Author: Sparkling Moon Phoenix.

Genre: Anime, Adventure, Fantasy.

Rating: T just to be safe/ Might be M in later chapters.

Status: Work In Progress.

Chapter: Act 9.

Standard disclaimers apply. Clamp, Sunrise Television owns the rights to MKR. I am just using the characters for a fiction of my own devising and the enjoyment of Rayearth fans everywhere. Any original characters, spells etc are © Sparkling Moon Phoenix.

A/N: Bold italic speech indicates telepathic speech. The magic Knights are sixteen years old in this fan fiction. Plus Clef appears in this chapter in his OVA form and will do so now for the entirety of this fan fiction.

Italicized speech indicates a character's thoughts. Writing like this indicates radio communication. *Writing like this indicates Knight/Mashin communications*. /script like this indicates an Ancient calling on their power/.

Summary: begins after Hikaru Shidou is captured by Eagle Vision and taken aboard the NSX. During her confinement Hikaru begins to detect something stirring within her soul. Is it the effects of the Energy Net or is it something else? Definitely Eagle/Hikaru.

MKR: A New Spell for Hikaru

Act 9: Seeking


Clef stood within the Throne Room of the Pillar, the last vestiges of magic withering into nothingness. The crystal the spell had been channelled through flared with a radiant violet light, shattering. Sighing, the High Mage watched the shards disperse, vanishing back into the Lower Planes. The sorcery used to create the focus for the illusion spell cloaking his true self from the inhabitants of Cephiro had to be returned. Borrowed power temporarily utilized for a period of time, lent from the Spirits, to be returned at the proper time. Mystical forces given to an Ancient Seraph had to be returned to the Convergence of All; the plane where all elemental magic, soul, thought and life energy flowed together, merged. That enigmatic power only his people could access and use.

Immensely gifted as he was in the ways of magic, even he could not focus a glamour spell without assistance for the length of time it been required. For seven hundred and forty six years, the High Mage hid behind the illusion of a man, short in stature, but immense in the arts of sorcery. His higher powers were sealed under the veiling spell. The enchantments cancelling the usage of his higher magical gifts were interwoven with the main part of the glamour. With both segments gone, Clef would soon regain all the powers that were normally his by virtue of race and lineage.

Now he would bear the concealing shroud no longer. Clef felt his connections with the magic of Cephiro and the Convergence increase in strength now the spell was erased. Tightening his mental shielding against the various streams of consciousness emanating within the castle, the High Mage could sense a void, one that felt wrong to his attuned mage-sight near to the citadel. In the days before he had even considered dropping the glamour, the pain filled cry of the Fire Knight slammed into his mind, piercing his strong mental defences. Clef knew then, Hikaru Shidou, the current Magic Knight of Fire had been captured. He glimpsed this occurrence within the Seeing Stone during a solitary vigil late at night in the Viewing Hall in the centre of Cephiro Castle.

He caught a glimpse of the energy weapon the Commander of Autozam used to incapacitate the youthful fire wielder. Even as he felt sorrow at her impending incarceration, he noted with a trace of satisfaction the damage she caused to the invader. She, as well as the other two young elemental wielders were gaining in strength. Now he would have to reveal the existence of his race to the armies intent on conquering Cephiro.

He knew the younger worlds considered his people to figments of legend, a fanciful tale told to children. His emergence would prove them to be incorrect. The younger races were unable to utilize the powers of the Convergence, so his usage of his gifts would, in all likelihood go unnoticed. The magic users of Cephiro, their attention focussed upon keeping the people under their protection safe and defended, couldn't detect the aural signature his talents left behind. Therefore, he had no need to use a spell of erasure.

Any other native magic user of Cephiro capable of detecting his use of the level of magic he commanded perished when he began his safeguarding of this unique land. Only the Pillar could have detected the signature left behind after each wielding of his talent didn't match that of Cephiran magicians, healers, summoners and oracles. The Ancients were the Firstborn Children of the Convergence. Any powers they displayed were far greater than those born after within the Convergence.

Clef sensed the imminent awakening of his fellow Ancients. Two others previously bonded to the Water and Fire Mashin of Cephiro had already made an appearance. The third Ancient Magic Knight had not. Others lay in enchanted slumber, secreted upon various worlds. Clef could detect their presence through the silent depths of space between worlds. Upon the second return of the Magic Knights to Cephiro, several flares of psychic energy moved through the Convergence, signalling the end of his people's long imposed exile from a world they once called their secondary home.

It wouldn't be long now. Ashelion had already passed on the vibrant strength of her gifts to the Magic Knight of Fire of the current age: Hikaru Shidou. Another, the Ancient Knight of Water, even now walked the confines of Cephiro. The Ancient Knight of Water had not transferred her powers to Umi Ryuuzaki. What his fellow Ancients were planning Clef couldn't really fathom. Those two hadn't shared their intentions with him concerning the younger Magic Knights. He intended to find out, once the crisis at hand reached its conclusion.

