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It had been a week since that incident. Kisame noticed that Deidara had been spending more time seeking out Itachi as opposed to seeking out the puppet he would never find. Neither of the men had told Kisame what happened that afternoon, no matter how many odd glances he gave them. There was something that was obviously different about their friendship.

Deidara and Itachi had made sure that Kisame didn't know about their hidden kisses before bed. They made sure that he didn't know of anything that they did. Of course they never discussed telling him with each other. The only reason neither of them told him was because they didn't think that the other wanted people to know. Most of the paranoia came from the Uchiha's half, but a good portion was still from the blonde's.

And Kisame was clueless just like they wanted.

Deidara slipped out of his room just as Itachi was walking into his own. "Itachi-san…can I sleep with you tonight?" He whispered. Itachi didn't even have to think about it, he simply nodded.

The blonde had been telling the Sharingan user that he had been having nightmares the past few nights, and Itachi would do anything to allow Deidara to have a full night's sleep. The effects of the haunting images were showing their effects all over the bomb artist. He had been acting very irritated with every little thing that happened. He was beginning to get lines under his eyes just like Itachi, and it just wasn't normal. The normally cheerful man would just ignore everything that was going on, and everything that Itachi and Kisame said.

He would only talk pleasantly with Itachi when they were off alone while Kisame was sleeping. That meant that they had been staying up late so they could be alone, and that wasn't helping Deidara's sleep depervision.

The two walked into the dark room, no candles or lights providing any source of light. They lay next to each other on the bed, Itachi holding Deidara firmly in his arms. The blonde looked into Itachi's eyes as he clung onto his chest.

He gently pressed his lips against the Uchiha's. Itachi kissed him back, only pulling the body closer to his own. The kiss lingered for several moments before Deidara spoke. "I love you…" He whispered mindlessly.

He didn't know that he had said it. In fact, he wasn't even consciously aware that it was true. The fact that he had said anything at all didn't register in his mind until the ex-Konoha nin smiled slightly. "I love you too…" He whispered back.

The two stayed that way for over an hour; simply hold each other and enjoying how close they were. The blonde had closed his eyes, and was half asleep. Itachi sighed contently as he looked down at him.

Nothing could have been any more perfect at that moment…everything seemed to be working out so well.

As Deidara finally drifted off to a peaceful sleep, he heard Sasori's voice in his head. But this time, he wasn't going to go chasing after it. He simply smiled at the words he heard. "I love you Deidara…. and this is exactly what I want for you…for you to live your life to the fullest, and move on." The voice said.

The Uchiha gently stroked the sleeping man's hair and began to drift off to sleep himself. A smile began to form on his own face as he heard the same voice that the other did. The only difference for him was what they said. "Thank you Itachi…he really needs you."

And the men slept peacefully that night, happily in each other's arms. Up above them, a certain redheaded puppet was smiling, glad that everything seemed to work out in the end. And he was able to rest, finally at peace.


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