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A Miracle; Ch23


"I love you too."

Can you hear the serenade of this weak heart?

A smile brushed over her face. She was so happy that she wanted to cry. She felt like she was floating, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with anything. So happy that she didn't fel the pain that her heart was going through. She didn't see her mother and brother before them, calling for her to be a star up high, to be with them.

It felt more and more painful as each second passed.

But if forever is with you, then...

And gradually, she felt it hovering her being.

...I wouldn't want my heart to ever stop beating.

"I want to live." She ought to say. She didn't know, though, if she did, or if he heard. The next thing that she heard was her name. A series of them.

It was so beautiful to hear. Not her name, but his voice saying her name. How she wanted to hear him so. He can keep on talking and she can keep on listening. She can go blind, as long as she can hear his voice. That voice which comforted her no matter what she felt.

That voice that would rescue her.

With that, she felt too happy to respond. Overjoyed, in fact. She only stayed there, so quiet and ever satisfied, on his back which she didn't ever want to leave.

Only you and I can hear it.

And everything else stopped.


The entire day, and the whole of the night

Sasuke exited his car, carrying a boquet of flowers. Sunflowers.

Hinata's favorite.

He took on the most awkward grassy field he has ever walked on, blanketed with leaves of fire. The raven haired man walked a little more until he stopped in front of a grave. He sat on his feet and placed the flowers before the stone and remained silent for a while.

He smirked.

"How're you?" He couldn't help but ask. "And my kid?"

Leaves crackled as the wind filled the cemetery. Cold autumn breeze hit his sleepless features. It was silent. Too silent, even for him.

My mind can only think about you

Some days ago, he heard from Tenten, who returned to America to pursue her modelling career. She shared that when her mother died, she still continued to talk to her. That she was still there, even if she was burned to ashes. She told him how painful it felt for her, but how much conversing with her as if she was still alive made her feel much, much lighter.

It was a wonder why he, for the first time, listened to her.

"Your doctors," he cleared his throat, "Sakura and the blond loudmouth, they got married. Just two days ago."

He didn't attend.

Sasuke stood up and breathed out, eyeing the grave. "Ino and her kid returned from New York. I don't know anything about her but I don't think she's ever been here. She's okay. Pretty miserable. She left her son with your father for some seminar in Manila." He smirked. "Cancelled all meetings to babysit." He looked down, remembering Ino's son, Tono. "Looks a lot like you,"

He heard himself chuckle. When did I last see you? He couldn't help but recall. And when he did, he shook his head in embarrassment.


"Excuse me?"


Every hour, every single minute

"It's a good thing Hinata's not as weak as you."

A lone grave stood there, as if wanting to retort on his comments.

"Hn," he spat, "this is ridiculous," and turned around but didn't pursue walking away. "By the way, do me a favor, brother-in-law."

This is the first time he ever visited him.

"When you see my kid, bring him or her to my parents."

He sighed. They like kids.

In misery or in joy

He inhaled and stayed put for some moments.

"Sayonara, Neji."


In sickness or in health

"Where's the old man?" Sasuke asked the maids, carrying a paperbag in one hand, while walking inside the house of the Hyuugas.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun!" One of the maids replied. "Hiashi-sama is in his bedroom with Tono-chan and Hanabi-chan!"

"Aah, thanks."


In hurt or in laughter

"Here's the milk you asked for," he placed the paperbag on his end table, but the old man did not hear him, let alone notice him enter his room.

"Oh, come on, Old Man! It's been... decades since I last went out! Give me a chance, I can't just isolate myself inside this house! Come on! It's just a little money, geez!" Hanabi demanded.

Hiashi sipped some of his tea and placed the cup down. "No,"

She rolled her eyes in frustration. "Suck it up! I'm not asking for a thousand! Just three hundred! Three hundred and I'll leave this house for eight hours!"

"I said no." His eyes landed on Sasuke. "O, Son-in-law, where's the milk that I asked you to buy?"

He tilted his head to the paperbag.

"Oi! Old man, don't change the topic here, give me money! I need fresh air!"

Even before her father can say anything, Sasuke appeared behind Hanabi with his wallet. He grabbed some bills and handed it over to the youngest Hyuuga. Her eyes twinkled in gladness and a grin crossed her face.

"Thank you Sasuke!" She immediately kept the bills in her pocket. "I'll see you two later." She ran towards the crib and lightly kissed the silent infant. "You too, Tono-chan."

"You shouldn't have done that." Hiashi said.

He rolled his eyes. "Oi, Hanabi, buy me those things you need for sushi."

You're the only,

She stopped just before she held the doorknob. "You're making sushi again?" She asked, but quickly added, "fine, but I'll keep the change for sure."

"Make it snappy."

"Aah, in fact they're all in the fridge right now. Bye." She quickly ran out the room.

only one I want to be with

"Damn," he cursed under his breath.

"Son-in-law, there's an infant in the room. Do not say any bad words."

Sasuke eyed the baby on the crib. He looked exactly like Neji, which means that he looked somewhat like Hinata, too. He suddenly remembered his own child. He or she would have looked like Tono. Or like him.

"The baby did not survive." Naruto explained to Sasuke. His brother, Itachi, has gone back to Italy to serve his remaining patients. He would come back, eventually. "Hinata-chan's pulse stopped for a while, and there was no oxygen to support her body to function. The baby wasn't able to tolerate it. We had to remove it out of Hinata-chan's body to prevent any further infections."