Dismissing those thoughts for now, Clef focussed on the matter that urgently required his attention. The land he had been pledged to protect now appeared to be disintegrating; falling back into the Convergence. That which had been originally created to save, failed. The catastrophic results could not have been predicted. The consequence; the ultimate destruction of Cephiro, wasn't foretold by the Firstborn Oracles. The sacred, binding pact formed between the first Pillar and the Ancients now voided, with the death of Princess Emeraude.

Clef recalled with perfect clarity the moment this particular segment of the Sacred Contract had been written, sealed with the life energy of Cephiro and the potent Convergence of the All. One singular paragraph of the script of the Contract rushed through his turbulent mind.

'Should the Pillar die without passing on the Knowledge of the Promise to her successor, the Contract is nullified. The Convergence of the All will no longer sustain Cephiro. Should this occur, the Ancients will awaken, returning balance to Cephiro and the companion worlds beyond. A new Pillar will be found, one who can see through the limitations of the Pillar system.'

Clef felt the last vestiges of the illusion spell merge with the energies of the Convergence as his staff rippled and vanished. Turning he strode over to the Seeing Stone in the centre of the Hall. The magician caught a fleeting glimpse of his reflection on the polished surface of the crystalline globe. Cobalt eyes gazed back at him out of a face he hadn't seen for centuries. He possessed the white pallor of his race, any skin tone long since flushed from his physical body due the channelling of magical forces over a long period of time. Silvery white hair framed his face. A golden circlet kept his short hair in check. Robes of blue, silver and lavender covered a tall, lean and muscular frame.

Raising one hand, he idly noted faint lines of silver imprinted on his skin. Turning his attention back to the sphere, the blue iris of his eyes shone a roseate gold. Dropping his mental barriers, Clef delicately began to sort through all the soul threads intertwined with his. In particular, he sought one. Thinking of scarlet fire, he sent a pulse of magic along the web of threads visible to his mage sight.

One resonated in response. Flexing his will, Clef reached for it, his voice low.

/Show me what I wish to see/

Radiance sparked within the Stone.


Sipping at the ice cool water, Hikaru strained to hear what was being discussed in the small room adjoining her larger chamber. She recognized the voice of the female medic who assisted her after she woke from her long bout of unconsciousness. The other one was masculine, and very familiar to her. Eagle Vision, Commander of the invasion fleet of the planet Autozam was conversing with the medical technician concerning her physical wellbeing.

Placing the glass down on the cabinet near to the bed she was currently resting on, she attempted to shift her sore and aching body across the blanket covered surface. Unknown to her however, the medication added to the water she consumed only moments ago were quite potent. Still after her body had lain in one position for more than three days, her limbs protested against the demands she made of them.

After a few minutes she inched her way across the rough fabric of the bedspread, halting whenever she felt dizzy and weak. She was trembling when she reached the edge of the bed. Knowing she shouldn't really be moving yet, considering how weak her current state was, the urge to know what was being said about her was a compulsion the young Fire Knight couldn't ignore.

Holding firmly onto the sturdy cabinet she shifted her body until her bare feet met the carpeting. Pushing herself up and off the bed, her legs gave way. Her fingers slipped over the smooth surface of the bedside cupboard, trying to find purchase in an attempt to stop her from falling. Her flailing arms swept the half full tumbler and water jug from the top. Water splashed over her white infirmary sleeping clothes. The noise of glass splintering and shattering was shockingly loud, seeming to echo within the near silent room.

Hikaru flinched when she glimpsed the jumbled mixture of ice, water and glass shards. I am going to be in so much trouble over this.

She sighed; a sense of dread filling her. She was being held captive by the Autozam forces. She didn't know what was going to happen to her. Trying to move away from the mess was impossible, weakness flooded her body. Hikaru had no choice but to remain where she was.

The voices talking in the next room stopped rather abruptly. From the edges of her vision Hikaru saw booted feet approach; the pace ragged and rapid. One pair was silver in hue, the other white. Her attempt to eavesdrop on the conversation concerning her failed. A flash of green and white entered her immediate field of vision. She recoiled, certain a reprimand for breaking the water jug and tumbler would follow. The Fire Knight didn't raise her head, afraid to look up at the infirmary attendant.

The medical technician knelt, slipping one hand under the young girl's chin, gently tilting her head until their gazes locked. But it wasn't the medical attendant kneeling on the floor next to her. It was someone she didn't expect; Eagle Vision, High Commander of the Autozam invasion force. His deep amber eyes regarded her for a moment. Feeling rather uncomfortable about being so close to the man who kidnapped her, she jerked her head out of his grip, gazing at the floor.

Inwardly Eagle flinched at her reaction, but he couldn't really blame her.

I really shouldn't be surprised at her evident fear of me. I have taken her prisoner and brought her here.


The soft voice of the healer interrupted his chain of thought. His eyes flicked upwards, meeting those of the medic.

'She needs to be moved away from this mess. I'll have to see if she gained any injuries from the glass.'

Nodding his understanding, Eagle shifted closer to the weakened Fire Knight.