Title: Blocking Out the Pain

By: Akira E. A.

Credits: Thanks Shikyo Miazaki for the idea! ;; See! I told you I would remember this time!

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Deidara walked through the halls of the Akatsuki hide out. Sasori was out on some special sort of mission, and he missed him. It had been a week since the two had seen each other. They had been going out for several months now, and it had been the first time they had been away from each other for an extended period of time. He sighed.

The blonde was anxious for the next day to hurry up and come. It was the day that his puppet maser was supposed to come back. He went to bed early that night, an attempt to make it seem like the sun would rise sooner.

The instant he felt the sun graze across his smooth, pale skin, he jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. He brushed his hair and put it up the way he liked it. He quickly brushed his teeth and rushed to leave his room and wait for Sasori.

He was stopped in the hall a few away from his door. "Morning Leader-sama, un!" he said with a smile. "Is Sasori-danna back yet?" he asked curiously, anxious to see the puppet.

The leader sighed. "Deidara… Perhaps you should sit down…" he said quietly. Deidara looked at him. His expression was confused and innocent.

"Leader-sama, what's wrong, un?" he asked. The leader took Deidara back into his room and had him sit on his bed.

"Deidara… I know how you were eagerly awaiting for Sasori to come back, but I'm afraid that that didn't happen." He said. He took a pause to see the bomb artist's reaction.

Deidara cocked his head to the side, still quiet confused. "Was his mission extended, un?" He asked, having so many questions in his head but only looking for a few answers.

The leader looked at the ground. This wasn't going to be as easy as he hoped. "Deidara, quite acting naive. You know what I mean. Sasori's gone. He's dead." He said sternly.

The words cut through Deidara's heart like a knife. He looked down at the ground. A single tear escaped his eye. He looked back up at Deidara with a smile. "Quite being silly, Leader-sama. Sasori can't die. He's a puppet." He replied simply and stood. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go wait for him." The bomb artist walked out of the room before Leader-sama could say anything.

Deidara walked outside of the hide out. Clouds have covered the once shining sun. A cool breeze blew against his skin. He stood outside for several hours before he thought he saw a distinct hair color out in the woods. He ran up to it. "Sasori-danna!" He cried happily, but once he got to where the puppet should have been, he found nothing.

A few more tears escaped his eye. He wondered to himself if Leader-sama had been telling the truth, but quickly shook his head of the thoughts. "He must have run inside!" he said in denial of the truth. He ran inside as the tears dried on his cheeks.

Itachi looked up as Deidara ran in. He was surprised to see a smile on the blonde's face. "Are you alright, Deidara?" Itachi asked quietly. Word of Sasori's death had spread through out the Akatsuki within several hours.

Deidara stopped looking for Sasori for a moment and looked at Itachi. "Of course! Why wouldn't I be?" he asked with another smile.

Itachi lifted a brow. "Well I just assumed you would be upset… With the whole Sasori thing and all…" he said quietly.

Deidara gave him a look that had stopped Itachi from saying anymore. The blonde looked confused.

"Why would I be upset that he's hiding?" He asked. The confusion on his face mirrored the confusion in his voice.

Itachi sighed. He knew not to argue with him. Deidara was in his own world now. One where he was blocking the pain and depression, with the thought of Sasori. One where he believed that Sasori was still alive. Deidara ran to his room calling, "Sasori-danna! Come out, come out where ever you are!"

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