"I told you, we should have picked the left route."

I kept the map into my jeansĀ“s pocket furiously and snuggled to my sweater because the intensity of winter's wind .I glanced at my husband that was trying figure out how we would spend one night on a top of a mountain.

One wonderful beginning of vacations, losing the way for the cottage we rent

The snowflakes started covering our hair and clothes. Ron gave me his jacket. I dressed it without looked at him.

Suddenly, Ron grinned "I have an idea. If we transfigured the blanket I have in my bag as a tent. We could spend the night there and tomorrow finding our way"

I scowled "And we will be found frozen. Brilliant!"

Ron scowled back and started transfiguring the blank with his wand "I was thinking conjuring a fire and warm you with my body but since you chose being angry with me during the time we are trapped here, fine! After all, I'm a wizard and I'm using my skills, that what you should do too. I made a mistake, okay? I'm sorry."

I felt embarrassed .I tried help but he refused.

"Ron, come closer to me"

"I'm fine here, thanks"

I snuggled to his back and started playing with my fingers in his boxer waistband "Sorry, love I didn't mean it. I got nervous."

Ron turned around and I kissed him deeply. He kissed me back, caressing my hips.

Then he undressed me and took my right breast in his mouth. I gasped and removed his boxers. I felt him driving himself between my legs.

" Apologies accept, love. I-"

I shut him with my fingers "Wanna warm me?"

Some scores later from my Weasley king, I felt being wrong had its advantages