The Very Best of Friends

I was shy, awkward, and weird

You were popular, beautiful, and adored

Quickly I became the class freak that most hated

While you had the friends and the dazzling presence

But one instance changed all of that

We became friends through one conversation

You helped me to see that I was not ugly

And gave me the confidence to stand up for what I believed in

I no longer felt like a freak

Because I had one person who cared about me

Even though our lives are taking us in different directions

Alyways a handprint on my heart you'll be

For you've changed me more than you'll ever know

A better person than I used to be

And for sure a better friend

You're the only friend I've ever had

And the only one that mattered

Now all that is left for me to say is that...

Because I knew you

I have been changed for good

A/N: Just a little poem I wrote one night. It's dedicated to my very best friend in the world, Dara, who has done more for me than any one person ever has. She always has been and will by the Glinda to my Elphaba.