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There is no lemon in this… (yet) It's a fluffy, romantic(ish) ( with hint of angst) story of Sasuke and Naruto(Use to be a oneshot). It's a pairing everyone likes, whether they like Yaoi or not, they just aren't admitting that it's painfully obvious there's something going on between those two besides a friend ship. –waggled eyebrows-

&Btw. It's an AU. :)

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A kiss to end your social life.

This was not good. Not good. Everyone was staring and he could tell even though his eyes were shut. He could feel their eyes pouring imaginary acid on his brain, feel them plotting to devour and destroy his very existence.

He damned the person stooping down in front of him to meet his height. He damned his arms for not obeying him when he lifted them to push the bastard out of his face and they, instead, wrapped themselves around the other person's neck. He damned his feet for going into 'tippy-toe' mode to help better accommodate the height difference. He damned his hips for submitting to the other's touch, when an arm snaked its way around his waist, and pressing close to the body of the sneaky bastard, causing the rest of his body to follow suit.

He damned and cursed his head for returning the kiss the other man attacked him with. He twice damned his lips that parted when a tongue was slid achingly slow across his bottom lip, allowing it to enter his mouth. He damned his virgin lips and tongue that clumsily followed the other's movements and enjoyed the taste and feel of tongue against tongue, lips against lips. He damned his vocal chords that allowed a low moan to rumble through his chest, causing the other man to nibble slightly at his lower lip, hoping to earn another one.

He damned his hands and fingers thrice over as they worked their way to tangle in soft, black locks. And most of all he damned himself. For enjoying the kiss in front of half the student body in the school cafeteria with Uchiha Sasuke, allowing a heat to build up in his heart… or was that below his belt? He was too stunned to care.

And yes, that's right. Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke were standing, pressed very hard against one another in front of over 400, gawking students of Konoha High School (200 of them being fan girls) , enjoying themselves a little make-out session.

In the haze of Naruto's pleasure he could hear cat-calls, whistles, girls crying and mourning the lose of their beloved 'true love' Uchiha, death-threats (mostly from Sakura), laughing, and the sound of faux vomiting. But he didn't care because for once in his natural born life he felt loved, or at least he felt lusted after.

The kissing lasted for what seemed like hours, was only minutes. Onyx eyes bore into azure, smiling playfully in a not-smiling Uchiha Sasuke style. A smirk played on Sasuke's lips when he leaned forward. Instinctively, Naruto's eyes shut hoping for more. Hoping?! Yes, hoping for another kiss because his mind had shut out all others except for Sasuke. But the kissing never came, instead a tongue wiped across his lobe, hot breath blowing in his ear, and a husky voice telling him to meet Sasuke behind the bleachers after school, sending shivers up and down Naruto's spine. Seemingly in a trance, Naruto nodded mouth agape.

He nearly cried as he watched Sasuke gracefully exit through the doors without so much as a glance over his shoulder at the blonde apple of his eye or a death glare at a random fan girl to send them cowering into the corner. Naruto marveled at how his movements were smooth and his posture confident, daring anyone to challenge him.

Naruto stood by his table, dazed by the kiss and the feelings it made him realize he had for the Uchiha since he'd first met him three years ago, freshman year. A slap on his shoulder sent Naruto throttling back to reality. He whipped his head around, causing people to jump, especially Kiba, the one who had patted him. Wide, blue eyes gave Kiba a pleading look before Naruto sprinted out of the cafeteria, past the benches and Sasuke enjoying a steaming cup of coffee from the school vending machines and who was unfazed by the blonde's frantic run to the bathrooms, an enraged, screaming Sakura trailing behind him.

Apparently it was his fault that Sasuke was gay… And didn't like her anymore. (like he ever liked her –rolled eyes-)

Naruto managed to get the door shut and locked right as Sakura rammed herself into the it and began pounding with her fists, spouting off profanities that would have made any sailor proud.

And that's how Naruto spent his last block of the day, closed in a stinky bathroom on the freshman floor thinking of all the extra time he had been spending with Sasuke and cursing himself for being too dense to see how much he liked Sasuke. Sasuke had been using the fact that Naruto needed tutoring in math class as an excuse to spend more time with the blond, often suggesting they do it over dinner because he mysteriously knew Naruto could understand equations and theorems better when food was involved.

That's how Naruto started going over to Sasuke's house often just because he felt like it and Sasuke had no problem with it. That's how Naruto learned Sasuke's parents had been successful business people up to their untimely death in an arson house fire three years prior. Sasuke had moved in with his hippie brother Itachi(1) after that and began attending Konoha High. That's how Naruto met Sasuke's peaceful brother who was very open-minded, and Sasuke's sister-in-law, Amaterasu(2), who was an insanely good cook and made hemp jewelry with Naruto when he didn't want to stay at home and Sasuke was at work.