You're the one person that I need

He didn't feel any pain or the urge to cry. It wasn't like how he felt, or how he feels, if it was Hinata who was in some trouble. But he didn't feel nothing either. Regret, more like it. He didn't know why. He didn't know at all, why he felt bad, when he didn't. It was so ironic.

Maybe it was because he's always wanted to revive his clan.

Maybe it was because he just really wanted to have a family.

He blinked when the baby began to cry. Hiashi immediately turned to his aid.

"I'm going." Sasuke said before leaving.


The one person that can make me happy

"What about... her?"

The blond doctor paused. "Well, that's a whole new topic." He said. "After some minutes of non-activity, Hinata-chan slowly regained... life. Something like that." He made it simpler. "She received zero damages, according to our latest observation. In fact it's as if she was never sick at all."

He blinked. "What."

I swear to the heavens that you'll never be hurt

"Geez, you still didn't get it?!" He rubbed the back of his head. "Eto, let's see... if you've heard of that lady from the news some days ago, she was brain dead for two days. She woke up after that."

He nodded, remembering the familiar story.

"Well, something similar to that happened to Hinata-chan. There are lots of revival cases that happen every year, but this is different." Naruto grinned. "It really is a miracle!"

Carrying a lunchbox in a hand, Sasuke took on the longest hallway in his life.

Yet again

Weirdly, though, he walked there every single day, carrying the same thing with the same recipe of sushi. Every time he entered, he would find her on the bed, still asleep. He would be asked by a staff or two to leave the room, and he would stay outside, in the hospital garden, where they have an acacia tree. An acacia tree that was filled with fireflies every night.

There were times that he couldn't even name which was the star and which was the insect.

And there, he would silently pray that she would wake up soon.

I'll let no more of those painful tears

He hasn't seen Hinata awake ever since she slept that day on the shore, when she was there, behind him.

He could remember what happened on that day, the way her arms dangled from each of his shoulders. The way he desperately called for her name, and she wouldn't respond. The way he felt so dizzy, so... sick, when he realized what could have happened. The way that happiness he felt along with her suddenly turned into a nightmare.

All over again.

Dwell down your face

Until he felt one thing.

Her heart.

She may have stopped breathing, but her heart never stopped beating.

And he felt it there on his back.

Immediately, he ran back to his car and drove Hinata into the hospital.

And there he is, today, in front of her door, grasping the doorknob. He twisted it and silently pushed the door before taking a few steps inside.

Sasuke dropped the bag.

She isn't there.

Every moment we're together

"Fuck," he muttered under his breath as he ran up the next floor. Sasuke went immediately to the nurse's desk and inquired if they saw Hinata, but just like the other, they did not.

She did not check out.


He looked around, at peoples' faces, and if they didn't have the white eyes, he would automatically look away.

He couldn't think right. At all. He can only torment himself with images of Hinata somewhere, most likely alone, worse if not. What if she forgot him? What if she's had amnesia? What if somebody kidnapped her?


He wanted to scream for her name like he has in the old building before, but he knew very well that he couldn't do that. He felt the similar pain that he did the last time he's ever heard her voice and felt her breath. Shivering. Floating.

And just before he was about to break an entire wall in desperation, he got a chance to glance outside the night. There, he found the hospital's garden, the one where he always stayed when they drove him away. There, the fireflies flew in all directions, as if mirroring the night sky. There, stood a lady, whom he can barely recognize except...

Except what she was wearing.

He sighed and dashed outside.

Will always be worth remembering

She was standing. She was there, eyeing the bright above.

And Sasuke watched her from afar.

That familiar view. Nearly same to that of his painting.

Slowly, he stepped closer to her. She hasn't noticed yet. He forgot his worries, his worry that he might have forgotten her. She could not. She has not. And he knew that for sure because... because...

She wore that jacket he lent her eleven years back.

He could have laughed, chuckled at least. That jacket still looked huge on her.

The pale lady turned around and once she saw him, her eyes lit up even brighter than when she looked at the night sky. A smile faded into her face. "Sasuke," she nearly sung.

I'll surrender my heart, my soul, my sanity


He didn't respond, wanting his own share of revenge. He only continued to walk, and as he neared her, all his hard feelings melted into the warmest embrace he has ever had in his entire life. He rested his head on her nape, not daring to resist his urge to tear a little bit.

...rejected you...

"I'm sorry." He said.


...insulted you...

"I'm sorry." He repeated.

"A-ano, it's o--"

...lied to you...

"I'm sorry."

...want to be with you.

Just to be with you

She blinked for a while in confusion, before smiling once more. Her arms wrapping around his body. "Y-you're... a-ano, thinner."

He refused to entertain her. He just stayed like that, more than just relieved that she was back. Potentially for good. That this time, there wasn't time to pressure them, to threat them. No more stardom, no more third parties, no more fake rings. This time it was more than perfect. Under that bright acacia tree and blue moon, embracing each other. It was just perfect.

And it was then when he knew that he can stop searching.

He can finally stop asking for miracles.

She was the miracle all along.

Because you are my life

"Will you stay with me?" He asked, expecting her famous one-lined stutter.

He is utterly mistaken.

"Forever," she assured.

Only you, my love.



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