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"For once in your damn life, Orton, can you please do something right? Can you please shut your big fat mouth so that the rest of us can live life as we should?" Riz screamed at the top of her lungs as she stood in the middle of catering face-to-face, or probably, face-to-chest, with Randy Orton. He was certainly pushing her buttons and sad to say, it was working. "Some of us around here don't have enough time and patience to tolerate your childishness!"

"Childishness? Me? I'm sorry, Riz, but if there's anyone here who's got enough brains to think, that's going to be me… At least I know how to define a man from a woman… How about you?" he pushed even further. He knew it was making her livid but he didn't care. He found amusement in making her seethe with anger. "You're a girl trying to act like a guy… You don't even know how to be a girly-girl when the need be… You go out into the world and act all tough but God and I know that you aren't all that tough… You're a actually a softie that doesn't let the people see you cry… And you want to know why?"

"Oh, please enlighten me with your 'knowledge'!" she replied sarcastically as she used air quotes on the word 'knowledge'. Her patience with him had been wearing thin over the past ten minutes and it wasn't doing her throbbing head any good. She'd tolerated every single one of his jabs for the past two years and literally, it was turning out to be too much now. Now that she's in a situation that nobody could really understand. "The great Randy Orton knows something that I don't about myself! Oh, please dare to enlighten me!"

"You pretend to act all tough and sarcastic… You act cool and you pretend everything's all right… Why? It's because you're weak but you don't let people see it… And face it, Cruz. I am your weakness… Right now, as you stand before me, you are feeling weaker by the moment and you know you can't stand me…" he played with her. Oh, he was asking for it. "You know you never were really a girl… You never had the 'feminine touch'… All you ever were was rough and tough and you play around with the big boys…"

"You want to know why I act all tough, Orton? You want to know why?" she had begun to raise her voice as the superstars surrounding them had slowly back away from the two. They knew it was never good to get in the middle of a raged Riz and a cocky Randy. "I only act all tough because you have to make me! What am I supposed to do? Fall down at your knees and beg? I don't think so… I'm not a girl who's willing to throw herself at you, Orton… You're nothing to me but a worm that I squish with my sneakers!"

"A worm that you squish with your sneakers? That's new… Face it, Riz. You're weak. Right now, I can see you faltering and going down as you slowly get to your knees and beg for me to satisfy you…" he said cockily. She was the only girl that never threw herself at him. She never even flirted with him. All they ever did was fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. That's how it was everyday. "If I'm not your weakness, Riz, then I want to know what… 'Cause you know you can never hide it from me…"

"My weakness? Right now, Orton, I don't care about weakness!" her voice was starting to croak as tears had begun to form in her eyes. There was water pooling around her brown eyes and her face was turning red. Her breathing had slowly become ragged and she bit her bottom lip every now and then. But her voice was still as demanding as ever even when it broke. "You don't understand the word weakness, Orton! You don't know the word sensitivity! All you've ever cared about was yourself and how well you get girls to fall at your feet!"

"I don't want to fall at your feet… I'm not your average girl who's willing to get herself laid just because you have an ego the size of Jupiter! Maybe, just maybe, you should think that I only act tough because I have problems I've yet to suppress! I don't live a perfect life like you, Orton… I don't live the crazy life like you do! I'm just your average girl! An average girl who has problems and knows she can face it on her own!" the tears had begun to fall down her cheeks. The superstars, even Randy, were shocked to ever see her break down like this in front of them. "I have enough things to deal with right now and I don't need you making it all heavier! So, if you don't mind, stop making it harder for me!"

"So, the boy does know how to cry…" he said as a joke. But apparently, she didn't quite take it as a joke. She glared at him with eyes pooling with tears of angst, hate and hurt. She didn't care about having to act strong and showing the world she could do everything. What she cared about now were the scratches that Randy was putting on her dignity. He had scarred her. "All the while I thought boys don't cry…" he said.

"A-" she was about to shoot him back when a sudden ringing of her phone echoed through the room. She took the black N93 from the pocket of her black cargo pants and flipped it open. "Hello?" she said, mustering up the best steady voice she could. "Yes, this is she… Yes… Yes… Are you serious? Okay, I understand… Thank you, doctor…"

She flipped the phone shut and closed her eyes as she took a deep breath. "Damn it fucking shit!" she cursed out loud as she threw her phone to Randy. It barely hit him by a centimeter and went crashing onto the wall behind him. She glared at the shocked man standing in front of her and took more deep breaths as the tears continuously flowed from her eyes. She shook her head and spun around on her heel. But after a couple of steps, she looked back and said, "Why do you have to make my life such a living hell?"

She spun around once again and walked to the door. On the way, she walked past a wall that she punched. The cement had an obvious crack in it and Riz's knuckles were bleeding. She steadied her breath before continuing to the door and leaving catering with all the superstars in it dumbfounded. She found herself running to the diva's locker room. But halfway there, she bumped into what seemed like a brick wall. But that brick wall had arms. And they hugged her tight as she cried into the shirt of whoever it was.

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