That's how Sasuke found out Naruto had been an orphan until he was 10 when his aunt mysteriously popped up to take him into custody. That's how Naruto and Sasuke became close friends and Naruto confessed the Sasuke that his aunt's boyfriend abused him and that his aunt did nothing about it. That's how Sasuke promised him that he could escape to his house when he needed somewhere safe to go and how Sasuke promised Naruto that if things got out of hand he would call the police and take Naruto into his home to live until they graduated this coming spring. That's how Naruto's whole life turned upside down for the better then he turned 18 and being a legal adult he could live on his own so he moved into the little shack that was the Uchiha household.

Emotions welled up in his throat and tears spilled forth from his eyes leaving wet, salty trails on his tanned cheeks. Naruto was so lost in his own thoughts he failed to notice the bell signaling the release of the teenagers from the school that held them captive 8 hours day after day. He did notice the pounding the door start up again and he tensed. He was soon able to relax when he heard the voice of his friend, Kiba.

"C'mon Naruto! Sakura's gone right now but who knows when that cunt will be back! Open up!"

Naruto opened the door, swiftly dragging Kiba in by the collar and locking the door again. Almost instantly after the lock clicked into place the incessant pound of Sakura's fist against eh door started up again.

"Damnit! You're good! I didn't even see the bitch." Kiba let out a bark-like laugh.

"Can it, dog breath. You gotta help me out here!" Naruto's voice was pleading at he leaned against the wall and sank to the floor. His head bowed as he ran a hand through his golden hair and over his face.

"Honestly, dude? Everyone was surprised by the whole kiss. You guys were fighting so bad I thought you might kill each other and then BAM!"

"Kiba, I think I love him." Naruto sobbed into his hands.

"Well then what the fuck are you crying for?"

"I feel so stupid that I didn't see it before," Naruto whined.

"Ha! Wow you're dense!"

"Not helping, asshole."

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I mean even Sakura could see how you glow every time you talk to or about Sasuke." Kiba chuckled, sitting down next to Naruto on the floor.

"Was it that obvious?"

"Sure was. Now what are you gonna do?"

"He wants me to meet him behind the bleachers soon."

Kiba let out a suggestive growl, wiggled his eyebrows and laughed. Naruto just stared at him blankly before pushing him over and laughing as well.

"You're going, right?"

"Of course I am."

"Well then stop blubbering and go get your man. You man-loving manly man-thing!" Kiba said with a face all-too serious that it sent him and Naruto into a bout of laughter again.

"Buuuut," Kiba added after the laughing died down and the pounding on the door wasn't tuned out anymore, "You might want to squeeze through the window if you don't want to meet le wrath of Sakura."

"Yeah." Naruto cringed thinking about it.

"I'll bring your stuff over to Itachi's later on tonight." Kiba said, helping Naruto up and grabbing his bag off the floor. Naruto then surprised him by embracing him in a warm hug.

"Thank you," Naruto mumbled into Kiba's shoulder. Kiba pulled back, grinning at him.

"Aint nothing. I owe you for hooking me up with Hina-chan last Saturday." He wiggled his eyebrows again and did a hip thrust at the air around him. Naruto grinned and laughed, after rolling his eyes and muttering about Kiba's one-track mind.

"S'later" they said their goodbyes before Naruto hoisted himself onto the counter by the sinks and climbed out that high window in the bathroom. Before he headed towards the field and bleachers he waited for Kiba to open the door.


To his satisfaction there was a disappointed groan before the yelling started up again.

"He went out the window! Move it ladies! He can't escape!"

Naruto's face fell and he made a mad dash through the courtyard and over the back fence in the direction his not-so-secret admirer and (newly realized) root of happiness, Uchiha Sasuke.

As he slowed his pace, just past some tall bushes that would hide him from the wolf pack(3), he realized something else. That simple kiss changed everything. As soon as word gets out to the rest of Konohagakure the gay-bashing would begin and Naruto's social life would be over. But that was okay with him. He'd start a new one next fall at college where people were more open-minded like Sasuke's brother and sister-in-law. He's start a new life with his newly-found love.

Naruto, positively beaming, walked up to the slouching form of a black-haired Sasuke and cleared his throat.

Slowly the man turned around, Onyx eyes meeting Azure, a smirk playing on his lips.






(1) Imagine this… Itachi all 'make love not war', doing peace signs in every picture he's in, with long unruly hair and heart-shaped sunglasses, in a peasant skirt and shirt, tie-dyed-flower-child-Itachi. Yeah. That's him.XD Oh my imagination of OOCness.

(2) Means "shining over heaven". It's a Japanese myth name of a sun goddess who ruled the heavens. Cool, huh? Yeah, I googled it. XD What's it's to you? HUH?

(3)You should know that means rabid fan girls. D

But yes..


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