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April 1, 2009.
Hyperfusion Bar.
St. Louis, Missouri.
8:34 PM.

This was the night of Randy Orton's 29th. Surrounding him were his friends and family, the ones who had reserved this top bar in all of Missouri for his surprise birthday party. Lighting all the twenty-nine candles on the round white birthday cake that had 'Happy Birthday, Retard' icing-drawn on it, they all sang him a joyous happy birthday song. That was two hours ago.

Now, the disco lights gave the white tablecloths a certain glow of blue, red, yellow or green and the dance floor was cramped with people having so much fun dancing to the rhythm of Li'l Mama's Lip Gloss. Drinks were free-flowing but no one was allowed to get drunk because there were kids in the house. Randy's nephews ran around the place with their toy robots and his nieces sat in one corner playing. Everyone was preoccupied. Now, the question was…

Why was the birthday celebrant sitting all alone at a big round table, a bottle of beer in one hand and a mind off somewhere else?

"Hey, Randy…" the melodic voice of Trish Stratus rang and took Randy out of his reverie. He shifted his gaze to the woman who was carrying her 2-year old hazel-eyed carbon copy on her hip.

"Oh, hey, Trisha…" he said with a smile as he placed his beer bottle down and stood up. "Hillary! How's my favorite little diva?"

The little girl giggled, her wavy brunette locks bouncing at the sides of her face. "I'm a-okay, Unca 'andy. 'appy birthday!" Hillary said as she tore away from her mom's arms and hugged her uncle around the neck for a tight happy birthday hug.

He wrapped his arms around the little girl's waist and hugged her back. "Aaw… Thanks, baby girl." he said as he kissed her cheek and smiled back at her toothy smile.

"I wuv you, Unca 'andy…" she said with a slight lisp from her newly-grown teeth.

He gently ran a hand through her locks and smiled as though they were two of the most innocent people on earth. He gave her a soft Eskimo kiss and replied with, "I love you, too, Ri-ri."

The little girl giggled and situated herself on Randy's hip. She looked at her mommy and asked in her high-pitched kiddie voice, "Momma, momma, Unca 'andy's gonna take me to musical, right?"

Trish nodded and smiled at the two. She looked at Randy and asked, "So, Randy, you still up for bringing Hillary to the Lyrics musical tomorrow night? If you can't, I'm sure John would lo—"

"Of course I'm going to take my baby girl. I promised her months ago that I would take her… And what does Uncle Randy always say?" he asked the little girl on his hip.

"…that when Unca p'omises, he don' break it!" the little girl said with obvious pride at her dear uncle's words. The two adults laughed in chorus at the little girl and shook their heads at her mimicry of her uncle.

"Alright, I'll have Hillary ready by six so you can pick her up at the hotel." Trish said with an obvious smile on her face.

Randy nodded and returned the smile. Hillary suddenly started bouncing up and down on Randy's hip and said, "Momma! I wanna give Unca 'andy the birthday present I made for 'im!"

Trish took something from the Louis Vuitton tote she was sporting and handed it to her daughter. It was a brown scrapbook with little cutouts on the front. It wasn't the most artistic thing in the world, but considering that it was done by a two-year old, it was a pretty good job on her part. "Here!" she said to her uncle as she handed him her little homemade present.

He handed the little girl over to her mom who sat down on a chair and sat down on his own. He took the present from the little girl and smiled as he gently undid the white ribbon that held it closed. He flipped onto the first page and suddenly, the back of his eyes began to well with forcibly unshed tears.

Believe it or not, on the front page was a picture of him in Riz, wrapped in each other's embrace under the falling autumn leaves with him planting a gentle kiss on her temple. It brought back so many painful memories and subconsciously, his fingers found their way to trace his now dry lips. It was suddenly refreshed in his memory the way her lips, though bloody, felt like heaven against his own.

"Momma tol' me that you an' that pretty girl wuv each other very much! So, me and momma made that for you! 'cause since you wuv her… you wanna 'member her everyday!" Hillary said happily. "Where is she, anyways, Unca 'andy? How come me don't see her?" she titled her head to the side.

Randy looked at Trish who merely shrugged. She, too, hadn't really been very approving of the project, but since her daughter was very persistent on the idea, she could do nothing else but agree and help her daughter out. She knew how it would be with Randy since he and Riz had been the talk of the roster for quite sometime because of their little so-called relationship. He suddenly smiled, and she smiled back.

He looked at the little girl on Trish's lap, smiled sincerely and said, "Baby girl… She's at home. She's at home."

The little girl simply nodded and sat there. "D'you like it?" she asked him.

He smiled and said, "Of course I do, baby girl. Now… Uncle Randy has to go since he has to get sleep. You want me to be all pretty for you tomorrow, right? When we go on our little date?"

She giggled and said, "Uh-huh!" she looked at her mom and said, "Momma, let's go, too! Me wanna be all pretty for Unca 'andy tomorrow!"

Trish and Hillary left the table to head off to their own hotel room. Trish had to agree, it was getting late and Hillary's curfew was just around the corner, so she decided why don't they go home. They left Randy there, sitting with the toddler's gift in his hands as he stared at it. No, he had gotten over it, right? It was all in the past, wasn't it?

Grabbing the bottle of wine nearby, he stood up and left his own birthday celebration. He avoided all eyes and questions and, without a doubt, just wanted to be alone. Holding the bottle and the scrapbook at his sides, he walked away from Hyperfusion, as if he were walking away from reality itself.


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