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"A field trip?!" The class repeated. After that, several voices chirped, each of them commenting on how psyched they are for the class field trip.

Hinata was listening patiently at the teacher, who seemed like she was talking to herself, when a paper landed on her desk. She picked it up and read what was inside.

"Partners? –Sasuke."

She carefully reread it before looking up at the raven-haired boy sitting two people away from her back.

"ARE YOU LISTENING, CHILDREN?" The teacher yelled once she realized that nobody was paying attention. Hinata nearly jumped up her seat in shock, and it was too late before she realized that the teacher was right in front of her. She did her best to hide the paper Sasuke passed to her, but too late. The teacher grabbed it.

"S-sensei..!" she muttered as if pleadingly, biting her lips in hope that her teacher would not humiliate her. Not like this.

The teacher looked at her, and then at Sasuke. "See you two after classes," she shifted her glasses. "In the library."

Oh no, she thought to herself. Never ever in her life had she been in detention. This was the first. Hinata was literally trembling, and the look of her face was mortified.


A Miracle

by: narutox378

Two people bound by a friendship from 10 years ago meet once again, and holds on to the hope that miracles do happen and eternity is true. This starts a story of hurt, betrayal, passion and love.


Sasuke and Hinata proceeded to the library just like what the teacher said. Usually, the library was jampacked with students who are under detention, fixing the books and placing them on their appropriate shelves. But today, there were only ten students at most, which meant more work.

She was not used to work.

She was placing books on the shelves, making sure it was in perfect order, when suddenly, something grabbed her hand.

Her heart nearly dropped. The lass ducked to see what grabbed her hand, and what she saw on the other side of the shelf was no other than Sasuke.

"I'm sorry," he muttered.

"I-iie.." she shook her head.

There was a moment of silence. "So.. what?"

She arched an eyebrow, as if saying "What do you mean 'what'?"

"Is it okay if we're partners?"

She opened her mouth to speak, but she failed, for a librarian passed by.

"What are you two doing?! You should be fixing books!" she demanded, breaking the contact between the two. "Faster! Faster! You don't have all the time in the world to finish!!" She looked at an opposite direction. "Hey, YOU! STOP THAT!" and then left.


I'm so dead with Father! What do I do? I can't tell him I got into detention! What do I do? What do I do?!

Hinata was walking alone, it was around 5:45 PM that afternoon. She always goes home on time, and to go home 3 hours late from what was normal was a big no-no to her father.

It was a big no-no to her.

What do I do? What do I—


She paused and looked back. The raven-haired boy was running after her. "Wait up!" He caught his breath. "What?"


"Can you be my partner for the field trip?"

She bit her lip. She never went to a field trip before, and she assumed that he knew that. She was never allowed. She and her brother Neji were never allowed to join any of those fun activities. Apparently, the both of them have a congenital heart disease. Out of them, only Hanabi joined a field trip—being the only healthy one among them. "W-well.. I.. I can't—ano, I'm not.. I'm not sure if I can.. if I can.."

"Why aren't you allowed to join field trips anyway?" they began walking. "Come on, just this once. It would be fun. Have you ever been to the beach before?'

She shook her head.

"Then this is your chance, Hinata." He said. She wondered, though. They've been classmates since third grade, but it was only now that he insisted her to go on the field trip.

"I'll ask.."

"Why aren't you allowed to join field trips again?"

She hesitated for a bit, before she came up with a lie. "I really don't know.."

"You should know why. You have the right to go on a field trip, Hyuuga Hinata." He placed his hand on her head.

"A-ano, Sasuke-kun," she started. "How is it like.. t-to.. go on a field trip?"

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow, then he looked back on the road. "Fun," he put his hand down her head. "Haven't you gone out of town yet?"

She shook her head.

"Whoa. I've been out of town with my parents and my brother."

"Th-that's.. good.."

"You should really quit stuttering."


He sighed.


Hinata rolled on her bed.

