I know I have other stories to finish, but this one story just fought its way out of my brain. It's written last minute with no particular plot than to get Padme entangled once more with Anakin's bad side. It's very AU so please don't remind me about canon and such. I want to keep this story short and so it may only end up having three chapters (crossing my fingers). As I wrote this I had to refrain from answering my own questions about the what if's and give a bit more background info, but I don't want to create a twenty piece epic either. I have enough trouble trying to finish my other stories.

Anyway, the characters of course don't belong to me and I seek no monitary compensation for my time and efforts in writting this story. The glory belongs to Mr. Lucas and as always I welcome reviews as long as they are constructive and helpful. Please tell me what you think! Enjoy!

He wanted her. The urge to possess her pulsed strongly through his body. He knew that she would never forgive him for what he planned. Not that he was ready to forgive her betrayal. He had warned her, in the time they had engaged in a personal war, that he meant to have her. Possess her. He could sense her own inner battle as she fought her growing attraction to him. Never mind that she was engaged to Paolo, an artist belonging to one of the richest families in Naboo. He was an obstacle Vader was sure he could get easily rid of.

The last time he'd seen Padme, he almost managed to maker her his. She was walking by the lake in her home in Naboo. He didn't mean to make his way there, as he was only close by because there was an army base there of the Republic that the Emperor had wanted him to oversee. He was drawn to the lake and with good reason. There she was, without her usual entourage, or Senator garb. She wore a long pale blue dress that showed off her creamy shoulders. Vader instantly harden as he spotted her slip her dress up to her thighs, revealing shapely legs. He groaned as he saw her scratch a spot on her leg and then continued her walk, twirling one of her loose brown curls in her fingers. She seemed deep in thought. Vader took a deep breath, trying to calm his raging desire as he caught her faint fragrance in the flower -scented air.

Looking back Vader almost grinned as he remembered her shocked expression at seeing him there. She hadn't said a word as she turned around to flee him, only to have him pull her to him as his mouth came crashing down over hers. He expected her to struggle and for a while he thought she was until her nails raked through his scalp, pulling him closer as her mouth hungrily met his.

They both tumbled among the soft grass, the tall weeds hidng their forms. Vader felt Padme's growing desire match his own. He took the opportunity to slip his hands through the folds of her skirts and dip his fingers into her waiting warmth. She was slick and wet as he dipped his fingers further inside her, exploring her warmth. He continued to kiss her, his tongue dueling with hers. Her hand suddenly reached out to stop him but was betrayed by the needs of her own body as she moved in unison with his caresses.

Padme began to moan and arch her body and screamed as she felt her body convulse in the aftermath of a powerful orgasm. It was at that moment, before she regained her senses, that Vader spread her legs and began to taste her. He felt her quiver once again as he licked and laved her insides. Padme started to feel another orgasm build inside her and moaned her need.

Vader knew that now was the moment to take her. To make her his. At that moment he sensed someone else coming closer. A male voice called out Padme's name. Padme then managed to push Vader away as she found her voice to say, "Paolo. My God, Paolo." She stood up and started to run away from him. He remembered that the grass in the field had been particularly tall and thought that Paolo might not have seen their hidden tryst.

He could follow her, impose himself and let her fiancé know just how faithful she had been, but at that moment Vader chose to savor his small victory over Padme. She had practically given herself over to him. He knew that next time he would have her calling out his name beneath him. She might hate his politics and association with the Emperor, but he knew that as a whole she wasn't completely immune to his charms.

Now, as he saw Padme pass by with her new husband by her side, he seethed in anger. She had moved up her wedding date, unknown to him. He had been too busy plotting to overtake the Emperor that he wasn't even aware of when the Holo Vids announced the change to Senator Amidala's wedding plans. He had managed to slay the Emperor, satisfaction pulsing through him as he sliced the older man upon his own throne. Vader had been very good about masking his intentions until he was sure the time was right to overtake his old mentor.

As he returned to Coruscant, he happened to hear another Senator talk about Padme's wedding taking place that very day. He nearly choked the Senator as Vader demanded he repeat everything he had just said.

Vader quickly raced though the stars and arrived in Naboo in time to see Padme come out of the religious temple with Paolo. The ceremony was over and Padme was legally wed to another man. Padme's hair hung loose and long down her back. Her dress was a white ivory color, her corset incrusted in small glittering jewels. Her beautiful skirt was long and flowing, showing off her shapely figure. On her hair she wore tiny white flowers that painfully reminded Vader of the flowers in the field where he had last seen her. Where he had last held her and almost made love to her. Hiding behind the throng of people, Vader's eyes narrowed in anger, a red flash glowing within them. He had pulled his black hood over his head and went unnoticed by the well-wishers around him.

Padme and Paolo smiled at the crowed. Paolo seemed the epitome of male beauty and strength. He stood proudly beside Padme, his arm holding her protectively by his side. He leaned towards Padme and caught her lips in his as the crowed cheered their approval. Vader gripped his lightsaber, wanting to cut Paolo through, but he caught something in Padme's body language. Although she laughed and seemed to enjoy the moment, she didn't seem as reluctant to kiss Paolo as he was to kiss her. There was some detachment in her actions. That was enough for Vader to hope that she sped up her own wedding because she was indeed escaping him and her growing feelings towards him. He was angry that she would willingly give herself to someone else just to escape him. Vader refused to let that happen, swearing that it would be him and not Paolo that would be in her bed that night.