hear it. Instead agony swept into her body and she spiralled into darkness.

End Flashback

Hikaru flinched as her body shivered in remembrance of the piercing jolt of pain that had surged into her.

'I was fighting that white robot and passed out when it fired on me.' Hikaru then knew exactly where she was. Eagle Vision had incarcerated her aboard his star craft.

I hope my magic still works. Hikaru thought within the recesses of her thoughts; feeling apprehensive for the first time since she regained consciousness. I might need to protect myself.

The teenager removed the glove upon her right hand. Normally Hikaru's knightly gauntlet was worn on that hand. Hikaru was not entirely certain whether her fire sorcery would answer her summons without the assistance of the focal crystal attached to her armour; but she was determined enough to try. Hikaru knew with absolute certainty, that the situation she now found herself in was precarious and could prove to be even more dangerous.

A barely perceptible, red nimbus shone from within her fingers. A sphere of scintillating ruby fire coalesced; levitating a few centimetres above her palm. Feeling rather relieved that her enchantments still came at her urging, Hikaru smiled. Now; all that remained was left for her to accomplish was the task of locating an escape route. Hikaru dispelled the fiery orb. As the mystical élan unravelled; myriad sensors secreted within the cabin walls registered the unusual activity, alerting certain individuals ensconced on the Command Bridge of the Star ship NSX.

Autozam Star ship NSX – Command Deck:

A warbling siren sounded within the expanse of the Command Bridge. A holographic image, denoting the passageways and rooms that comprised the entirety of the NSX flickered into view on the main computer screen. A crewmember, clothed in an ebony and emerald military uniform gazed at the representation momentarily. He then pivoted until he directly faced another individual currently seated upon the uppermost level of the Command Deck.

'Commander, my apologies for disturbing you.' The crewmember said respectfully. 'The internal scanners have detected a small fire within the Habitation Deck. Shall I activate the Fire Suppression System?'

Footsteps approached as a young man vacated the highest level of the Command Bridge. He was approximately twenty years in age. He was quite tall. A white and green cloak concealed a muscular frame clothed in a black uniform. His pale, blond hair was mostly covered by a white hood; an azure crystal fastened to it. His brown eyes regarded the enormous view screen.

'No.' Was the immediate response. 'I know what has triggered the alarm. Activate the camera please.'

The holographic picture of the star ship was replaced with another. An image of a young girl materialized; lingering traces of ethereal luminosity dancing amongst her slender fingers. Another crewmember; much taller in height, whistled when he glimpsed the teenager.

'Are you sure she is a Magic Knight Eagle?' The tone of his voice revealed his immense scepticism. 'She only appears to be fifteen years old.'

'Yes Geo.' Eagle replied; a faint smile curving his lips. 'Don't judge her because of her youthful appearance. This is Cephiro; she could be hundreds of years old. Now that she is awake Zazu can escort her to the garden within the Habitation Deck.'

'This meeting should be interesting.' Geo snorted.

A/N: I hoped all of you enjoyed the first upload of this new MKR fiction. I am working on the next chapter of this one and the next three of my CKR: The Ravener Chronicles. Hopefully, I should be able to post the next instalments soon.