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Chocolate Roses

Chapter One: An Unexpected Meeting

Tears spilled from her bright blue eyes as she ran down an obscure hallway of her school. She had been dumped, unceremoniously, by the guy she thought she would spend the rest of her life with. Perhaps he was just too good for her. Or maybe she just had the worst luck in the world. She was a Weasley, after all.

She had hoped he would change his mind before they left the school. She held onto that wish, still wanting the strong man's arms wrapped around her waist. She still hoped she would feel his soft lips on hers, caressing her mouth gently. But he had told her it was over, for 'noble reasons'. She knew he was going to get into a whole heap of trouble before the next school year began.

She couldn't see through her teary eyes any longer. But, instead of resting, she ran even harder, barely missing running into corners and suits of armor. She had just dodged a particularly pointy object when she ran into something very big and very human.

"Oh! I am so sorry, I didn't see you there," Ginny rushed out of her mouth toward the boy. She knew it had to be a man; he couldn't possibly be female with that body.

"What? Oh, it's you, Weasley. Watch where you're going." The voice was definitely masculine, but had an air of aristocratic superiority. She blinked many times to try and clear her eyes.

When she could see again, she noticed that the boy was very dark-skinned and had a decidedly aristocratic, up-turned nose. While his features might have looked out of place on anyone, the man looked like a statue of a god. Ginny stared wide-eyed up at him. She had never seen him this up-close before. With him being a Slytherin, Blaise Zabini didn't often spend his time close to Gryffindors.

Remembering herself and quickly glancing away, Ginny muttered a hurried, "Sorry," before leaving the boy's side. She could feel him staring at her as she walked down the hallway. It was unnerving, to say the least, to be stared at by someone you barely even recognize.

She continued her march away from him until she reached the corner and turned. She sighed as she felt his eyes leave her and she sunk to the floor. Why did he have this effect on her? She was supposed to still be grieving over her loss of Harry as a boyfriend, not already fawning over a new boy. Sometimes, she didn't even get herself.

Blaise stared after a clearly distressed Ginny Weasley. He vaguely wondered what bothered her so much, and then decided it was none of his business. Women were normally emotional for the most obscure reasons.

He had noticed the way her hips moved before now. He just hadn't had time to really look at the swaying of her skirt as she walked. She was a year younger, after all, and he didn't see her that often. But he could appreciate beauty even when it came to younger, muggle-loving, blood traitors like her.

His eyes left her swaying buttocks as she rounded the corner. He didn't know why, but he wouldn't mind watching her walk past him again. He supposed it was his animalistic instincts inside of him. What self-respecting man would mind seeing Ginny Weasley walk past him?

Blaise shook himself out of his thoughts. He was supposed to be getting ready to leave this retched castle. He had been scheduled to meet with Draco Malfoy ten minutes from now. He sighed. He would never make it down to the dungeons in time. He set off in the correct direction in a fast, but not hurried, walk. Slytherins only ran if they absolutely needed to.

Ginny boarded the Hogwarts express the next morning. She already knew Harry hadn't changed his mind; it was plain in his guilty expression whenever he looked at her. She was only a little sad about that, though. Her mind had been filled with images of a certain dark, god-like Slytherin ever since she had bumped into him.

She talked to Harry, Hermione, and Ron as she usually did on the express, and went off to say goodbye to her fellow classmates. There weren't that many she was truly fond of, and it was always difficult to find the ones she actually liked. She peered into many compartments, first looking for Colin Creevey, then Luna Lovegood and Janice Rose (another Ravenclaw). She had no luck in finding Janice, but she had a nice long chat with Luna. An odd chat, it was, but nice all the same.

The sky was growing to dusk now. She stopped and looked out of an empty compartment's window. The grounds were bathed in orange and red, creating a fiery landscape for her to enjoy.

The door slid open behind her, startling her out of her gazing. She quickly turned around to see who had invaded her lonely room. It was Blaise, again. She wondered what cruel fate would make her repeatedly run into the older boy in two days.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this room was empty. I'll leave you to your gazing," Blaise said to her. He might have been a Slytherin, but he wasn't impolite or cruel like most of the others.

Ginny was tongue-tied. The dark-skinned man was standing in the light cast from the window. The orange light outside made his skin glow softly, giving him an even more god-like appearance. Her breath hitched in her throat as she took it all in.

"No… I don't mind. You can take it if you want. I was just passing through…" Ginny stumbled out of her mouth. It seemed to Blaise that his presence scared her. He couldn't fathom why; he was nicer than the other Slytherins. He noticed her smooth silhouette against the orange-bathed backdrop. The red-tinted landscape complemented her hair, making it seem wild and forbidden. She looked like an angel against a demonic sky, ready to deliver her peace upon the world.

He blinked, trying to clear his mind of her beauty. "That's alright, I'll leave. You don't have to."

"No, really, I have to get going!"

"It's okay! Stay here, I'll go." Both of their voices were frazzled as they moved toward the doorway at the same moment. Blaise had unconsciously stepped toward her as he was admiring her beauty, and now he regretted it. They both became tangled in each other's limbs as they tried to leave the room. Ginny tripped, brining Blaise down on top of her. Blaise, not wanting to crush the small girl, put his hands out in front of him and on opposite side of Ginny's head. They tumbled to the ground and wound up in a very compromising position. Blaise supported himself above her with his arms as his legs were sill entangled with hers. Ginny had wound her arms around his neck to try vainly to stay upright. Their faces were inches from each other's, both bathed in the orange sunlight. They both moved closer to each other, gazing into the other's lit eyes. Their lips brushed in the tiniest of kisses before they remembered themselves.

They quickly untangled their limbs and stood, Blaise holding the door for Ginny. Ginny practically ran out of the room, not even looking at her God as she passed him. Blaise, too, refrained from looking at the angelic girl that made his heart leap.

After Ginny's footsteps had died, Blaise relaxed. It didn't mean anything, surely. They were just caught up in the moment and it had happened. 'It didn't mean a thing,' he told himself repeatedly. 'Not a thing.' For some reason, Blaise didn't believe a word he was saying.

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