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Lose yourself

She shivered under the possessive touch, still unsure if this was right, if this was what she wanted, but as those hands slowly stripped her of the blouse and those lips descended upon her neck, within an instant finding that spot that made her moan and throw her head back, she decided that, wrong or not wrong, she would take full advantage of what was being offered to her.

Anzu reached out, hands travelling across smooth skin, tracing the lines of those delicate shoulders, thumbs brushing against firm collarbones before wandering up and twining into luscious golden locks and pulling at them, hard. Mai's head came up, mischievous amethyst eyes glistening in the semi-dark room, and she crushed her mouth down on the brunette's. Anzu moaned and parted her lips, her tongue reaching out to Mai's, tentatively at first, but gaining more and more confidence as the older woman guided them towards her bedroom.

Anzu hissed into the kiss, her back colliding with the closed door, and both women paused in their journey, breaking apart to breathe. Their eyes met, the amethyst questioning and the azure determined, and lips locked again, hands moved and pulled at clothes with frantic eagerness wanting to touch, to feel, to explore until there were no secrets left, no inch of skin unattended. Mai's playful growl resonated in Anzu's mouth as the brunette tried to rid her of the skirt and failed. The taller woman grinned inwardly and reached down before slowly running her hand up the other's thigh, her skirt riding up high. Anzu froze for a moment, then sighed wistfully and relaxed; she really had to stop acting so damned shy.

Neither of them could tell who had reached for the doorknob, but suddenly nothing was supporting Anzu and she fell backwards, taking Mai with her. The soft carpet reduced the pain, though it still was not a pleasant feeling to have the weight of another human being unceremoniously crashing on top of you. Unlike the brunette, Mai found it quite funny.

"Should we stay right here?" she queried in a low, husky voice, her breath tickling Anzu's ear.

The brunette shivered, feeling the air temperature rising considerably. If she thought about it, it really was a funny situation, but her thinking process was flawed because of that wet tongue dancing across her collarbone and that hand running up and down the inside of her thigh. She groaned and pushed up against the other's body and was rewarded with a pleasured groan. "Unless you really cherish your carpet..."

Lips pressed against the hollow of Anzu's throat, Mai chuckled, then drew away and raised her head to look at her partner. "Can't say I do."

"Good," Anzu breathed before her lips were swallowed in a fierce kiss, and the outside world lost all meaning.