"Hinata-neesan! Don't move so much! My project is getting messed up!!" Hanabi warned her older sister, sticking small pieces of paper on an illustration board.

"G-gomen!" She froze.

Going out of town.. how fun could that be? All of her life, she was stuck in this house and in school—all her life! She could imagine herself, Neji-nii, Hinata, and her father in a beach resort, enjoying everything, running on the shore.

Running.. running.. until somebody collapses.

Yep, that was basically the only thing why her father never allows her to go out and join athletic stuffs. They were afraid that her heart could not bear with so much pressure. Once her illness attacks her, it only worsens, and shortens her life span.

But what a boring life this is! She could only do so much things. She wasn't normal! She had to go to a field trip to know what it was like to be in one!



"How's it like to be in a field trip?"

"Mmm.. fun."

"Fun?" That was also Sasuke's answer.

"Well, it depends. It's fun because in a field trip, you're always with your friends. But when you're not with your friends, it's sad and boring."


It'd be fun if you're with your friends. Sasuke is her friend. This might just be something she'd regret for her lifetime—she had to come! She had to feel normal—even just once in her life!

Sasuke is really an important friend to her, and she didn't want to let him down. Since the third grade, he's always been there for her. Though, she can't deny that she does envy him. The way he always says stuffs about his family and how happy and close they are, and the way he gets to do everything because he's healthy. Why can't she be like him anyway? Why did she have to get that illness? She wasn't allowed to run, while Sasuke, he always joined sports stuffs.

Hinata Hyuuga stood frailly at the canteen. She felt grief. Her eyes were almost watery, as if on the verge of crying.


She nearly jumped up when she heard somebody call her. The girl turned around and saw a raven-haired boy her age smiling at her. "H-hai..?"

"You're blocking the way."

She opened her mouth to speak, but she couldn't. Only her face had something to say. She was embarrassed. "G-gomen!"

The boy only laughed. "Hora, hora, why don't we take a seat?"

Her eyes widened and her mouth was left opened. What did he just say?

"Oi, Hinata, why don't we take a seat?" His eyebrow was raised.

In a snap, she went back to reality.

She and Sasuke shared a table near the corner of the canteen. She watched him as he opened the paperbag he had been carrying since he entered.

"Aren't you going to eat?"

Hinata blinked and took her eyes off her lap. She shifted her focus to Sasuke, who was holding his chopstick right before his mouth. When his question fully registered to her mind, she shook her head hesitantly. She bit her lip, then looked at the turkey burger which originally belonged to her being eaten by Yamane, a classmate of hers who harassed her to surrender her food.

She bit her lip. That burger should have been good..

"Don't you have food?"

No reply.

"You want some?"

Hinata's eyes widened. Did this boy just asked her some of his lunch? "W-what?"

"You look hungry. Why don't you want to try some?" He looked confused all of a sudden. "Are you scared?"


"Then why do you look so scared? I won't eat you.."

Hinata gave him a faint smile and nodded. "B-but I.. I don't have.."

"It's okay, you can eat them with your hands." Came in Sasuke's reply. "Don't worry, it's okay."

That only made her bite her lip harder.

He sighed. "Seriously.. why are you so.." A grunt. Hinata was afraid she got him angry, whatsoever, but much to her surprise, he kept his chopsticks back in his lunchbox. Then, he grabbed a piece of sushi and popped it in his mouth. "Shee?" He talked with his mouth full. "Yum-my."

She couldn't help but grin sheepishly as she accepted his initiation. She got herself a piece of sushi and popped it in her mouth as well. Gleam was positive in her eyes.

"Is it good?" he asked.

She nodded. "H-hai!" She got another piece.

"Mother made that. She's really a great cook, isn't she?"

She paused. His mother made this? Wow.. "H-hai.." She resumed eating.

"By the way, do you know my name?"

Another pause. Then a blink.

"I'm Sasuke."


"You're not supposed to say that when you meet someone.." he sighed. Then he smiled upon seeing the girl enjoying her food so much. "I'll tell my mom to cook double starting tomorrow, then."

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